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Yeah Adamsmama! I'm so happy this is working for you.

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I had a so so week getting these done. Not too bad, but not too great. I work this weekend so that's it for me.

What things do you do that isn't on the list. I throw my shower curtain & liner in the wash about monthly. We have only one shower and 5 people so it needs it. Also, on Fridays or Saturdays I wash all the bath towels.

Anyone else see things the MM hasn't addressed?
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I've noticed it doesn't tell you when to wash anything (laundry related) but it does have a check off for laundry daily ... so I just make my own schedule for that.
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Here are the things I've had to add to my MM list:
- sweep/wash steps
- wash hardwood floors
- clean toys
- take out recycling
- water/weed garden (and other yardwork)
- grocery shopping
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I've added a few things to the daily chores... water plants and pick up toys mostly. I also jot other things on the list, like if there is a light day and I notice something that should be done.
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I added "prep coffee pot" to the daily chores... waking up to a pot of fresh coffee is wonderful, but I often forget to prep it before bed without a reminder. I also split "feed pets" into "feed/clean cat" and "feed/clean chickens".

But I don't have a dishwasher, my kiddos pick out their own clothes, and I "swish/swipe" the bathroom each night (so toilet, sink, mirror, shower) so I dropped a few boxes off the daily shore list as well.
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I don't prepare any clothes except for my youngest on school nights, so I used most of those boxes to tick off laundry, because I don't find one box sufficient for laundry tasks.

I don't read to the children, because 2 of them are teenagers and the youngest is an avid reader who devours books and doesn't want anyone to read to him!

I have to admit that I do not clean the kitchen sink every day, so I am surprised that is under daily chores. Maybe I have been rather remiss in this matter....

I have also added put recycling out to my list.
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So... while vacuuming last Monday my vacuum ended up smoking and in flames (no one hurt, strange looks from neighbors at the vacuum in flames in our driveway...). DH bought me a new one yesterday..... ha ha ha ha ha.....We'll have to see if my new vac helps me clean more effectively....
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I have been so off on doing my MM. Grrr. I hate not being in my "groove". Not sure what it's going to take to get me back into it. I think because baby is coming in the next few weeks, I've just moved to "waiting for baby" mode and I'm floundering. I need to move back to "preparing for baby" mode and get some stuff done. Also I think the heat has had something to do with it. I don't handle heat well when not pregnant, so the combination of heat and prego has not helped with my motivation.
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Ugh - where is my motivation???

Confession time - DH was out of town when I started this (for an entire month). It was great while he was gone (the MM/keeping up with cleaning - not having him gone!), but I am having the worst trouble keeping it up since he's been back! A big part of the problem is that I spend a lot of time getting the house in shape, he comes home & within 30 seconds, it's all cluttered up again! By the time we all eat something, it looks like I didn't do anything all day (why? it's not like I did the dishes right away when he was gone. I would usually leave them until the morning, but it never seemed unmanageable. Does one man really make that many extra dishes?), and *of course* if anyone's going to stop by the house, that's when it happens. So demoralizing. Also, once DH is home, he's getting his break for the day, and I think I feel like "he's taking a break, I should get one, too," right when things are piling up and I really need to be on them. I guess I need to get over that. But honestly, if I start cleaning up after DH, he'll say "don't worry about that, I'll get it," but he's not so good at following through.

Another big part of the problem is our living/dining/kitchen areas (basically the whole house minus the bedrooms) are all one big room. There is a large counter that sort of separates the kitchen & dining room, and that is a "make or break" place - if that's a mess, it doesn't matter how everything else is, KWIM? And of course that's where DH puts down his stuff. I want to get one of those entryway benches with the baskets under them so we have somewhere out of the way to put our stuff when we come in, but I'm having trouble finding one decently rated that isn't $$$ (I've also been looking for a used one, but so far nothing). But I'm starting to think that the ease it will bring to my life will be worth it. Guess I just need to bite the bullet & start saving up, while continuing to look for a used one.

OK, now it's time to get to work! Hopefully I can get the dishes/counters taken care of in enough time to convince DD to get to the playground this morning, and then take care of other things this afternoon.
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Okapi - DH's have a way of zapping our motivation. When I read your comment

Also, once DH is home, he's getting his break for the day, and I think I feel like "he's taking a break, I should get one, too," right when things are piling up and I really need to be on them.

