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Breech birth story with pictures

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link please?

never mind, found it!
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Here is one that is very graphic with an extensive episiotomy. The episiotomy is large and kinda scary.


Editted to emphasize warning
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Any others you know of that are done without the interventions. From what I understand the forceps and other things shouldn't be done, the body should be allowed to "dangle" to allow the head to come out.
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There is a thread in Homebirth called "Would you use a male midwife?" and it has a link to this guy who does a lot of breech deliveries that are non-interventive.
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Oh my god! I have never seen an episiotomy before. That is a HUGE cut! Maybe I am just naive, but it didn't seem to me that the baby's butt was any bigger than a head would be. I feel queasy...
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I was also surprised at how large the epis was. I thought it was always just a little slit, but it was huge!
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Oh, I can't even look. I have no idea what it might look like, and this close to giving birth myself, I just can't do it! I'm glad I read all the way down before clicking the link.
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Here's one, no interventions, no episiotomy:

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this was the one someone posted a while back...

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blueviolet: What I wonderful birth story and such a pretty, pretty baby. Thank you for posting it. It helps erase the yucky images of the previous one.

Claudia: Thanks for your link, too. While not as cosmetically pleasing right after birth, it is nice to see that some things breech moms will see are normal and they should not be scared. I feel that is really important.
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OMG>>> That epi was awful. Gives me the chills.
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Holy cow- I could not believe how they just flipped the baby's body up in such an unatrual, painful looking position to insert the forceps!!!! Scary stuff!!!
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It looked more like someone was being killed rather than being born.
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My God! How awful! I wonder why the OB thought that the intervention of forceps were necessary? The episiotomy was huge and I imagine very uncomfortable to heal from since it was mediolateral!

Poor mom.

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I am with you Mamaroni. As facsinated as I am with birth and pictures I am AFRAID to look at that link so close to my own due date.... Maybe next month?
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Hello, I am sort of new on here, but I wanted to say that I gave birth to a breech baby recently, well sort of, it was almost a year ago. It was a really amazing experience with no forceps or episiotomies whatsoever. So it doesn't have to be awful at all. I don't have any pictures though. Sorry.
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Wow where is that shutter smiley when you need it. yikes. I am not sure what was the most disturbing part. The episiptomy, the frceps or the yanking on the cord. aaaagggghhhhhh
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Man. My mistake for clicking the link despite the words "graphic" and "large episiotomy" in the post ...

Thanks, blueviolet, for your link ... it really did calm me down after having seen the first one to look at yours ...

Am going to leave this thread and not return till after my baby is born, thankyouverymuch ...

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