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Wonder wraps

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OK, I know this is probably a silly question but I need to know! I just started cd 5 months ago and have done very well with prefolds/Thirsties covers and then started using fuzzi bunz that were given to us. My DH likes the fuzzibunz but I like prefolds better.
So, I was looking at the newsletter today and went to the diaper ad on it and found these http://www.squishytushy.com/prefolds...er-cover-p-866
OK, these are just covers, right? Because they are soft inside, do I use a prefold like I do with the Thirsties? Or is there a pocket?
I just love the colors so much, that's really why I want them, plus they look so soft and they are not too much $$!
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I think they are regular covers, no pocket. The cloth inside means that you can't wipe them out, which you can with exposed PUL covers. I love the colours too, they're so cute! I'm curious how the fit is.
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They're just covers. They are on sale at Kelly's Closet if you want to try them cheaper. I think that store offers free shipping on covers but you will need to double check, cuz I may be thinking of a different store.
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oh, that would only last for 1 change then. I like Thirsties since you can wipe them out. Thanks for the link, maybe I can at least get a couple!

It looks like the fit would be great and I like the elastic waist.
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