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Moon and menses cycles...

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Wasn't sure whether to put this here or TOA, but...

I would greatly appreciate any links that might support/discard how a menstural cycle coinciding with a certain moon phase can affect a woman's hormonal surge.
Does that make sense?

After doing some tracking I noticed that when my cycle starts the week of new moon it's a disastrous week. I don't mean the usualy crampy, moody, teary kind of PMS; I mean the rage, the emotional breakdown, totally unsettling life type of occurences.
And I've noticed that my son must be part werewolf (lol) because he's totally affected by the full moon...but that's whole 'nother line of research!

I was just wondering if there was any evidence from others that know more about moon cycles/theories that could help prove/dissprove my happenings.

I don't know much about this area so a little education would help me out.

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we did a thread on cycles (moon & ours) a while ago... here's the link. it was under the umbrella of "pagan summer camp," but lots of non-pagans play at camp too, so dont feel awkward reading it if you're not pagan.

probably a lot of the links dont work anymore, but the key bits should. feel free to PM me if you want more details that somehow arent linked anymore on the thread.

hope you find something that helps you!
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ooh! thanks for the link. i'm excited to read that thread.

op, i don't have any wisdom to share. i just checked my calendar for the past 8-9 months against new moon dates, because i know i got my period on new moon this time. however, when i compared it, it was all over the place! it was in waxing, then full, then waning, shifting closer and closer to new until finally it "lined up" in april. it made me wonder if other women's cycles are more consistently aligned with a specific moon phase.

off to read that other thread now!
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Oh! Thanks for the thread. I'll def sit down and read through it.

doubledutch, I didn't so much see that my cycles aligned consistently with the moon cycles, but I noticed periods that fell during the week of the new moon were volitile all around for me.
BCP used to keep me more out of that loop, but now that I've sworn it off my cycles have fallen into a certain loop where my period hits the new moon every several months and that when all the negative energy seems to flow. Like it's all been saved up till then.

Thanks again!
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