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Originally Posted by lesliesara63 View Post
Looks like I'm out again this month We're doing one more month of Femara and then I see him on June 29 to talk about injectibles.
I'm sorry! Hoping that next month is your month!

The embryologist called us yesterday and told us that 4 of the 5 embryos are the graded top quality. She didn't tell me an actual grade, just said they looked textbook perfect. The fifth one was dividing, but was behind the others. Tomorrow is our transfer. We'll be transferring two, and hoping to have two leftover to freeze.
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Not sure where to post this. I've been on and off of this board over the past few years. I don't think I ended up finding a cycle group for my last IVF here so I've been MIA for a while (but lurking).

Anyway, if anyone remembers me, I just got a BFP for out FIFTH (yes, you read that right!) IVF cycle yesterday. I am still in shock. I just assumed another BFN. My beta yesterday was 204 (14dp3dt) and I have another beta Wed and then Fri. Hoping that I continue to receive good news....
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I almost feel guily posting this, but 18 cycles following my miscarriage, I finally got a BFP yeterday. I am excited, nervous, scared. So many emotions. I really thought it was not going to happen. I go in for my first appointment today. Tentatively due Jan 30th.

And Jamie, so so exciting! I will be thinking of you, and hoping that you continue to get good news.
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Jamie- So glad I checked in on here. Weve cycled together in the past and I have never been so overjoyed to hear your news. So glad you tried again I remember you being up in the air about another cycle. Enjoy the moment you deserve every minute of it. I know your dh always rushes home to console you in the past so very happy to hear he can run home to you now and celebrate. Wishing you all the best.
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OMG Congratulations ladies! I love it when there are hard earned BFP's to get excited about! Hope you both feel well.

Brandyshea hope it all went well today.
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Alright, I've been ing long enough...

Name: Rainy
Age: 29
TTC #: 1
CD: 23
DPO (if applicable): 11 (well, not really an O, a "my body wants to O, but it didn't "o"."
Testing: Not 100% sure if this means POAS 1,000 times a month (trying not to), or medical stuff; but I've had blood workup for PCOS ("textbook", now on met), TSH was 3, now on synthroid for that, after what looked to me like a "textbook" cycle, had progesterone level drawn - 0.3 - no O POOH. Now.....????
Trying Since: Not trying, but not preventing since Spring 2008, attempting for 10ish mos.
Plan for this Cycle: Continue w/met and synthroid, considering pre-o US and then MAYBE hcg injection, depending on how the follicle(s) (if any) look...
Link to Chart (if applicable): Yeah, I have a paper one next to my bed - chicken scratch 100%, but I've been temping since 2007, and kinda tired of being meticulous about it... I know, BAD Rainy...
Thoughts: See post "I'm tired of making decisions," <http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=1227488>

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Yay for the BFPs!!! And the good embryos!!

Yesterday I was fighting off a migraine and seriously found 7 bottles of ibuprofen in the house, but NO acetaminophen. I bought 3 bottles today. I figured you guys would understand

(13DPO, spotting + my temp is down, so I'm probably out. Life's been a bit emotionally rough and it's unseasonably HOT where I am, so I'm trying to keep my chin up, but I'm guessing this week isn't going to get much better from here..)
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Jamie and Cristina: Congrats!!

Lesliesara: So sorry.


AutumnLaughing: I'm gonna live in denial and

afm: MRI is tomorrow morning. This gets us one step closer to maybe getting GH injections. Yay!! I'm on cd 27 of what appears to be an annovulatory cycle. But I also fought fevers, chills and body aches for three days last week due to a staph infection, so I guess that's a blessing? Anyway, excited about finally moving forward again. It feels like Green Light, Red Light - Go, now STOP, now Go, now STOP. Tomorrow I finally get to Go again.
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I had a dream last night that I had a baby. It was a beautiful little baby girl. We named her Elliana Kathleen (the name we have picked out for a girl) and I sat in a rocking chair in the hospital (no idea why, since I'm planning a homebirth) and I nursed her. It was so sweet and I was SO happy. I almost cried when I woke up and realized it wasn't true.

On a lighter note, we've had almost $2000 worth of donations towards our IVF. I'm hoping that we'll be able to collect $5000, which should cover two tries. At least we'll be able to try it once.
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Sooooo I'm having IUI#5 today, and I am not thrilled about it. Today is CD12. I started Gonal-F injectables on CD3 (75iu). When I went in yesterday for b/w and u/s, I had a 13.5 and a 15.5 follicle. My lining is good. Apparently my LH is 28 which means I'm surging, so they want to do the IUI today. So I didn't get to trigger, and there is no way that 15.5 follicle has grown 2.5 mm between yesterday morning and today to get it to 18mm.


My theory now is that I need to be suppressed in order to get mature follicles, because my body will always try to ovulate before the follicles are big enough. Last time I had a 17.5 the day before the IUI, and that the best we'd seen yet. I really don't know why my doctor even decided to have me go through with this one, because it just seems so unlikely that it'll work. If we hadn't discussed IVF, I'd be kinda pissed b/c we're using donor sperm and that doesn't come cheap.

Still, if I DO just need IVF and that's the deal, I have to do 6 IUIs in order to get my insurance to even consider covering IVF (I live in Massachusetts where these things are possible), and so I guess if nothing else I'm fulfilling those requirements today.

