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breast issues

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Hi Jamie,
I keep having breast infections over and over and over again. I recently started treating them naturaly with echinacea and garlic so that I could get rid of candida. However, I don't understand why I keep getting breast infections. It's just so frustrating getting so many of them. This time it's my left breast but the last few times it was my right breast. I am nursing a six month old and hope that he is getting enough milk. It seems that my right breast makes more than my left breast. I just need some direction as to what to do.
Thank you
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I want you to consider the possibility that this is an emotional issue. I feel that although you desperately want to nourish your child, there is some resentment about parenting. Something that has been taken from you since becoming a parent that you struggle with inwardly. LIke your freedom or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong, I feel that you love your son. But there is something inside of you that is causing you suffering in the physical sense. It also feels like there is a type of self punishment going on. So you wanted to be a Mom, but you are going to make it as hard as possible in the way that will punish you the most at this time....breast issues. I want you to consider what I'm saying and find that place in you that needs to be healed. Just even simply recognizing and accepting it could be enough. You'll know if more is needed.

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