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"Birth is very dangerous process...." sigh

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I'm a student at a university and there I take a developmental psych class. To my dismay, the class was extremely one-sided. But what boiled my blood the most was the lecture on birthing. Our young grad student teacher (who has never had kids--though I shouldn't talk) stood up in front of our auditorium classroom and extolled the dangers of childbirth. She explained in gory detail everything and anything that could go wrong. She ranted about epistiotomies (sp?) in such a way that made them sound like a necessary part of birth. She explained that "you don't want to tear, so the doctors cut you." : She laughed when all the girls in the classroom looked disgusted and whispered that they would never have babies. She praised epidurals up and down. And of course c-sections and how necessary they are. I waited patiently for her to talk about home births, unmedicated hospital births and the wonder and natural aspect of birthing that can make a woman feel liberated and proud of her body. I waited in vain.
Birth is a very dangerous process, she repeated over and over again. Sigh. :mad:

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Wow. I would complain to the head of the department. And whoever else you can think of. Because not only is she one-sided and biased, she's WRONG. And THAT is what is dangerous.
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Yikes! I want to wreite the department head, too! I was a grad asst. teacher while working on one of degrees and I knew a lot of newbies to teaching. It's such a major learning opportunity for them. Some don't even want to teach, but want free education. Others are just in it to feel superior. And a few want to into teaching.

I'd really write orcall the dept. head if I were you. They should knoew that this woman is presenting a biasss and inaccurate view point, using scare tactics to gain support her case. not presenting opposing viewpoints and really treading on extremely personal ground. Unless the class is called. "How to think like a scared woman in the hospital poewerlessly giving birth in fear" she had no right to breech the subject in such a manner. She owes your class an appology!

Sorry for typos...nursing & typing.
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Wow. How depressing. I was an English major, so maybe I seem a bit dim, but what does a lecture glorifying episiotomies, epidurals and c-sections have to do with developmental psych?
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I suppose the reason she took such a stance on birth is because she thought it was funny. It has become a joke to people that birth is painful, scary and that women need help. Look at how many movies, tv shows, etc. seem to make jokes out of it. Women now believe that birth is scary and painful.
Our teacher loved to get a laugh out of the students. And many people in the class did laugh at her birth horror stories, others were frightened by them and me, I was disgusted not with the stories but with the gall she had to present birth in such a manner. These are people who will be giving birth or having partners give birth within five or so years. What a wonderful foundation she gave them(dripping with sarcasm).
I would like to write the department about it but the lecture was way back when in February or so and I am sure that I would be made to feel that I was making something huge out of something trivial. :
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Heck, give me the name of the university and I'll write a letter.
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Thanks, ladies...

for the advice.
Class evaluations are coming up and I think I'll take this opportunity to bring it to the attention of both the professor and the department head.
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I think you have every reason to write now. You can say you wanted to wait untill the evaluations to make your case. You could also say that you wanted to wait untill grades were in. I don't think 3 months is much lag time between event & complaint. She was seriously out of line. College should not be about one sided rants or stand up comedy. : She needs to get a clue. I might go so far as to cc her, if you are sure you'll never have her in class again.
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Wow! What amazing bias! The things she has said are uninformed and dangerous... :mad: She obviously does not know any ladies who are comatose from Csection complications, or almost died from interference at birth.

I must say I am puzzled at why she felt that this was an appropriate topic for English class...?

I applaud you for the courage to express your distaste and disappointment for her inappropriate topic and uninformed behavior...

The Lord bless you!
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Thank you Hawleyclan
fwiw...it was for developmental psych class so the subject of birth was on topic however her information was biased and inaccurate.

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