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Poor Andrew.

Go Margaret.
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Hi everyone!!

I haven't been posting much but have been keeping track of all of you. Melodie is doing well and will be 6 months tomorrow...time goes by so fast...She hasn't started eating yet, but has sucked on a few fruits.... She had her growth spurt the last 2 days and I think it is now over....thank goodness I'm soo tired. She is sleeping a bit better at night, meaning 2-3 wake-ups... During the day she still pretty much only sleeps 30 minutes at the time and on me on top of it.....

Everyone keeps telling me how tiny she is...She's around 13-14 lbs, but I know she is doing well. She has doubled her birth weight now so to everyone saying my baby is not getting enough milk...... I guess she is just like her mommy...tiny.

She's not crawling yet and won't be anytime soon...she's happy rolling around for now. She's sitting up pretty well even though I still have to be close by so she won't topple over.

Charlene good to know Margaret is doing well...what did you do for her to gain 1 lbs in a week?!

I haven't gotten my PP yet and not missing it one bit.. though hopefully I will start in the next 6 months because we would like to start trying again in january....

Anyway good to know everyone is doind well.
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Originally Posted by geo_girl View Post
happy update!

Margaret put on 1 pound, 8oz in one week!

Her bloodwork was good, and I'm so happy/relieved that our concerted effort has resulted in weightgain.


no PPAF here yet...and I don't care if I ever get it back. We are done having children, and I don't need the hassle of AF.

Margaret has two solid naps in a day, and it is lovely how it gives me a chance to spend time with Clara and Graeme, and/or get some stuff done around the house.

thank you for your support ladies,
Yay! Very happy for you...and go Margaret go!!
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Way to go, Margaret! How wonderful.

I get my IUD on Tuesday. I'm nervous but looking forward to no worrying about another oopsie. We like our fam as is!

We are thinking about making a big move next year back to our hometown where there is a less saturated job market and I'd have help from family. It's scary to think about but exciting in some ways, too.

Holly continues her super early mornings, :yawning.
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Yay Margaret!!! This is great news!
No AF here yet and with Sasha reverse cycling I'm nursing all the time when I'm home. I think I may be safe for a while (although I haven't gotten laid in months - boo)
I've now been sick for most of this month. A week with what turned out to be - hand foot mouth (I had it worse than Sasha) and now almost a full week with some kind of nasty cold with no end in sight. Sasha has a runny nose and a goopy eye but otherwise he's holding up ok. I wish I could say the same. blech. I' trying to stay in bed and not clean the house. The mess is driving me nuts though.
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I need to do something to boost my immune system. This is my 6th cold in as many months.
On the positive front - DH and I got official job offers from my company. I'm not used to getting a nice paycheck after being a student for so long. Very excited that we can start paying off our debt and eventually putting a little more $$ into the home improvement projects (we have so many!)

Lauren - good luck with the move. Sounds like a good idea.
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So my baby hasn't pooped since Monday... <--- that's me waiting, with protection, for the inevitable.
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Originally Posted by marinak1977 View Post
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I need to do something to boost my immune system. This is my 6th cold in as many months.
Thanks for the encouragement, Marina.

You might try a good probiotic for immunity. A friend of mine was getting sick every few weeks and started taking a probiotic and feels so much better.
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Lauren thank you for the recommendation! I've been wanting to get probiotics and your suggestion just pushed me over the edge. I really need something to help fight whatever ailments come my way.

What would happen to your school if you move? I haven't visited the PHD thread in a while, so I admit I may be behind on the info.

In the fun facts - Sasha has figured out mirrors, he first smiles at you in the mirror and then turns around and looks directly. It's fun!
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One more week before I go back to work.

I am alternately like this: and this .

And oh yeah I am spending my last week at home packing up and moving to a new country.


Calgon, Take me away!

She will be 7 months by the time I start teaching again. I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

I am so excited to get back in front of the classroom, but to be perfectly honest, albeit vain, I am nervous that the students will laugh at me behind my back for being so...FAT.

I know I will lose half the excess weight when I go back, but I really hate not liking my body.
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just a drive-by posting - we had f's 6 month well-baby visit last week and he continues to be off the charts - almost 23lbs and 30" tall. eek. our ped calmly said he is the average height for a 14 month old. he is meeting or exceeding all milestones except rolling over and we're not worrying about that due to his extremely juicy thighs.

his new thing is wanting to stand up and yesterday he was trying to pull up on the couch. sigh. maybe he will skip crawling altogether?

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I've noticed its been awhile...

Lets keep this thread alive Mamas!! Here is a recent picture of my little Rowie. My own mama made this cute little hat for him, I thought you all would love it! (I mean...who wouldn't? lol)

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^^^ New and improved (and shorter) thread is here:
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