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Where to Live - Follow-up Question

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Hi Jamie! Thanks for your thoughts in response to my question on whether we should stay in our townhome or move back to our condo.

You mentioned that you see us moving to Oregon in 2011, and I'd like to ask you for some further detail around that. My heart has always felt a pull to the west coast and I've often thought we should move to British Columbia (we're in Canada) because of how the land makes my spirits soar. Certainly Oregon has that similar feel for me because of the similarities in landscape, so for that reason alone I could see how I'd happily go there... but it's a whole new country! So, can you provide any insight on how you see that happening, or what would lead us to Oregon? (If by chance you're picking up a BC vibe rather than Oregon, then the same question goes...any insights on the events that might lead us there?)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! I'm quite enjoying your perspective on things.
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That is interesting that I saw Oregon which is def. not in Canada.

What I am seeing is a woman with her arms outstretched and she is motioning her hands to you like "come here, come on in" Meaning to the Oregon area. She looks slightly older, maybe 50-60's. And I get a sense of 'family' from her. This happens to be one of those obscure pictures, that could mean a lot of different things. And being that it's future, you will not likely have confirmation on what it all means until that time.

The only other thing that is coming to me is a change in your husbands job, allowing you to make this move.
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