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Nuts and gas?

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Had no idea what to even title this... I've been gluten free for just under a month now. I've felt really good after a few first rough days. Slipped up this weekend by forgetting about checking something, and paid dearly for it gut wise.

I already know that I am very sensitive to dairy, now I can add gluten to that list, but I also seem to be reacting to nuts now?! Not horridly, but my stomach bloats a bit and I get AWFUL gas very quickly afterwards. I found this out by accident, because I'd been having horrid gas daily and couldn't figure out why. Then a few days ago, didn't have any and when I thought about what I ate and there were no nut products that day. Kept it up for two more days, no gas at all. Ate some nuts tonight as a test and the gas immediately came back.

What the heck is this?! I guess I've had so many gut issues over the years that I just thought all of this was normal? But seriously, this is a bit discouraging
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several things to note here... the gas sounds like it is from nuts, what kind of nuts? Nuts are notoriously hard to digest and are actually considered digestion inhibitors. Almonds and pecans are the easiest, and peanuts and cashews the hardest to digest.

I have digestive issues too. I was gluten and diary free and am now to be considered carbohydrate intolerant which is all grains, most beans and some veggies. I also don't do diary.

Anyway, if you slipped up on gluten and don't do so well on diary the gas could just be a buy product of your body and gut going a little nuts (ha ha) with what you have eaten recently. You may also have a bacterial imbalance and the overgrown bacteria is feeding off the nuts and creating a gas buy product.

My advice is to stop all gluten and diary, lay low with the nuts and give your gut some time to heal. Find a good probotic and don't over do it with vitamin suppliments and all of that. Just eat healthy whole food.

Good Luck
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Nuts are hard to digest. It becomes more noticeable once you are off gluten/dairy. They contain potent enzyme inhibitors and need to be soaked/sprouted before consuming.
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