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Love hearing everyone's news. Sasha is 5 months today. Wow! Where did the time go? We're doing well, just rolling with it. He had a growth spurt recently so was up feeding all night but we did ok. Cosleeping is working out really well for us since he doesn't really fuss just pokes me awake, eats, and back to sleep. In fact he gets really pissed off if you take him out of "his nest" at night. Lately he's been pooping in the mornings and he pokes me awake, squirms a bit, and when DH takes him to the bathroom and takes off the dipe he poops right away, then nurses some more and goes back to sleep. I really like that new routine! We usually nurse down every time he wakes up.
We started easing him into daycare part time (he's been there for about 3 hours per day) and he likes going there but refuses to take the bottle (unless I'm giving it to him - weird) so he's been hungry and mad at the end. I'm hoping that he will see that the nice ladies at daycare are not trying to poison him with my EBM. Otherwise we'll have to come up with a plan B.
So that's been stressful.
Yesterday was a huge day for us - I had my defense (it went great!) and we came home and cooked a celebratory dinner. Sasha was on my back in a mei tai the whole time I cooked and then he went to sleep up there, so I got to relax and enjoy the conversation. I love wearing him, it feels so bonding and nurturing. So that's the news with us.
Hugs to everyone
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Hi everyone I never get a chance too visit MDC anymore... Summers are busy on the farm, I spend 4 hours a day milking (cows, not me :P ) with Aspen on my back, and Skyy under foot. We always thought my firstborn did things waaaaaay early, but apparently his sister feels compelled to beat him She has been rolling over since birth, sitting unasisted on the floor soince 3 months, and is creeping. The one that really freaks me out is that she can go from layingto sitting on her own already. She is 4 and half months. This is freaking me out because my firstborn, bless his heart, is also precocious with EVERYTHING and I am exhauste and exasperated all the time She is doing everything earlier than he, and i think it means more trouble! We had an OT come to start assessing our son, and she was absolutely flabberghast watching Aspen on the floor. She isnt gaining much weight, and I'm hoping its because she is so active, not because of her earlier un-dxed health problems. She is a very sweet and happy baby... just busy... sigh. I am also happy to see I'm not the only one who would like to take a breast time-out :P
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You guys have talked a lot since I was last in here! THe last time I posted was like, page... 5 or something? Somewhere back there, anyway.

I definitely agree with everyone who is feeling touched out. Some days i dream about buying formula and bottles, then I slap myself a bit and remember how much work and $$$ formula can be.

Sleeping- Orrin is sleeping less-well then he had been (he used to sleep 6+ hrs straight) and is up every 4 hours or so, but he goes back to sleep super easily in his OWN bed (well, the pack n' play in our room). He's been napping more easily on his own too. Usually I need to nurse him down or whatever and then VERY carefully transfer him, but recently I've been putting him in his bed when he gets tired and he wiggles a bit for like, a minute and falls asleep.

This is SOOO different from DD, who is still up every 2 hours the whole bloody night and naps are so hit and miss, that I"m still sort of in shock.

He rolls both directions, pushes up on elbows and knees like a pro, and is the jolliest, most ticklish, sociable guy. It's adorable!

I'm not sure if I'm battling PPD or a sense of restlessness or feeling unappreciated but I've been very unhappy the last few months. My temper is out of this world, I'm always mad at DH for being useless and unthinking, and I feel like my life is going nowhere.

Part of me is jealous of you moms with kids in daycare or going back to work, but I know if I worked - espeically working from home- I'd just get bitter and resentful because there's no way DH would pick up and help out around the house, and I'm not up for double the work load. He says he would (because he wants me to go back to work) but he couldn't even do a load of diapers the day after Orrin was born so I'd be shocked.
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I haven't posted in forever either! I've been reading everyone's posts, but never seem to have enough time to formulate a post myself, lol.

Ethan had his 4 month drs apt last week (although, he's only a few days from 5 monthes, I guess I procrastinated calling for a few weeks). He weighs 18lbs 3oz and is 26 inches long. We are vaccinating him but are splitting them up, and going to the dr every month for his shots. He hasn't had a reaction to them at all so far. He isn't rolling either way yet, and doesn't really show much interest in it. He still doesn't enjoy tummy time, although lately he has been trying really really hard to move forward, but usually just ends up going in a circle. Silly boy. He makes the cutest face when he's trying to do something - puffs up his cheeks, purses his lips and tilts his head up. Cutetastic.

He had been sleeping not too bad in the day time, at least he would let me put him down for naps and would usually have one lengthy nap during the day. The past few days though he hasn't wanted to be put down at all. Today, he had 2 ten minute naps while I held him and one 15 minute nap in the stroller. By 7pm he was sooo tired, and didn't even want to play with his dad. He usually doesn't go down for the night until 8:30ish, so we'll see how long he sleeps for tonight. I say go down for the night, but he rarely sleeps for more than 3-4 hours at a time. He usually just wakes up twice in the night, and then comes into my bed the second time. My bf is working nights right now, so Ethan and I have lots of space to ourselves. Is it horrible to admit that I like the nights when my bf isn't there so that we don't have to share the bed?

