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Anyone fantacize about a second set of twins?

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I am pregnant and desperately hope I am having another set of twins. i love parenting multiples, and I wish wish wish I coould bookend my child bearing with another set. My friends think I am nuts if I utter this wish, but how bout you MOMs?
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Part of me thinks it's nice to get the 2-for-1 pregnancy and get more kids out of fewer pregnancies LOL

Part of me thinks it's insane. I feel like my twin pregnancy was stressful and I wish that I could have enjoyed my last pregnancy a little more. And focusing on one baby instead of juggling 2 would have been nice at times.

But if it happened, I'd deal.
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My husband has said many times he wishes we would have another set of twins. I'd love it too....but I think we are too old.

but if I were ten years younger...
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Not here. Having another set of twins right now would put me over the edge . But we have 4 dc's total and we were aiming for 3 so 6 kids would definitely be too much for us. But I could see the possibility of wishing for twins again if our twins were our first dc's, they were older (two is a rough age for us ) and we wanted more children.
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no way jose.

i feel so lucky that i got my two in one shot. now i am DONE!
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That's just exactly what's stopped me from considering trying to have another baby-- the fear that I might conceive multiples again. No way. I love my kids, of course I do, but I would not ever want to have twins again.
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You may be crazy but you're not alone. If I knew I'd have a second set I'd seriously consider.

One of the many things keeping me from having another pregnancy is the thought of having a single girl. My twins have pretty strong personalities. A boy could at least be his own man, but a girl following a team like Belle and Izzy would have a tough row to hoe.

But twins of any mix . . . perfect. In theory!
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I'd LOVE it, but not for like 5 years and dude, I'm about done. I have six and I'm pretty comfy with that number. We went to the zoo yesterday and I even spent part of the time walking with the twins, holding their hands, while my older two pushed the stroller! It was AWESOME! I don't want to go back to square one again right now. No way, no how. I'd jump.
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Nope, not even a little. I fantasize about having a single baby sometimes, but there's so many sets of twins in my family (and multiple sets in one family) that I am seriously considering being done.

My pregnancy was hard. I was on strict bed rest at 25 weeks, babies born at 33, serious complications with me afterwards (blood pressure wouldn't go down, hemorrhaging, etc). I could never get them to nurse and maintain their weight, so I'm still pumping. I don't think my body is made to carry twins well, and I don't feel willing to put more babies through that NICU experience. I also don't think I could give my current children the attention they needed during that first 6 months.

If I could be assured a single pregnancy, I'd probably consider it in a couple of years. I'm very frightened of having another set of twins though.
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When we conceived this singleton (IVF) we knew that twins again were a strong possibility. At that first ultrasound I recall that twinge of disappointment when I saw the one little peanut in there (and DP had that twinge, too). Now that I have gotten over that (LOL) I am thrilled to be able to have a single infant this time - the dynamics for our family are perfect - though if there had been two again at least we'd know what we were doing the second time around!
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Funny, I am anxiously awaiting my first u/s tomorrow hoping that I am NOT carrying twins! It's the joke everyone keeps making, what if it's twins again, and I'm sure partly because of my exhaustion and m/s, I'm finding the comments completely humorless.

That said, I LOVE my twins, and could not imagine a different or better way we could have started our family. One reason I do not want another set of twins is that I know the amount of time and energy twins take (and mine were 'easy' babies) and I don't want the twins I have to be shortchanged.

So, short answer, no, no twin fantasies. I'm actually still a bit in shock that we're adding even one more (please, oh please just one!!) child to our family!
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We were dying for another set of twins. We were hoping this last pregnancy would be twin girls, so we'd have two boys, two girls, and were done!! (I am not so young). This pregnancy was a girl, but just a singleton. We were both a little dissappointed (happy for the baby though, we don't get prego so easily) but in a way I felt sorry for her just being one.

DH wants six and I told him that there is no way that I will be 40 and prego and I will have one more pregnancy and if he wants six it will have to be trips. I feel that because E is a singleton and the boys have each other, that there should be one more kiddo who knows what it's like to be a singleton. (and besides, I've always wanted 4 kids).

So yes, in short, we wanted another set.
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Originally Posted by magentamomma View Post
I am pregnant and desperately hope I am having another set of twins. i love parenting multiples, and I wish wish wish I coould bookend my child bearing with another set. My friends think I am nuts if I utter this wish, but how bout you MOMs?
As for me? Hell no .... I'm scared to death, honestly, and it's probably what's standing in my way of even contemplating getting pregnant again.

I'll be 'at risk' for fraternals at this point .... older momma, have had previous pregnancies, breastfeeding while conceiving, etc, etc.

If/when I get PG again, I will be BEGGING my OB for an early u/s, to check number of babies. Seriously.
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No. Nope. No way.
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I'm putting the twins hex on my uterus after reading this!!!! LOL! I'm 5 weeks preggo and scared to death that there's 2 in there. I had my fraternal twins at home and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I didn't even find out until 23 weeks that I was carrying 2. That's definitely what kept my husband and I from making a decision to have another one since our dd was born but we finally decided to take the risk. We'll see what happens. This is only our 2nd together. With 4 girls who need every ounce of my energy I can't imagine being preggo with twins and dealing with that first year. Having one toddler was hard enough, having 4 kids plus twins would surely land me in the loony bin. I'm going to wait it out and see how I measure next trimester but it's going to be a long wait!!!
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Our mothers put in an order for twin girls before the boys were a day old! Another set of twins is a definite possibility for us. I was 26 when I conceived my fraternal boys, and the likelihood of fraternals only goes up as you get older. At first, I was really worried that I'd have more twins, but I feel like the experience of mothering twins has been a bit like boot camp--it's hard, but I'm learning what I'm made of. Now I'm just worried about having triplets!

The funny thing is that I always liked the idea of a big family, but couldn't seem to justify it because of over-population. And my husband always said two were enough for him. But since we got two boys in the first shot, it sort of throws all the old expectations out the window. Maybe I will have my big family after all.
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nope. no way.

I am still having a really hard time with my twins. I do think, though, that if my dh were home more often/regular hours, I would have had a totally different experience. As it is, he's off to work by 5am, and I have to get myself ready and take care of 3 kids AND get myself off to work by 8am. I also am alone most weekends and about 50% of the evenings, so I really feel like I'm drowning. I really don't have any help. I do have a few friends who have twins with parents who live in town and can help and hubbies who are home at night and on the weekends. They are having a great time, and are not nearly as stressed out as I am
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I think, in theory, I'd love another set of twins - I love the interaction of them etc - BUT!!! Twins would put us at 7 kids - about 5 more than we'd planned! LOL

I would never 'risk' it since I've conceived twins twice (having miscarried one of the twins) and carried one set to term....so, the tubes are tied....LOL

BUT! You are not crazy. We all can handle different things! I have to friends who have two sets of twins each - one has 2 fraternals, one has ID girls and then a b/g set.
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Got two sets already!

Maybe it's just my situation, but I would hesitate to wish for two sets. I absolutely adore mine, don't get me wrong, but it is so exhausting. When my second set arrived I didn't get the homebirth I'd had with the first set, recovery was terrible, breastfeeding was difficult, etc. My husband left when they were just 4 months old and I was nursing 4 children until recently. My other children were all 5 and under when the second set was born, leaving me with 6 children under 6 and 5 of those under 5. It was insane. My body is suffering now from lack of sleep for so long.

I totally wouldn't trade them for anything, and I'd definitely do it all over again, but it's not something I think anyone would wish for if they knew the reality of it. My second set was much, much harder than the first set.
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