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Hot Flushes

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I am into my second year of hot flushes as a result of menopause (I'm 49) and have really had enough. The doctors aren't able to offer any help because I'm a smoker and have Factor 5 blood clotting issues so HRT is not an option. I've tried many, many herbal medicines and vitamins and fish oil and flax oil etc etc but they cost a fortune and just don't stop the flushes. Doctors have also warned me against some of the chinese herbal ingredients the natural remedies include because they affect the liver and some other organs in a negative way. I'm not really interested in trying more and want this fixed finally surgically or medically, whatever it takes.
My question is - if I have my ovaries or my pituitary gland or something removed - will it STOP the hot flushes?? Looking on the internet it says that ovary removal will START menopause not stop it.
My doctors aren't really interested and don't see it as a big deal because I'm receiving treatment for cancer which is all they are interested in. Even before the cancer I just couldn't get any committment from them to solve what I see as a huge problem. They just said to wait between 1 and 5!!!!! years and it would stop naturally. Some days are worse than others and I can get between 5 and 30 of them. It feels like I have just had my head shoved into a furnace! I can't stand it any more.
Are there any successful surgical stories that ended the hot flushes for ever out there?? Thanks.
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Good Fairy, my sympathies are fully with you. I went through it for about 2-3 years. At first I tried hormones (premarin) but although it stopped the hot flashes-it brought on bleeding. I stopped it and tried exercise which did help a bit. I also noticed drinking alcohol brought them on so I didn't so drink. I stopped drinking hot drinks and that helped a little.
I heard black cohash helps although I never tried it. In the end I just waited them out and they did slow down and now I never get them.
Surgery does not help as you have no hormones whatsoever left in your body after removing your ovaries so of course that makes it worse and it's not that great for your health. After I stopped my periods comletely it got much better.
I guess cool showers and cold drinks. I'm so sorry I can't help much except to say they do end eventually and then you'll notice you are colder then normal in air-conditioning and cold weather. At least then you can just wear more layers.
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I don't know anything about hot flashes but I just wanted to say it's good to see you! I always think of you since you wrote about your cancer dx.
Well I have heard though, that acupuncture can help.
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