I really hope Ethan starts napping more in the day again, it figures that he would pick now to not nap - I'm making cupcakes/cake for a friends wedding in 2 weeks and need to make a cupcake stand, cupcake wrappers, 80 fondant flowers and cupcake carriers. We also get our new house in 2 weeks, and I should really start organizing to move. It should be an interesting few weeks.

Oh, he just woke up. So he slept from 7:30 to 9:45, a bit of peace and quiet at least.
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please tell me this 4 month sleep regression thing will only last a few days! it's just not fair - we had almost a week straight of DS sleeping from 10 to 4 and now he's back to waking every 2 hours and was awake / cranky from 3 to 4:30 this morning...

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wow, look at all the updates since i was here last! we too have experienced the 4 month sleep regression although last night was ok...fingers crossed!

at his 4 month well baby visit, f was 19lbs and 27.25" long!! i'm so used to heavy babies that when i picked up a baby girl at his daycare i was amazed at how light she is (and 2 months older than f). he is so heavy that he can't quite roll over all the way yet. he's almost sitting up on his own and can scoot around a little on his back and on his tummy. i am not ready for him to be gearing up for crawling yet!! <pout>

we started looking at ticket prices to fly to scotland to visit my family next march but i don't know that i'm ready to have 2 kids on an 8-9hr plane ride.

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Originally Posted by Catubodua View Post
please tell me this 4 month sleep regression thing will only last a few days! it's just not fair - we had almost a week straight of DS sleeping from 10 to 4 and now he's back to waking every 2 hours and was awake / cranky from 3 to 4:30 this morning...

Emma was sleeping almost all night at around 9 weeks.....that did not last! Every night is hit or miss. Now, she's either getting better, or we're getting used to it. I'm ready for this 4 month sleep regression to be over as well.
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Glad to see at least I am not alone. Alexander turned 5 months last month and was sleeping 8 hour stretches for a few weeks until last week. Now he's up like every 2-3 hrs. Not a huge deal since we co-sleep, and maybe it's a growth spurt, but ugh. I am so tired! At least his naps are consistent, esp. in the mornings. He gets up with us when I take the older kids to school, then when we get home he nurses and goes back to sleep for at least an hour. So that's at least one hour I can usually count on to get a few things done around here, unless I'm too tired and I go back to sleep with him (sometimes, not often).
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Bumping us back up with a short update. We're adjusting to daycare- it's been hard, but I have no viable alternatives. Sasha has been going for 5 hour days and while he enjoys being there he still refuses to really eat and gets really cranky before naps. I think all the activity is distracting him and then he is too far gone into being upset and needs mommy. It's gotten a little better in the last couple of days though (he drank 1 oz and was in much better mood) so I'm hoping the adjustment period is going to end soon. I do like the daycare a lot, it's a montessori, AP friendly, and he can go until kindergarden, so I hope we can get it to work. : It's just tough knowing that he was upset and I wasn't there to comfort him.
Apart from that things are great - we're sleeping better at night again (after a week of feeding maraphon) and he is growing like a weed. The weeds are growing too as I have no time to pull them, and it's been raining like mad. I'm beginning to lose my flowerbeds. Yikes!
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Super new to the forum

So glad to see others have sleep regression issues, actually it is what brought me to the forum. I am getting advice to let him cry it out and not nurse my LO at night. That he will learn and cope. I just can't imagine nursing him is spoiling him at night. I am tired, I hate we went from 8 hours of sleep to 3 hours but I can't ignore him if he is hungry. Does everyone cosleep? I think that is the best way to cope. I have him nearby but not in the same bed. I was to terrified of my DH rolling over on him. He is a heavy sleeper.
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nmreynolds welcome to the forum! How old is your LO?
you're not getting very good advice about crying it out. Studies now show that doing that is harmful to the developing brain (increases stress hormone levels for one) And you're not spoiling him - you're building his trust in you and helping him grow.
Cosleeping works well for us but we are both light sleepers, if you do not think your DH can cosleep safely than you should trust your instincts. One option is to use an arms reach co-sleeper that attaches to the bed or to sidecar a crib. Then your LO is really close and you don't have to get up to reach him, but he is still in his safe spot. Additionally you can then soothe him by touching him without getting up, fully waking, my DH would put a hand on DS to help him settle if I wasn't in the bed.
For more detailed advice you may want to start a thread in the nighttime parenting subforum. There are many experienced mamas there.
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he rolled over today!

and can you believe i missed it even though i was only a few feet away from him!?

he was on his blanket on the floor on his back underneath one of those pull toys that play music when they pull the dangly things. i was on the computer. it got quiet behind me, which is not a surprise b/c he often takes little cat naps. i turned around to make sure he was in a good position and imagine my surprise to see him awake and on his belly, looking around.
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yay Andrew!!!
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Sorry for crashing the party.

