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This sounds almost exactly like me except I just turned 28 less than a month ago. My other two were born at those same exact ages!

Can I just say that it's really nice to see other mamas who are my age and have more than one kidlet. Around where I live lots of my friends and women in generally don't even have one yet. Sometimes I feel too young to have three kids!
The internet is great for that. I was newly married and 23 when I conceived my first, and you would have thought it was the scandal of the century because I was "so young." Most of my peers are not yet partnered, let alone having a child and here I am on number 3!
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27th on the 30th of this month.
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I'm 33, but will turn 34 shortly after this baby is born.
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I turned 26 5 days before DS was born. I just turned 27 in March, so I will still be 27 when I have DD.

Happy belated bday to all who have just had bdays, and happy early bday to all expecting bdays soon! Lots of tauruses in October DDC!
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I am 25 almost 26.
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I'm 35 and will be when this next one is born (by just a few weeks!).

I was 30 when I had DS.

Visiting the midwives, I feel like an old lady. Everyone in the waiting room is so young! But compared to our "couple friends" (most of whom are older), we're "babies." We were the first couple to have the first baby (at 30 and 33) and now we're the first to have a second (at 35 and 38). It's all relative, of course!
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I'm 32 and will possibly be 33 when my 2nd baby is born.
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24, birthday in December. I was 22 when my first was born (at home).

It's so nice to see a few other mothers my age here. Where I live it is almost unheard of to have your first child before 30. Most of the moms I know personally are a full decade older than me.
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