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Anyone still have a 5yo in a 5-pt harness? - Page 3

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My older two (7 1/2 and 5 1/2) are still in their Regents.
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All of my children are harnessed in sunshine radians. They are 7, 6, and 4.
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My 5.5 and 7 yr olds are in Huskys (the older regents) and will be until they outgrow them.
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i did everything wrong with ds1 but i think i kept him harnessed til almost 4.

with ds2 i did way better (yay internet!) so he was harnessed at 5. his bday was in may and sometime over the summer leading up to kindy we went to a HB turbobooster. he's 8 in a few weeks and still in a LBB.
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DD1 will be 5 in May and seeing as she's only just 40lbs, I am thinking she will be harnessed in her Radian for some time yet.
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My 6 year old twins are in marathons but they give me some grief because they get to be in boosters at my ex's house which he put them in as soon as they turned 4 despite every piece of information I gave him explaining how dangerous it was. When my 2nd husband and I had our baby (who just turned 2) instead of gifts for her, our friends took up a collection to get the older girls the marathons so that the baby could have one of their roundabouts. I'd like to keep the twins in the marathons at least until the baby comes next year. My almost 9 year old is in a booster and her step mom told her she doesn't need to be in one anymore and I told her too bad, she's staying in it at my house.
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My boy will be 5 in June and he's harnessed in a Nautilus. (Don't know his exact weight and height) I don't see any need to switch it out to be a booster yet. He's happy in the harness. He can buckle it and unlatch it by himself.
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I have a 5.75-year-old son in a Regent.
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My 5 yo 39 lb 44 in boy is still in his harness... He has a Clek booster for when he rides to/from school with someone else or with his dad, which is RARE but he actually prefers the harness because he can relax into the headrests and stuff.
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My ds will be 5 this summer. He's currently about 44 lbs and 43 inches. He's in a Nautilus right now and I plan to keep him in it with the harness until he out grows it. We currently don't have a carseat for him in the other car (dh's commuting car). But ds will be attending dh's school next year and so we'll need to get him another seat. I think I will get him a highback booster and put the Nautilus in the car he is in most frequently at that point.
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my 6.5yo is in his Regent with lots of room to grow. he's only 42lbs and still on the second shoulder slot. i am looking into getting a HBB for when we need to squeeze another person in our back seat.
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My ds was harnessed until he was about 6.5. He got too tall, otherwise, he'd still be harnessed.
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DS1 turned 7 in February and was harnessed in his Nautilus until a few weeks ago.
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My oldest is almost 5 and 41 lbs. She's in a Regent and probably is going to on it for a while. She even say that don't like booster seats because feel not secure and Se can have head support for taking naps... LOL
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My 5 yr old is still in a 5pt-Radian 65.
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Yes!! My 5 1/2 year old son is 35 lbs. and 41 inches and will be in a 5 pt harness for a long while yet.
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