I'm in the January 2011 DDC, and I thought it would be interesting to see what my life will resemble this time next year.

I just can't wrap my head around the idea of my little babe rolling over for the first time when I haven't even felt them moving inside of me yet!


I hope you guys don't mind that I popped in here. Congratulations to all of you!

I can't wait until I have a little monster that's yelling in the middle of the night and becoming mobile without me there to see it. So jealous of all your girls, but so happy for you as well. This thread makes the idea that I'm actually going to have a baby seem all the more real.

A little human being that I'm going to be responsible for taking care of. Crazy.
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Yes, we cosleep. My husband sleeps with our toddler in the king bed in the bedroom, and I bedshare with Holly on a queen guest bed. Although lately I wonder if she'd be better off on her own in the same room, seems like any time I move she wakes up.... and yet, she insists on having boob in her mouth, too!! Lose/lose! Some nights are great and some stink (last night wasn't great.)

Catubdoa, I missed Holly's first rollover, too! Turned my head for an instant.

Right now Holly is sitting in her bumbo, ecstatically flailing at one of Robin's stuffed cat toys and chewing on the paws.
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Originally Posted by nmreynolds View Post
So glad to see others have sleep regression issues, actually it is what brought me to the forum. I am getting advice to let him cry it out and not nurse my LO at night. That he will learn and cope. I just can't imagine nursing him is spoiling him at night. I am tired, I hate we went from 8 hours of sleep to 3 hours but I can't ignore him if he is hungry. Does everyone cosleep? I think that is the best way to cope. I have him nearby but not in the same bed. I was to terrified of my DH rolling over on him. He is a heavy sleeper.
We used a contour changing pad in between us so there was no rolling. You can also get a bar to slip between your mattresses and keep babe on your side. I think cosleeping for 2 months like we did fostered a trust in Laura that we would always be there for her and as such a more restful sleep for her. She is now in a crib STTN mostly, but we always respond to her if she goes to full-on cry mode.

I'll never tell my children in word or action that I will not feed them or comfort them (they may have to wait a bit though). Just because a baby can't say I'm hungry or I need some luvin' doesn't mean they shouldn't get it.
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nmreynolds - yes please tell us more about your LO

as for paintedfire - welcome! i have to admit to being slightly jealous of you. i so very much miss being pregnant. don't get me wrong, having the baby is wonderful, but i really loved every second of my pregnancy.

let me think. back in early June 09 i had figured out i was pregnant again after an early loss in March and i was worried it might happen again and we were wondering when we might tell people.... i'm going to have to go back and look at my posts from then to see what else was going on!
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May I join?

I've been lurking on your thread since I was pregnant. It's the reason I joined Mothering, but I felt awkward coming so late to the party.

My DS was born Jan. 3, 2010. I enjoyed reading your posts and it's been reassuring to see your babes doing exactly the same things as mine.

My DS is rolling over, sleeping about 75% of the time in his crib, the rest next to me, and he is laughing, smiling and getting himself ready to crawl soon. He is putting everything he can in his mouth, including my knuckles. His gums feel hard, like I can feel all his teeth just underneath the surface. I keep waiting for that white bud, but haven't seen it yet. We're trying some food. I gave him applesauce and a banana through a mesh feeder and then was surprised when his poop was different. He is changing so much, it's incredible.

He's a good baby and I feel really blessed.

We started cloth diapering in April and even my husband enjoys that. He just said the other day that we should CD our next baby right from the start.

Great forum!
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Hiya everyone-

I've been lurking as well. Used to post in the DDC once in a while, but my little girl was born just shy of 42 weeks on Feb 7th. She just hit 4 months, so I enjoy reading what your babes are doing and experiencing.

My little girl started rolling front to back on her two month bday! Just this week she finally got from back to her side. Still not to tummy, but she hates being on her tummy so much. I've only gotten her to nap on her tumy twice her whole life. She just won't rest her head down, and when she tries, she puts her head face right into the floor. Like she can't figure out simply to turn her head. *shrug*

She is crazy about standing though. I think she'll be one of those babes who skip crawling.

Sleep... well, she'll get a decent stretch at the beginning of the night, but then every two hours thereafter she's up. And won't sleep past 6 am. As of two weeks ago, we have a twin mattress on the floor of the nursery. She used to be in the co-sleeper in our room, but got too big for it. Now I nurse her to sleep in the twin bed, move her to the crib when I go to bed, then back in the twin with me when she wakes. Daddy sleeps way too heavily and bed sharing with him just didn't work. I've woken to find his arm on top of her more than once.

She's still EBF and I've been getting a lot of solid food comments recently. We'll be waiting until she shows genuine interest in what we're eating before she'll get a bite.

I've also done some EC with her. It started out by just saying "poo poo!" when I heard her go. Now I know she goes when she wakes from naps and shortly after eating. So I take off her dipe and hold her over the potty. She starts grunting and usually goes. It's so cute to hear here grunting! I don't catch it all by any means and pee is still going in the dipes, but it's a start.
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