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major head bonking

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Ouch! My poor little guy keeps falling over and bonking his head! He's 6 months old and he's been enjoying sitting up and playing with toys. It's scary, though because our floors are hardwood! I've been setting him on a folded comforter for extra padding, but it still makes me cringe to see him joyously chewing away on a toy as he sails backwards and is suprised by a bonk. Then a few tears follow...
It doesn't happen enough to warrant him not getting the chance to sit independantly, but it has happened enough to make me wonder if I should be more cautious. I mean, I'm thinking this is what all babies go through, right???

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We put boppy pillow around ds to protect him if we weren't right there to catch. Boppy provides safe place to fall back. As he got older and his sitting was stronger - I would try to move the boppy and put him on a plush carpeted surface so he would learn that a boppy isn't always around him!

We still don't let him sit up on our ceramic time kitchen floor! Tooo scary :
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We also used nursing pillow for our first baby. They'll learn to sit well fast enough. That stage won't be too long. My second baby sits with a leg in the front and a leg behind his back. He almost never fall over so we didn't use any protective things.
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Thanks! The pillow is a great idea, and it never would have occured to me! It sounds like just the thing to let him feel a little independant (I don't want to be hanging onto him all the time) but will still allow me some peace of mind!

Poddi: that sitting position your sweetie came up with sounds cute!

Mom2Adam: we also have a ceramic tile floor in our kitchen and hallway...is this going to be a problem when he starts crawling? You know, bonking wise?
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