I have felt and said that so many times, but if I did that NOTHING would ever get done. I totally understand your frustrations!

I have not been doing my lists either, as I said in my last post. Things are still getting done, but I've been focusing a lot on decluttering and getting stuff out of the house.
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I am in the same boat as you ladies. Lately, I am the UNmotivated mom. My dh works at home and is around all the time. As long as he isn't working on a home 'project' he usually doesn't make too much of a mess. However, I am trained to pick up after him. ya know, laundry on the floor, wet towels not hung up, dishes left on the table, etc...could be worse I guess.

My real unmotivator is the kids home this summer. Don't get me wrong, it is great having the kids around, but I like the routine of school days. Honestly, they don't need this long of a break. I can't seem to get things done this summer with them home. Anyway, the house isn't bad, but it isn't as great as it could be. Mostly, I feel like I am missing the deep clean stuff. Sigh..

Well, I print the list weekly anyway and get a few things done......
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So funny! I, too, have been lagging behind due to children (whom I love dearly) here for the summer. My days are busy, busy, busy! Mostly it's not horrible, but some things haven't gotten cleaned too often. I have about 1 1/2 weeks until my schedule will be back to normal. I'm thrown a little off balance, but I wouldn't give this time up for anything. I guess I choose fun and bonding over cleanliness for the short term. (We only have my stepdaughters in the summer.)
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I like to take my breaks when DH is here! So, we split the chores and do it together. Twice the hands, half the time. I don't know what I'd do if he was making a mess and not cleaning his share. It would drive me absolutely batty!

Now, when he's gone the house is magically cleaner and I work less. there's something wrong with that equation!
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Hi! I'm joining in too! I've tried MM I think last year or maybe '08 (?) but it didn't "stick". I purchased it again this year but it was hard in the beginning because I was WOH or babysitting pretty much every night. Then I was away from home all of March and April but I decided not to go back to work when I got back, so I've been doing MM on and off since then. I REALLY want to be more consistent with it though because it really works for me (when I actually do it). I've tried Flylady a few times in the past as well and I don't think I've ever got past the second day. FL drives me a little nuts.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to having a "support group" of sorts so that maybe I'll be able to stick to it this time!
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Cleaned outdoor garbage can today. Yuck! I wonder if my neighbors were laughing at me. I have done it before, but it has been a while. TOO LONG. My toddler enjoyed it too much (in a gross way!)
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I need to clean my outside trash can but I can't do it today because trash day is tomorrow and yeah... not emptying it to clean it!! I will try and do it tomorrow though... it grosses me out REALLY bad though so I kinda don't wanna
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We don't have an outdoor garbage can (we have to take our own garbage to the neighborhood dumpster) but I have a bunch of 5 gallon buckets sitting outside that could use a scrub and then be stored properly... It is SO hot here today though, it was 84 in my room earlier.

So all I've managed to do so far today is wash combs/brushes, clip DS's nails, feed the hamster, load the dishwasher, and cook dinner. I'm lucky to have managed that. Cooking is heating the house up even more.
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I have to do dd2's nail while she sleeps (sensory issues) so that happens at random, though I like the reminder for dd1 and ds.

We also have to take our own trash to the dump but we have two huge rubbermaid style trash bins that we throw on the trailer. They're half full though and yeah... I'm not emtying them. I might take them to the "you wash" car wash after our next dump run.

I organized the kitchen/pantry and that took a LOT of time. We're building our own home and just took down a kitchen wall... I lost a lot of storage. It'll come back later, but it was a mess of epic proportion. Everything stacked and jumbled and covered with plaster dust. It's still obviously under construction, but it's a lot neater.

Lughnasadh is coming up this weekend (a holiday in our religion) so the kiddos and I have been decorating too... I used some of the crafts to cover up kitchen mess.
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I am Pagan too, but I don't usually do much decorating. Nothing I do could ever look nice in this trailer, so I don't bother. One day when we have a decent place, I will though. I love decorating, especially for Samhain/Halloween and Yule.
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