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My sweet Osiris Moon has arrived!

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Just popping in to say that I had my UC yesterday!! My sweet little boy, Osiris Moon, was born at 2:08pm April 27th after a long labor. This is my 2nd UC, 4th homebirth and NOT at all similar to my other birth experiences. Labor started slowly right around bedtime on the 25th. Contractions never seemed to become regular (varying between 8-20 minutes) most of the labor though they grew in intensity so I knew "something" must be "working". I think I entered transition close to 11am yesterday because I reached a point where I was just getting frustrated, didn't think contractions were doing anything, was kinda like "dude how long is this gonna take, I'm getting discouraged here...". I finally took a bath around 1ish and and found that pushing a bit during contrations was very pleasurable, though I had no clue if I was even fully dilated at that point, just went w/ what felt right. I eventually got outta the tub and felt an inclination to just set up the bed in case birth was coming soon and sure enough as I was leaning hands and knees on bed grunting and pushing with each contraction, I could feel baby start to descend. He was kicking and punching the whole time as I was pushing, which was so sweet to me...I was focused on what I was feeling in the birth canal and what he was doing in the womb as well. There was a part of me that was unsure how long pushing would take because again, contractions never became back to back like they had been in my previous labors. But I pushed as each contraction willed me to and sure enough his head and neck were out and then I just waited and breathed until I had another strong contraction and pushed him completely out. He came out screaming with his eyes wide open, more alert and active then my other babes have been. And oh what a surprise he was as a boy, we thought he was a girl the whole time. His water never broke until a few trickles when he slid out followed by a huge gush of blood and anmiotic fluid mixed which looked more scary then it was. His daddy caught him with my best friend assisting (she was at my last birth so she was my quasi-birth-professional/doula).

The birth was really amazing and I'm still processing it all. Again it's just so odd to me that this wasn't "textbook" in any sense, as I just kept waiting for things to "pick up". I guess all that nettle tea and red raspberry leaf tea really helped my uterus become efficient, even with contractions that weren't lasting for more that 45-60 seconds. Wow, it's just so neat to revel in your body's ability, no matter how many times you'd done this.

We did have a retained placenta issue which had me anxious. My experience has been that they've come out really soon after birth and this one never did. We tried tons of stuff (nursing as much as possible, uterine massage, oregano tea, coughing/blowing, squatting, pushing, etc.) and finally I sent my partner to the health store to get some angelica root tincture as a last resort before having to toss in the towel and head to the ER (which would have been a really scary thing for me to accept). I took the tincture and within 5 minutes I was sitting on the toilet and gave 2 pushes and it came out fully intact. Thank goodness!!! I scooped it out and inspected it--wow it was huge! Plans to consume it got de-railed, both because it was retained for over 6hrs and it fell into the toilet. We'll plant it sometime this week

Nursing is going well and I feel great. Am super thankful that I got to experience another UC on my terms, it's such an empowering thing to be a part of
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Amazing story mama! Happy Babymoon!
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oH MY GOSH MAMA! Congratulations!! I LOVE his name and your beautiful birth story! Thanks for sharing! Makes me excited about my upcoming UC... hopefully soon!
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great birth story! thanks for sharing and congratulations one your baby!
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Thank you for sharing your story! Congratulations!
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What a wonderful birth story! Kudos to you for not freaking out about the retained placenta and for trying different methods to problem solve. And of course, congratulations on the sweet new baby! Love the name!
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Congrats Mama. Enjoy your babymoon.
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congrats! your story sounds so similar to my last UC, from times to ctx's never getting "text book" close together. during transition (and even before) mine never got any closer than 6-9 minutes apart.

wtg, mama!
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Wow! That's awesome mama! Congratulations and I love your little one's name.
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Congratulations!! I hope my impending labor and birth go that gently!
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Congratulations, Mama! Makes me want another UC!
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