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Prudent dental vist, nursing newborn?

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I need a cavity refilled, lost it during pregnancy. Mainstream dentist, what would you avoid at the appt? I'll likley have x-rays, a 'novicane' type thing etc. I do normally avoid the floride treatment. What considerations should I have regarding my NB and nursing her?

No appt yet but I must have it done soon...it hurts!
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Hi -

I don't know why no one is answering these questions...

Here's my 2 cents.

I think the x-ray would be fine.

I would completely avoid all flouride treatments now and in the future - I don't think they will do you any good and flouride is bad for your thyroid.

I would use the novocaine and then avoid nursing until the novocaine has completely worn off by you. IMO, this means your body has processed the novocaine.

Do you have a biologic dentist? If so, you can ask for a numbing agent that is nursing-friendly. There are several kinds of anesthetics.

Also, avoid any silver fillings as a replacement!

In preparation prior to the appt, if you have the ability to, pump and store a few bottles for your NB and then pump & dump after your appt.

If the filling is silver that is being taken out, there are more safety concerns and a longer window to avoid nursing.

This is probably too late, but I didn't want your question to go unanswered.
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Get the white filling. I wouldnt worry a bit about the novicane and nursing since it only works in the area it is used in and your body gets rid of it super fast.

I would even be ok with having nitrus oxide during since it leaves the body immediatly after being turned off.
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