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Originally Posted by DahliaRW View Post
It actually depends a lot on age as well, since skeletal/hip development has a lot to do with it. A lot of techs agree that older children below 40lbs are fine in a booster, and as a parent you have to decide at what age you are comfortable with that. A lot of boosters are rated 30+lbs.
I don't know, at 6 years old and 34lbs Janelle didn't look safe in a booster, but she also is on the short side and is all legs with an amazingly short torso (7 1/2 and still wearing 3t bathing suits!)...now at 7 1/2 and right around 40lbs, she does fit fine in a booster and uses it when with friends or going on girl scout field trips.
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That's why I wrote that proper fit is essential. Some 34# children fit very well in some boosters. And other 34# children fit terribly in other boosters.
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Yup, ITA about fit. My neice went to a booster around 6 and she was 35lbs. Fit her fine. It'll totally depend on torso height and such.
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Originally Posted by Smidge View Post
I don't have a 5yr old yet, but my dh and I agree that everyone should be in a 5pt harness at all times (babies, toddler, kids and adults). Saying that, when our kids grow out of their Blvds they will be moving to the Britax Frontier 85 and staying in the harness until they outgrow it.

I worry about your dd being so small with no 5-pt harness, but of course you're the only one who truly knows your situation
There is a common belief harnessing is safer than boosters for older kids but it's simply not true. People working seriously and professionally with car seats know this very well.

Chickybiddy's comments sums everything up very well (thanks for the nice summary)

There is absolutely no evidence that children who are able to use a booster properly (this includes physical and developmental maturity as well as correct fit and use) are safer harnessed than boostered. There is some non-conclusive evidence that 5-point harnesses protect better in certain crashes, and some non-conclusive evidence that boosters and shoulder/lap belts protect better in certain crashes, but overall, they are both extremely safe choices when used correctly and again, there is no evidence that one is better than the other.
Belt fit is important in boosters. Age is more important than size since skeleton mature with age. Weight has little to do with safety. A 35 lbs 4 year old is just as safe as a 50 lbs 4 year old as long as belt fit is good.
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