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Husband's job search

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Hi again Jamie!
I enjoyed reading your response the last time I asked a question so I'm doing it again. This time I am wondering about my husband's job search. He is unhappy in his current position so he's been interviewing lately but nothing has come through for him yet. What do you see happening?
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Keep trying. Something new will come up for him within the year. I do sense his dissatisfaction very much. Poor guy. He knows he is not being utilized to his fullest potential. I want you two, together and particularly him seperately to start really practicing manifestation techniques towards more fulfilling employment. I think you both are very powerful at drawing to yourselves what you truly desire. Dream and think about it a lot. What does the new position look like, sound like, feel like? What clothes would he have to wear...a suit? Casual? Does he see himself with some new friends from a new position? Etc Etc. Use a lot of positive affirmations such as "I am employed in a job that I find fulfilling." "I enjoy going to work everyday and supporting my family abundantly."
I think it will take a little while still, but tell him to keep trucking along and putting out his resume. This is the way the new position will open up for him this year. I do not see this requiring moving or anything like that. It seems all very centered around job satisfaction for him and a raise. I think he will be pleased.

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