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Anyone still have a 5yo in a 5-pt harness?

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I feel like I'm the only one. Ds is 41 lbs and 40 something inches. He doesn't mind the harness.
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My daughter was harnessed to 7.25 (she was about 48" and 52# when she moved to a booster).
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ME! I have a 38lb 40inch 5 year old in a radian 65 harnessed forward facing. She doesn't know any better so she's totally fine with it. She'll be harnessed in the radian until she's out of a carseat at 8(longer if she's under 65lbs).
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Yep. DS is 40-something pounds and he turned 5 in Feb. He's in an Apex 65, though he's getting close to outgrowing it by height. I'll be comfy with him in a high back booster at that point b/c when we've tried it for short trips up the road to the bus stop, he sits correctly.
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My son will not be 5 until September, but unless something major changes, he will still fit in his Marathon at that point (although I do need to check the manufacture date to see if he'll need a new seat around then). He's only 32 lbs now and has several strap levels to go before he's too big for it. He doesn't seem to care at this point (and I don't think he's capable of staying in a booster with a regular seat. We've done it once or twice in a pinch, and it was very difficult to keep him in position). Anyhow, my older kids were out of 5 points much, much earlier, but they were also very large for their ages.
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My DD will be six next month and is still in a 5-pt harness. We tried to get her to use a HBB part-time, but she hates it and has requested to use the harness until she's ready for a booster. And my DH isn't 5, but he'd love to be in one as well.
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dd is the size of a 7-year-old (but not quite 5), almost 50 lbs, and still in a 5-point harness.
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My son was in his Radian until 5.5 (44lbs). He liked it and was comfortable in it so he would still be in it if my daughter hadn't needed it.
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My son will be 5 in June and he'll be staying in his Regent.
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My son won't turn five until the summer, but we plan to keep him harnessed until he reaches the limits of his Regent and Nautilus. Unfortunately, that time is not too far off, as he has a long torso, and is on the top slots on both seats, with very little room for growth in the Nautilus especially. He is about 45 inches and 55 pounds. The Nautilus will have to go to booster mode within a few months, but I hope we can get at least another year from the Regent.

I was aggravated yesterday to see one of our young relatives already in booster mode on the day of his 4th birthday. The dad said that he had been in the booster for a few months already because he "did not fit comfortably" in any harnessed seats anymore. The little boy is just about 40 inches and 40 pounds; bare minimum for a booster.
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My 6.5 year old is still in a harness. She is aboiut 50 lbs and about 46" tall. Still well within the requirements for her nautilus. The harnass is up to 65 lbs and 52".
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My dd is 6 and is in a five-point harness in a Frontier.
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DD1 is 7 and still harnessed in my car. She is just starting to balk so we have reached an agreement that when she turns 8 she can ride full time in a booster. She lacks the emotional maturity to sit still currently but I am thinking by then she will be ok.
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Dd will be 6 in August and is still harnessed in all cars she rides in.

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DS will be 6 in September, he's ~45 lbs (not sure how tall) and is harnessed in a Radian.
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My 5yo is too! He's about the same weight/height as your LO. He will occasionally ride in a high back booster in my mom's car and he really prefers the 5pt car seat.
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DS is 6 and only 46 lbs...he is in a harness in a Nautilus...I actually have a booster too and he asked to go back in the harness after a couple days...
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I have a 36 pound almost five year old (end of June) in a marathon. I actually need to move her to the top slot today. If she outgrows this seat before she hits 40 pounds, I'm not sure what we'll do then.

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I have an almost 7 year old, and still in the regent. I have no plans anytime soon to take my child out. Safe kid, happy mom!
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My 6 year old is 40 lbs and is still in a 5 pt harness in his Radian.
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