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My family is in a bit of a flux – my husband was laid off right before I started back to work after my maternity leave, so he will be a stay at home dad at least for the time being. The problem is that I really (REALLY) want to stay home with our baby, at least part time.

Do you see any changes for us – as in: will my husband find a job good enough for me to stay home or work part time? Does he need to finish with school before this will happen?
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I do think your husband needs to finish school. I feel this is what holds him back from finding fullfilling employement. Meaning a job/career he really likes and one that pays him a decent wage. I do think he will be a great sahd though. But I understand you want to be at home. I think your husband will take breadwinner role again, but honestly I think it will be up to two years before this happens. But dont fear, you will get to be at home with your babieS again one day.

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