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What week is/was your first appt or u/s?

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I am asking because so many women here have already had both and tests as well and I don't see the midwife until I am 12 weeks and I am pretty sure the ultrasound is around 18 weeks. Is this difference because I am in Canada, or what? I recall with my first, I called the midwives (got put on a waiting list) called the OB and they were like "ok, see you at 12 weeks" This is making me a little crazy because thus far all I have had to prove my baby's existence is a positive test weeks ago. So is it usual to get the ultrasound and midwife/OB appointment sooner? I'm a little frustrated that I have to sit and do nothing until June!!!
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My first midwife appointment is Thursday at 6 weeks. I'm not sure when I'll get an u/s, although I'm going to push for an early one because of two previous miscarriages.
With dd, my first u/s was at 7 weeks, and my second was at 9 weeks, but I was seeing an RE then. After I was released from the RE, my next and last u/s wasn't until 20 weeks for the big scan.
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If we go with the homebirth midwife, the first appointment will be at 12 weeks like you. I think the ultrasound is something around 18-20 weeks. She did say that if we were interested in the AFP or nuchal test, we would have our first appointment at 10 weeks. So, honestly, sounds like your schedule

Last time my first appointment was 9 weeks. Drove me a little batty honestly. I really thought that would bring me in and make sure I wasn't doing anything stupid, but I guess they don't do that....
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i had my 1st appt with midwife at the clinic at 6 weeks. it was pretty much just intake info and blood tests, etc. i went in early because with my last preg., the midwife was almost booked up with too many clients and i wanted to be sure to get in. currently there is only 1 midwife in my area.

at 10 weeks we will listen for heartbeat, and as long as no complications, the only u/s will be at around 20 weeks.

my previous preg/midwife did an ultrasound at 10 weeks for heartbeat and just to see, then a 2nd at 20 weeks. but, that was at a much larger clinic.
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I still haven't set one up yet. I'm thinking I'll probably set something up with my midwife in about 4 weeks. I don't do early u/s unless needed and they really can't feel your uterus or hear the heartbeat until 10-12 weeks. So I never see any reason to go in sooner than that.
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my OB usually makes first appts. between 10 and 12 weeks, and usually doesn't do an ultrasound (last time he did but it was an unusual circumstance)

this time I"ll see him early because I just had my m/c and he wants me to have peace of mind that everything's good - that way I only have to wait until 7.5 weeks to see a heartbeat instead of 12 weeks, if that makes sense?

so I'll see him at 7.5 weeks (in about 2 weeks) and he'll do an early ultrasound.
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My first appointment is set up for May 17th...and it seems like thats an ETERNITY away!! We'll meet with the midwife and then have an ultrasound with the doctor. I should be around 9 weeks at that time.

I cant wait to see my little one on the screen, and to hear a nice strong heartbeat!!
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My OB normally sees people at about 8 weeks for a dating ultrasound. I had some bleeding, though, and went in for an ultrasound at 5.5 weeks.
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My first prenatal appt with my HB MW is 5/27. I'll be 10w6d. I think the only u/s I will get is at 20 weeks. I was charting this time so I know when we conceived, so I don't need a dating u/s and there is no other reason I'd need one this early.
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My first app will be around 12 weeks. Ultrasound around 20 weeks.
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I'm like a lot of you. I called the midwife last week and made my appointment for 5/19. I'll be 10.5 wks by then. I didn't really want to go in earlier 'cause I want a decent chance of hearing the heartbeat. Hopefully, we will hear it then. I also didn't see the point of going in earlier 'cause I'm not doing any other testing (i.e. hcgs, afp, etc). But I'm getting impatient! 3 more weeks! Besides, I really want to keep it a secret until after then but I feel so huge today! I hope no one guesses - especially don't want the kids to know until I'm ready.
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i am going to the OB next week. I will be 7 1/2 weeks. Although, i have a crazy pregnancy history. I am on pregnancy number 14. I have 4 living children, 5 stillborn, and many early miscarriages. I feel better, looking at the baby, confirming a heart beat, then i am good, until the second trimester.

My OB tollerates my strange schedule well. I will start seeing my midwife, if all is going well, around 35 weeks. I know and love her, but with OB care in the beginning, which is covered by insurance, i am good to see her at the end.
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I'm in Canada as well...my first MW appt is on Thurs and I will be 6w. We won't be having an ultrasound though unless a specific need arises.

I think all MW's are different in terms of when they want to see you...
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I haven't even made an appointment yet! I'll call the midwife when I'm 8 weeks to set one up for when I'm 10 weeks, I think. I was charting so I know exactly what day I ovulated, and I don't wany any ultrasounds, period, unless truly medically necessary.

However, I can't WAIT to hear the heartbeat!

Everyone keeps asking me when my appt is, and they're all a little shocked when I shurg and say I haven't made one yet. Hopefully I'll be able to eat better by then...I know they want a 3 day food log for my first appt.
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I'm in Israel, and they're ultrasound crazy around here. My first is tomorrow, and I think I'm somewhere around 6 weeks. They do another at 16 or so, and a 3rd at 30some. They allow you to have additional ultrasounds in between, if you have a good reason (a good reason is not feeling movement, etc.)

I love national health care! (Ultrasounds cost $6.)
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We are members of Kaiser, and they have you come in for a "pregnancy class" where you fill out a ream of paperwork and they do a general sort of lecture about nutrition, what to avoid, prenatal testing, etc. They set you up for an appt with the OB after that. Mine is tmrw at 7wk6d. They do a dating ultrasound, and bloodwork, I think. I refused the early ultrasound last time, but this time I think I'll do it as I'm not sure when this one was actually conceived, I think at day 17-18 in my 28 day cycle. I'd like for them to confirm that, so I have a later due date in case we get into discussions later about an "overdue" baby.
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With the CNM group it was going to be at 9 weeks but my health insurance just approved my HB MW! So I am going next week at 8 weeks! However, I don't think I get an u/s. Dang it!
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My first appt with my MW was at 5.5 weeks. She didn't do much - blood test, pap, and told me my uterus was the size of a small pear. We're going back next week (I'll be 8.5 weeks) to see and hopefully hear the heartbeat!
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Thanks for all the responses. I am not really interested in an early u/s, but I would just like an appointment, a little chat, feel the belly, to feel like we're getting the ball rolling, y'know? When they told me my first apt is in June, I was a little disappointed but at the same time, the appointment is an hour and a half so I know it will be really great, a getting to know you kind of meeting. I really can't wait and I googled my midwife (is that weird? DH thought so) and she sounds awesome!

Wholewheatchick, midwives are so scarce here that you have to call before you even miss your period for the most part! So it is a luxury that you can wait on making an appointment, sounds way less stressful.

Eastvillage, I love national health care too! I wish everyone had coverage for a midwife, it's such an amazing experience.
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I have an u/s appt. tonight, just to rule out ectopic pregnancy (which I'm pretty confident it isn't, but I do have a history). I think that's 6w2d.

I'm a little nervous. This still isn't completely real to me yet, so I'm not sure how hard it's going to hit me!
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