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NYC Dinner Recs for 5 year old

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Hi All,
My sister and 5 year old niece are coming to visit us and we are taking them to see The Lion King on Broadway. I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a restaurant around there that a picky eating 5 year old would like? Also, are there any princess themed restaurants (or Barbie or other super girly theme) in NYC? I haven't spent much time in NYC since I quit working there in 2004! Doh!
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The cafe at American Girl Place is expensive, but worth it for a special trip. I took my 6yodd and she loved it.
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It's not near Broadway, but we took DD to Sweetie Pie, a new-ish restaurant in the West Village. It's all pink decor and kid-friendly food. If you book in advance, you can request the birdcage table that's in a a giant ornate gold birdcage. http://www.sweetiepierestaurant.com/
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I am assuming you want to stay in the area. With kids, I have had great success with Ruby Foo's. It's spacious, a great menu, a good atmosphere.

If that does not appeal, check out Inakaya, Vynl, Angus McIndoe, Ellen's Stardust Diner, Becco and Trattoria Trecolori. All are good options.

Have fun!
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