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Life beyond babies..

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First all, what a great fundraising idea!
My question: What career/life's work will bring me fulfillment/success?
Thank you~
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Hello GreenRose,
You are an entrepraneur. I see you working on the top of the food chain. I see people under you, as in working for you. You are great at delegating, organizing and getting the job done right. You are very powerful and people respect you. I think that it is not too late to go for more schooling to further any career path you may have been on/are already on. But really I see you starting companies throughout your life. Getting things going and then eventually selling. Almost like flipping houses. You are very intelligent, stop dumbing down for other people. Stop acting like you don't like the seat of power, when really you do and you are good in that seat. Use your brain, it's definitely one of your gifts. You are meant to manage people and be a boss.

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