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Baby transverse at 31 weeks...

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Just thought I'd get some experiences, if I could. Anyone else have a little one consistently transverse at 31 weeks?

DS-to-be has been transverse on every u/s, and continues to be today. I can make out his head and butt on opposite sides of my belly, and I feel little feet kicks down low by my pubic bone.

I really hadn't given it much thought... until a former OB nurse mentioned to me that "they" would prefer babies not be transverse by 32 weeks. When I looked on the Spinning Babies website this morning, it does confirm that... although they extend it to 32-34 weeks.

So I guess I do have some time. I found the one inversion exercise on the website that I need DH to help me do, and we will start doing that daily.

Mostly I'm just wondering if anyone else had babies transverse at this gestation, but that flipped head down on their own (with or without exercises)????

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my DS was between transverse and breech until 34 weeks ..(i found out at 32 weeks and started doing some exercises from spinning babies..) at 34 weeks i started seeing a chiropractor, i went every day for a week and then my baby turned head down.. at 35 weeks. it wasn't until 38 weeks that my OB/chiro were confident that he was too big to flip back around.. so he probably could have turned head down until then too..
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My babies have been all sorts of "unfavorable" positions at 32 weeks... and they all were head-down for birth! Don't stress about position at 31 weeks.
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i'm in your situation....trying not to freak out, as i realllllly want a natural birth, and preferably at home.

i have been told to really watch my posture and sit up straight (almost leaning forward) so that the heaviest part of the baby (the spine & head) go toward the front of my belly in that optimal posterior position.

am also seeing a chiropractor.

ugh....it is frustrating. at the same time, i know he has time to move!! have checked out spinning babies but haven't done anything yet.....i see my mw tomorrow. if i get more info then i will share. for now just thinking positive thoughts!!
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At my 31 week my baby was locked head down ready to shoot out. At my 33 baby was floating, kind of like a C but head down (same as it was previously around 28 weeks). I think this weekend past my baby was spinning itself all over including some transverse- I haven't felt this much nauseating action since it went upside down I think the first time. I do believe that today it's been working its way down into a nice vertex position from whatever it was doing this weekend-I am 34ish weeks. I think one can't give up till the baby is too big to go anywhere.
I have also been trying to spend as much time as possible in squatting type positions and leaning forward with straight posture.
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DD was consistently transverse until 37 weeks.

We did Webster (twice) and moxibustion at home (twice) and even with low fluid she was able to turn herself head down at 38 weeks.
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Thank you for the responses. I'm glad to hear that some babies have turned head down even when so close to term. My DD was pretty large (9 lbs 8 oz at 40w3d), so we are thinking this little guy could be "not-so-little" as well. I guess I don't want him to get so big he ends up unable to flip head down.

I'm definitely not the type to freak out about a C-section if medically necessary due to emergency risks to the baby or the mom, but to need one for simple positioning issues with baby seems hard for me to accept.

We will try the inversion exercise daily and I'll be trying to sit forward more. I did notice that last night while lying down with DD, baby seemed to be less transverse and more vertical (and all on one side of my belly). Right now, while sitting at the computer desk, he is definitely transverse.

I have an appointment with my OB next Monday. I will get her opinion and I'm sure if we still can't definitely tell what position he is in as the weeks go by, she'll send me for u/s to be sure.

Thanks again...
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I'm sort of in the same boat. I'm 36 wks and my LO loves the transverse position, since I've been able to feel her at about 16-17 wks! On Monday she was head down but diagonal, over by my hip. She's moved since then back to transverse. She's just a slippery gal. If I go into labor and she's transverse, I've read that the contractions won't turn them. *sigh*

I'm just hoping.
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Another recommendation to see a chiropractor. I've talked to several chiropractors who are skilled with getting baby in the optimal position for birth. If you call, look for someone who's trained in the Webster technique.
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so, went to my mw yesterday and look slike he is head down!!!! so lucky! she DID say to continue to keep my posture nice and upright, neither leaning over nor leaning back, and to keep seeing my chiropractor.
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Originally Posted by lisko15 View Post
Mostly I'm just wondering if anyone else had babies transverse at this gestation, but that flipped head down on their own (with or without exercises)????

Here. Went head-down around 33 weeks. No exercises. Stayed head-down. She was posterior at birth, though, so maybe I should have done some spinning babies (cause it was Ouch).
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