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Question for my mother

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First of all, thank you so much for you response to my question about my kids, it touched my heart so much and put things in perspective. I'm working on the things you mentioned and will have more questions about that later.

But I would like to ask a question for my mother. Right now she is in a place temporarily and is a bit anxious about the future. Can you tell me anything about where she might end up, with who, doing what?

Thank you!
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Things are really about to smooth out for your Mother. She will be finding housing. It feels like a tiny place, but it will be all her own. Not necessarily owning it, but I am not seeing roomates. I feel it will be the perfect fit for her. It doesn't feel like it's far from where she's at. So I do think it will be in the same town. I'm not seeing anybody as far as when you say "with who"
I'm also not seeing a "doing what" either. Only meaning that I'm not seeing a job if thats what you mean. So I don't know if she still has to work, but I see money flowing to her, but not her 'working' for the money per say. It feels more like just a check coming to her in the mail. Hopefully that makes sense to you or her.
The biggest thing I'm sensing is that things are really about to ease up for her. It's been rocky for a little while, but the energy surrounding her life is about to slow down and settle in for the better.
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