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Well, I have a potty using toddler. But I am not sure I had a method to our madness. Basically, when she wanted to wear panties, we'd put them on her. This started around 18-19 months. When I went, she would sit on the potty after me and sometimes pee. On a few occaisions she'd wake up, yell 'poop', and demand to be taken to the potty. She'd then poop. But none of this was consistent until just before she turned two.

For many months she seemed very aware of when she had just peed/pooped or was in the process. But she couldn't always determine when it was going to happen, especially if she was busy with something. We've been accident free for a week now. In the weeks preceding this, she could tell when she needed to go. But not in enough time to always make it. It was very upsetting for her. Then one day she could just tell when it was going to happen in time to get there.

She didn't like little potties so it had to be the big potty. We did read some potty books and talk about it. But mostly we left it up to her because we didn't have any idea how tho actually teach her. We just made sure she had the opportunity to see us and use it when she wanted. I think we got lucky.
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I would strongly recommend the video "It's Potty Time". You can buy it at www.onestepahead.com It worked with 2 of my boys and it has worked for a niece and a nephew and has been passed around to their friends as well. I don't know why it works, but the kids love it (as an adult, you feel like an idiot watching it and singing the songs to your kids).
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