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Yes, we see Dr. Miller in Lansdale, PA. He is a family doctor, so we are actually all patients, but we originally went to him for my son only and liked him so much. We travel quite a distance from NJ to see him - we just could not find a doctor here whom we truly trusted.

Dr. Miller is a breath of fresh air. He is just about the kindest person you would ever meet. He truly cares for all of us - it's just who he is.

I have never had a problem getting an appointment when my child was sick. His office staff is very nice and helpful - they have gone above and beyond for us on more than one occasion. (I have left doctors whose staff treated me badly.) He returns phone messages promptly.

I cannot say enough nice things about him.
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sorry i never came back to this thread! yes, i agree with Michelle31. Dr. Miller is so kind and caring. The most i've ever had to wait is about 20 minutes or so and that was when we'd had an emergency and asked to be seen right away. they didn't hesitate to tell us to just come in, as soon as we could get there. any time we've had an actual appointment we've only waited a few minutes. there is only one waiting room, so no sick/well areas. there are some toys for the kiddos to play with, though my littlest one just likes walking back and forth down the long hallway.

the best part about the practice is by far Dr. Miller himself. he's such a warm person. Obviously cares so much about all of his patients, is very gentle with all of my kids. He's not an alarmist in any way about things i've seen other docs get all in a tizzy about. his presence is very calming and reassuring.
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My hubby saw Dr. Miller the other day. I'm happy that they got him in pretty quickly. The office staff was so-so, nothing stellar. The receptionist seemed like she couldn't be bothered to talk to me. Dh was having an anxiety attack issue. We had to wait well over an hour to be seen and the waiting room was very crowded. I ended up leaving because there were so many people at one point. A woman came in, thought she had an appointment but wasn't in the schedule. They took her right there on the spot. That's nice, but they took her before they took my hubby who had been waiting for 45 mins at that point. She was there for a physical (you could hear all of the conversations with the receptionists as it's a tiny space). When dh was finally seen the appointment lasted 5 minutes. He was prescribed an anti-depressent for the anxiety issue, despite the fact that it's very contra-indicated with his history. Dr. Miller is VERY nice, very warm, but I wasn't overly happy with the experience. DH is going to go back for a follow up visit. We are thinking maybe it was just a really busy day and he wants to go one more time. I don't know if I will be taking ds here, though. I love the idea that I wouldn't have to fight with the vaccine issue, but I'm not crazy about anything else in the office. I realize this is not a popular opinion in this thread, but just wanted to share my experience. Hopefully, it's not the norm.
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i appreciate your sharing your experience, even though it's not popular.

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I recently saw this while looking for another thread of mine.

Mrs Mike, thanks for sharing your experience. I took my ds2 in to see dr. miller a few months ago for a wbv...it was okay. I liked him, like his stance on vaxes, but am not entirely convinced he's the doc for us for several reasons. I appreciate reading your input.
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I know this thread is a bit old but I was wondering if you had any luck with either Dr. Larry Miller or another ped. in the area.  I was doing a search in google and this thread came up.  I am not thrilled with our current ped office and I am trying to find some new that is vaccine schedule friendly.



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I know a lot of people complain about the CHOP offices, but I have had no big  issues Kids First Indian Valley.  I am pretty laid back, so I tend to ignore a lot of what they say, but it's close, so it works for us.  We have DS on a vax schedule, and they do make us sign waivers, but it's never a big deal.  They have a copy of the vax schedule in the file and are ok with it.  On Dr. made a negative comment at the fact that I was nursing DS past one, but again I just ignored her and never scheduled with her again.  All the other Drs are  great.  I like the comfort of knowing if something is ever really severly wrong, we are in good hands.  You can also get a CHOP nurse on the phone 24 hours if you have a problem or question.

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Hi there we live in Aston, Pa and we are 45 mins. away from doctor Miller.  We found that he is a fabulous doctor and a great DAN doctor!  We use him and pay out of pocket when we go to see him.  My son has autism and we started to see him almost a year ago, and things could not be better for us.  We also have a cousin (daughter is autistic) and she uses him as a DAN doctor.....def. a good choice and would highly rec. him.





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Hi there, welcome to PA   Better late than never, but I just saw your post.  We have been using Dr Miller since 2000.  We love him. He is totally not pro Vaccine...love that as I don't believe in them myself.  I have gotten the feeling that he does not believe in them either, so I doubt he will encourage you to get them for yourselves or your children. 


His Bedside manner is excellent, never makes you feel rushed, always wants to be sure that you have asked any questions you might have; and if you call with a question, he or someone will call you back in a timely manner!


I also appreciate that he makes me feel like I too am a valued member of my "health team."  He really seems to accept and appreciate that while he is a doctor...I KNOW MY BODY best of all.  He is open to hearing what I think and say and NEVER gives you the "yes, yes number 2 with a condescending smile."  If I have some idea of something that he isn't already familiar with, which is rare because he really is on his game and thinks outside of the box when needful, then he checks it out and gets back to me.


We love him to bits and I would highly recommend him as both a real human being and a great doctor.


Laura Redhawk

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We use Dr. Miller as our family Dr and have taken our daughter to see him since she was born.  We love him!  I can't say enough wonderful things about him.  He is warm and caring and so good at what he does.  He has been very open and honest with us as we navigate Parenthood and decided to Vax or not. He recently moved to a larger, very nice office.  His staff is just okay.  I believe they are both nurses and  their office skills are lacking some.  No one ever notified us of the office moving, we showed up for the appt and there was a sign that had the new address on it, and I have overheard them giving advice to patients that I know for a fact Dr. Miller wouldn't agree with but to me Dr. Miller is worth these small issues.  I've never had to wait longer then 20 mins and I never feel rushed there.  

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I live in Lower Bucks, PA ... close to NJ.  I switched to Dr. Larry Miller in September after a negative experience with Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld in Stockton, NJ.  My little girl was just over 1 year when we switched.  Dr. Miller was very nice and seems like he will work out for us.... especially because we are a non vax family.  Dr. Miller said as long as my girl is healthy, no need to bring her back until she's 2....especially so she's not exposed to sick people at his office through flu season.  I really appreciate his consideration!  He told me the reason most docs want to see children at more frequent intervals really is for vaccination purposes.  It's a bit of a hike for us to get to his office but I feel it's worth every minute since I won't have to defend myself about not vaccinating.  

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