But... yeah. Bummer. I guess anything can happen, but still.
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Jamie and Cristina- Such great news for both of you!!! I hope all goes well for you both.

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Oh Jamie! I am SO glad I checked in here today!

I cannot express how happy I am to read your post! I have been thinking of you and hoping so much to hear you are pregnant, and YOU ARE!!!


I have been hoping for everyone of course, but to see women I cycled with and prayed for like you and MomtoAlexis and DaisyMae make it through IVF successfully after such long roads...it's the best news!
I wish you nothing but an easy joyful pregnancy!

Huge Congrats also to Christina
I hope you have a very smooth and lovely pregnancy~~~

Laura, I am so sorry yr insurance co. is making you fulfill these cycles when they are going so fast for you. That was always my problem too. My eggs just shot forward on those IUIs and it wasn't until we suppressed and let them grow to what would be post-mature for most women that we got actual mature eggs. I wonder if you have to do another IUI if you could ask for micro-dose Lupron with it so that you could have a little suppression on that cycle?? GL today though. Seriously, anything can happen and I will keep watching out for you and sending good thoughts!

Brandyshea, it's so nice to see you have a much better response with the second IVF. Everything crossed for a positive cycle!
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We had our transfer yesterday. Two great looking blasts on board! We have two more that they're going to look at today to see if they look good enough to freeze.
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Brandyshea, that sounds so so good! Hoping the two embryos can be frozen, and hoping that you won't need them.
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poetgirl - glad to "see" you here! Wasn't sure if anyone would think to look at this thread for a post from me. I'm still waiting for the results of my second beta today, which is SOOO nerve-wracking (worse than the first beta, I think!). But trying to enjoy the fact that we actually, truly got a BFP!

Thanks everyone else too for the kind words!
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Originally Posted by gemasita View Post
poetgirl - glad to "see" you here! Wasn't sure if anyone would think to look at this thread for a post from me. I'm still waiting for the results of my second beta today, which is SOOO nerve-wracking (worse than the first beta, I think!). But trying to enjoy the fact that we actually, truly got a BFP!

Thanks everyone else too for the kind words!

Brandy, That sounds soooo good! Excellent that you might have some to freeze as well.
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Well guys, I've been putting it off and trying to avoid it (can you say denial?), BUT I really could use some support from you gals since this whole TTC journey is taking WAAAAY longer than we had anticipated!

Name: MoOnFiReGlOw
Age: 28
TTC #: 4
CD: 7
DPO (if applicable):
Testing: not till I'm 15dpo, I'm tired of being disappointed.
Trying Since: April 2009
Plan for this Cycle: To try to 'let go' a bit
Link to Chart (if applicable): http://www.tcoyf.com/members/Amitiel...s/default.aspx
Thoughts: Well guys, I've gone through it all. I've been angry, sad, jealous and just out right bitter about this whole process. This is a whole new place for me to be in. We have 3 beautiful boys that were all conceived the first month we tried and I have to say, now I am starting to realize what a true miracle it was that it happened that way! We are about to move back home (CO) so any infertility testing has been put on hold till we move. The good thing is that we are moving into an area that has an AWESOME infertility clinic We are hoping to get into the office soon so we can see why we are having such difficulties.

We have an added issue of my dh has severe back issues. He has two torn discs from L4 - S1 and herniated discs from L2 to L4. Needless to say it makes things a bit more difficult. The doctors had put him on morphene for his back and we are about 70% sure that is what has caused us to take so long, but had to wait a year before they would ok the SA. We are thinking of just putting up the $$ and getting an SA done this week or next, but dh keeps on chickening out! I think he is nervous that it will be his 'fault' if his boys aren't up to par. I keep on telling him it so is not that way so we will see what happens.

I know a few of you ladies here but I can't wait to get to know you all!
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Name: Cindy
Age: 21
TTC #: 1
DPO (if applicable):--
Testing: none- DH diagnose with testicular cancer, no sperm. i have regular periods. havent seen a ob/gyn.
Trying Since: Jan 09
Plan for this Cycle: IUI DS
Thoughts: going to see my re for the first time in june. very nervous yet excited
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Welcome to everyone new! I'll try to remember everyone's names soon. Hope you aren't here for long.

Laura that sounds strange that you are ready to surge, but the follies are so small. Does your RE have any explanation for that? I hope it went well anyways.

So I'm cd 3 and back on Femara. Things are going to be crazy this month. After nearly a year my house might finally be sold! If the buyers financing is approved then I will have to have us moved in three weeks. My dh just started his new job and won't be around much so it should be crazy. Thank goodness for sisters and girlfriends!
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Alright ladies....I'm back. *sigh*

Name: Tara
Age: 25
TTC #: 2
CD: This is the second day of my second miscarriage....
DPO (if applicable):--
Testing: I have a call into my OB to see if we can do a progesterone test before I ovulate and then afterwards. I've had two losses now and am devastated. I don't know why this is happening. I could understand one...but two tells me something is up...I wish I knew what it was..
Trying Since: June 2009
Plan for this Cycle: Unsure. Not sure if we should wait a month like we did last time, or just go ahead and TTC again this month. I have a lot of things circling around my head and I'm just not sure what to do.
Thoughts: Waiting for the doctor to call me back. I'm irritated as someone told me that she'd call me last night and she never did.....and now I'm still waiting.
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