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4-Yr-Old Bed Wetting---Need Diaper Solution!!!

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Hello mamas~

I have a four year old son (who will be five in a few months) who is wetting the bed pretty bad. I know this can be normal, and I don't really care about having him not wet at night, but this is the thing. . . . while diapers were working for a while, they aren't now, and both the bed and me are getting soaked nearly EVERY night. I can't take it anymore! I can't deal with having to wash our sheets, blankets, mattress pad, waterproof mattress cover, etc EVERY DAY. It's driving me nuts!!! He is soaking everything. I also am having a hard time keeping it from soaking through to the mattress, even with using a waterproof mattress cover. I've tried two different kinds. It's frustrating and gross. My room smells like pee.

I am not willing to restrict his liquids before bed because I think being well-hydrated is important, and he would fight it, and I don't want that battle. So that's not a solution for us.

I am looking for a diaper solution, and I need your help!

Don't hate on me, but I've been using disposables, but obviously they aren't working. It seems like it depends on what angle he is laying in, and if his leg is cocked off to the side, it makes this gaping hole, and the pee just comes pouring out. It's like someone has dumped buckets of pee on the bed. Icky.

I am thinking I'd like to try a non-disposable diaper of some sort, but I don't know what's best.

Here is my question:
What do you recommend for a comfy nighttime diaper for a big boy (almost 5 years old and 47 pounds or so) that will honestly hold a good deal of liquid without leaking?

Is this an impossibility? I need some good advice!
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When my 5 year old was leaking overnight from her diapers, we started using pullups. She has really sensitive skin so many brands were not an option. Now we use Goodnights and they have done really well. They stay closed no matter what position she sleeps in, don't leak anywhere, and hold the large amount she pees at night without causing any skin issues.

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My son used Goodnights and Pullups but GN seemed to hold more than the Pullups.  A word of caution though; the boxer style did gape and leak when we tried those.  The briefs worked much better.  My son was wetting multiple times a night could soak throught the GNs. so I bought  some waterproof pads that went on top of the bottom sheet.  At night, you only have to change the pad instead of all the sheets, etc.

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i'm sorry i don't have a cloth diaper solution but Goodnights are the only thing that (usually) work with my heavy-wetting 6 year old. it's imperative that she go pee just before bed, and then i restrict at-night fluids to about 1/2-3/4cup water (which she often doesn't drink). she still sometimes soaks through but usually it's ok.

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Have you tried the Huggies overnights? My 5 yr old pees a lot most nights and one of those with a thick fleece cover over it works well. I can also stuff a pocket diaper with a ton of hemp and microfiber inserts but it is huge and hard to fit on since he's not a toddler.

Hope you find a solution.

Eta: just realized the OP is from April. Maybe it's better by now?
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Would the toddler size mother ease sandies work? They say up to 45 pounds. I know my nephew wore his for a long time. Maybe with a large wool cover. I think the Disana large go to about 40 plus pounds.

Good luck mama!

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Yeah, my son is closer to 55-58 (?) pounds now.  He had stopped wetting the bed for a while, so I took the diapers off of him, and then he started again and just wet all the way through his NEW MATTRESS the other night.  I was so bummed.  I guess I had washed the waterproof mattress pad so much that it was no longer waterproof.  SOOOOO bummed.


Any suggestions for keeping things from soaking through the bed?  What do you mamas do?

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Try putting incontinence pads over the sheet, then you only have to change that. These are the type of pad they use in hospitals. They are a large square, waterproof, the top is fabric so it feels fine.You buy them at medical supply stores, they are around 15$. I've washed mine over and over, some days everyday, for the last 5 years and still fine, still waterproof.

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