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Benjamin A. Kingan Support Thread

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DISCLAIMER: If you do not know the story of this babys death, please know it will impact you in a very strong and hard way! You WILL begin to sob in an uncontrollable way and possibly never get the image of this child's murder out of your head/heart/soul!

After being impacted by reading this little boys story I have not been able to get the horrific visual of his senseless death out of my head.

I have noticed that I am not alone in this. Many of us, here on MDC, as well as FB have been touched by this little man. His murder will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I have actually sobbed to the point of being sick! I have sobbed for days since reading his story. For me, the feelings I have for this child, for his life, for his death are feelings that I canNOT get over, nor do I ever want to!

I hurt so badly for Benjamin and his family! The pain I feel in my soul is very much as if this child was my own!!!
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This story deeply affected my husband and myself. Poor sweet baby.
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Thank you for starting this thread. I just read and signed the guest book. That poor, poor baby and his family.
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I have been thinking of this family all day long!
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Aw man. I just finished putting my own little 14 month old Benjamin to sleep with his twin sister. This story really hits me hard.
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I have shed many tears for this little boy and his family since hearing about his tragic and senseless death. My heart aches for him... it's so hard to get this story out of my mind.
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I picture him crawling to his bouncy seat over and over
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Originally Posted by Mom2M View Post
I picture him crawling to his bouncy seat over and over
Me too. poor sweet baby...
Makes me think horrible thoughts... I can't handle people hurting kids.
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I can't find the story, but I will pray for his family, sounds like it was a horrible death. Poor baby.
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I read the story of his death a little while ago this evening and I haven't been able to stop sobbing since then. I can't stop sobbing.
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You are right, that was heartbreaking
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I just went to TAO and searched that thread on the daycare tonight to see what had happened and was reminded of this baby again.

I *bawled* the night I originally read the story someone posted there....and again tonight re-reading it.

The first night, I actually got off MDC right after reading that and thanked my DH again for doing everything he does to make it possible for me to stay home..because I think after reading that, if I was still WOH, I would've quit the next day.

I have my own 18 mo. old and I just can't imagine. I also can't imagine, if this affected ME, who didn't even know this baby, as deeply as it did...just because I am a mom, and maybe because I have worked in daycare, wow...the heartbreak the baby's family must feel knowing how he spent his last minutes...and I'm crying again. What a HORRIBLE HORRIBLY SAD way for an innocent little baby to die....is it a total UAV to hope the person who did this got some kind of sentence where they'll never see freedom again?!
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Did you all see the picture of the pathetic piece of S*** who did this? She/it looks like a f***ing train wreck. What a waste of life. I hope when it goes to prison it gets thrown to the ground by some giant woman because it was "being annoying"
Ever notice how they always show 10x more pictures of the murderers than the do they victims? Why would we want to see that stupid face....
I'm too angry to sob.
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I'm so glad I never heard about this when it first happened. How completely awful!

We have had several conversations recently about leaving family members (both children and elderly) to someone else's care and how upsetting it is when you realize they're just not getting the level of care you want for them. I hear stories about daycare all the time and am grateful we don't have to go that route. After this story, I'm doing everything I can to make sure I never do! How unbelievably scary and sad. I cannot even begin to comprehend how this can happen.
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