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Anyone fantacize about a second set of twins? - Page 2

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Magentamom, are you insane!? I'm raising a baby boy right now, with a girl on the way. I have no clue how you can handle twins! I hope your wishes come true and you have another set of twins.
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You know, sometimes I fantasize about identical triplets. Sometimes I will be in the room with my kids and look around wondering where the other one is (usually I'm holding one rofl). Even though I feel like it's all I can do to manage with my twins, I'm still fascinated by the thought of triplets.

But realistically, no. I'd really love to have one more baby some day, although I'm not sure if that will be an option. But I want ONE baby. I think after having twins, one will be so easy.
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I'll answer that yes, I do fantasize about it.

Because I do.

But. If the question were worded differently in any way, such as What would you do if...? Could you handle it if....? Do you want another set of twins? Do you hope for another set of twins? Then, the answer would be no.

I don't want to get pregnant with twins again, I don't want to have two more children, and I don't think getting pregnant with twins again in a reasonable time (reproductive years speaking, for me) would be good for me or my family, because it would have to be soon and my twins are only 21 months old now. I don't think this spacing would be ideal, given how much I shut down (due to nausea, other difficulties) the last time.

We are struggling in so many ways and on multiple fronts right now, so this is not about really wanting or dreaming or wishing.

And also, the further away I get from the pregnancy & birth, and the whole experience of growing these big healthy babies, the less I think about pregnancy in general (so the less I "fantasize" about having twins again.) But I will say that for the longest time, it felt to me like the only "real" pregnancy was a twin pregnancy, and that it would be seriously weird to be pregnant again and only expecting one.

And yeah, I think about names (in pairs) and how nice it might be to end up with twin girls this time. (This time?! ha ha ha ha) This is the fantasy talking, just so you know. Names have always been a pleasure to think about, and thinking about the alternative twin scenario is just that much more fun.
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I do not fantasize about another set of twins, no. If it happened, I'd have mixed feelings about it.

When I was pregnant with my singleton, I was happy there was only one and it was a fantastic experience to only have one baby to take care of. I could wear him all the time, we're still co-sleeping and I couldn't manage that with my twins and it's so much easier to chase one toddler versus two. But there are times that I feel a bit sorry for him that he doesn't have a twin. And I kind of dread the girls going off to Kindy next year and having Ian expect me to entertain him. Now that they're 5, I feel like twins are easier in many ways than a singleton. But twin babies and toddlers are tough.

Also, AmyC, I think you make a good point. Twin pregnancy is rough and I do not think I could handle it and the 3 I have without serious outside help. DH works a lot. I had no other kids and didn't work the second half of my pregnancy and I was exhausted. I don't know how those of you who have kids and are pregnant with twins do it.
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That said, when my dw was pregnant (with our fourth baby), I did sort of hope that she might have twins (she is a spontaneous fraternal twin, so perhaps her chances of conceiving twins were higher than average). Her acupuncturist wondered from her pulse if she was having twins, and I got a little excited about that idea. But it wasn't my body.

Really, I think one baby at a time is just lovely. And now that we have four kids, I think the benefit of having twins could really be replicated just in the fact that no matter what, another baby in our family would have a lot of siblings. The second year of twins is what I would dread repeating most. Yikes.

But, if, for some crazy reason, we DID end up expecting another set of twins, I would probably be able to come to peace with it. I do think it would be easier the second time around.

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Absolutely not! One set was more than enough, thanks.
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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o. Would never trade the joy of twins... but it was really hard work. REALLY HARD.
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Given the pregnancy-cut-short by premature birth, the months in the NICU and with oxygen at home, and the 4 years of constant sleep deprivation that have ensued, I'm gonna pass on that second set of twins. I'll keep the ones I've got, though.
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i get the whole overpowering "awwwwwww.....!" thing when i see twin girls, so there must be something in me that would get a kick out of it (however, i still never recovered my brain cells from my last pregnancy ).

that being said, we would love to have more children, and i have fantasies about having one and how much easier it might be. only having one riding on my back (no one on front) seems really beautiful.

my mother's mother had 3 singletons, then a set of twins (so far, just like us), then another set of twins, so i've always thought it was in the cards for us....
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Yes...I fantasize about it (and mine are only 5 months old!)

However, in reality, it would probably be a horrible thing for our family. It would likely lead to a divorce and would definately take a lot away from the kids I have. While I love children, dh is not the same and is usually at work the entire time the kids are awake. I'm just tired and it would probably put me over the edge.

However, I do still fantasize. . . .
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Nope, not at all. In fact, I think I still feel a little melancholy about my multiples' first year or two. There ARE some things that I wish I would have known to do differently (for example, I would have had two Ergos, and I would have hired more help).

I had a singleton after my first two and it was an awesome and even dare I say healing experience. Ultimately I know I need to reconcile my feelings with the reality (yes, I did have twins) with what I wanted, and how if I had not had them then these two little stinkers I absolutely ADORE wouldn't be here. And so I wouldn't change it. Does that make any sense? I guess it's that yogi or whatever thought of just being OK with where you've been, b/c that's how you got where you are today.
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Originally Posted by magentamomma View Post
i am pregnant and desperately hope i am having another set of twins. I love parenting multiples, and i wish wish wish i coould bookend my child bearing with another set. My friends think i am nuts if i utter this wish, but how bout you moms?
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