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Originally Posted by rainbow dancer View Post
I am 53 and no grays yet (lots of wrinkles, though!....)
I'm 53, too!
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A tall friend of mine noticed my first grey hair when I was 27 - I was horrified!!! Then, throughout my pregnancy at 31/32 - a few more appeared. I was equally not pleased. Then after the birth of DS, I was under an extremely high amount of stress for many reasons (beyond the "norm" of having a baby) and more appeared. It seems to have calmed down, now that I haven´t been so frazzled for a while. Of course, they are all close to the top of my head, near the part. I don´t dye, pull out or cut down. I can still just tuck them behind all my other hair (it´s thick and curly), but even when a couple stick out, I just can´t be bothered to get so uptight about it...but deep down, I still get a little bummed out they´re there (I´m 35 now), but I try to just forget about it most of the time.

I think it´s safe top say that most of it was stress-related and the saying is true about things that "give you gray hairs" - it was in my case, anyway. I´m hoping that´s it for a while and that if I become pregnant again, I won´t be so stressed out and get more.
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I'm 43 but as a blond, what few gray hairs I do have don't seem noticeable.
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I started getting some grey/white hairs when I was in my late teens.
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I'm 32 and I've found (and pulled) 8 white hairs.
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I got my first grey hair at 19. The past few years have been very stressful for me (having 2 preemies, husband being deployed, a divorce) and I have gotten a lot more grey hairs. Enough to be noticeable but I don't have huge grey patches yet or anything.
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Dh and I have good grey streaks and we are in our mid twenties. Both of our moms went grey early so we're not surprised.

I like my streak.
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DH is 32 and has a sprinkling of white hairs in his beard and on his head (and a few on his chest!), I'm 30 and I haven't found any yet. The women in my family tend to go from dark brown hair to white hair pretty quickly, though - usually around 45 or so. As long as DH is already gray/white by then I won't mind it and plan on doing my hair short and spikey and white - I think it'll look awesome! I'm happy that where we live it seems like most women go natural with their hair, so its not at all unusual to see women with gray hair. My husband has commented on how gracefully the people around here age, and I think a big part of it is just letting things happen naturally!
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first noticed a few grey hair during my third pregnancy (at 43) now I'm 46 .... and this morning suddently I noticed quite a few more grey hair ....
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I had a few through my 30's that I pretty much pulled as soon as I saw them. But this past year or two they have gotten more numerous and I can't pull them without creating bald spots! So I just let them grow. I have a bit of a streak near my face. I am 42.
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I had greys start sprouting in my late teens. I'm now almost 27, and I'd say a good 20 to 30% of my hair is grey. I have more grey hair than my two older brothers do combined. I used to color it, but since I cut my hair short, I see no point in coloring it.

It is odd, though, I don't have any greys in the hair surrounding my face....just mostly on my crown. It's not so much of a concern as the thinning and losing my hair is....
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I found my first white hair when I was 14. I'm 41 now, and have about 1/3 white hair, including a streak that hangs in front of my ear on one side. That looks kind of cool but I'm not as thrilled with the rest.

Two of my co-workers have snow-white hair-- one's in her mid-50's, and the other's about 5 years older.
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My first one showed up when I was about 29 or 30. Slowly it's been emerging. I hate it! I've been coloring it with the non permanent OTC stuff. It's been fine up until now. My hair cutter said that the rest of my hair is much darker on the ends (even though I don't put color on that) b/c the grey has finally become too resistant! I am so depressed.

I dread grey, dread coloring it, and can't afford to have it done professionally.

Kudos to you all who aren't as vain as I am!
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Right after ds was born i got a few (at 23) and now have a bunch in the under layers of my hair. My hair is REALLLY thick so although I have a bunch they aren't really too noticable.
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Premature here. I've had grey since about 24 or so. Now at 33 it gets really bad and yes I dye it.
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i'm in my mid thirties and have salt n pepper hair now- still more pepper, but the past almost year has definately given me more. i always thought it was a myth that stress goives gey. now i say it seems to be true.
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I found the first ones in my mid thirties, I'm now 45 and they're quite noticeable but I am still mostly brown. Have never had any inclination to dye or highlight or otherwise change my hair color - even in my teens. So I never have.
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I'm 26 and don't have any on my head. I have found a few grey pubic hairs though-- eek!
My husband is 30 and has a few greys.
My best friend is 33 and is almost totally grey. He started getting them in his teens
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Originally Posted by KiwiZ View Post
Some "go grey" prematurely, some quite late in life and I'm guessing some never at all? Personally, I think most people seem to start somewhere around their 40s and was curious about your experience. I turn 44 this summer and have a few greys sprouting up, I kind of like them and have no plans to cover them up. One of my friends insists that I highlight my hair, that there is no way I can be mid-fourties and not have more grey. I told I didn't highlight it, but she didn't believe me LOL

How about you?

I don't know because I keep my hair colored so I don't HAVE to know.....or maybe 'cause I don't WANT to know???? Actually, I think it's because I am afraid to know
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Ironically, I found my first one last night I will be 32 in June. It was hard to tell at first because my hair is like a mousy brown, but yep, it is grey!

I have no clue whether I will color it or not. I prefer unusual hair colors anyway, pink, purple, etc. However, while I am living with my parents I can't color my hair anything unnatural. So perhaps I will do a blond highlight or something to cover it.
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