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Putting my boys in the same bed?

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I searched a bit and didn't see a thread about this, if it's a repeat I apologize..

I have a 4 year old who sleeps in his own bed, own room (coslept with us til he was about a year and a half then off and on til probably 2 and a half, now has no problem sleeping by himself)

I also have an 8 month old who cosleeps with us and I figure will continue to until around a year or so as with DS1. So I'm planning ahead here, but that's what moms do, right?

I'm just thinking that instead of trying to cram a crib in to their room, which is already pretty filled up with bookcase and toy bin and changing table and toddler bed, would it not make sense to put maybe a full size bed in there and let them share a bed? Am I asking for trouble here? I just think it might be cozy for them, and make for an easier transition for DS2. I know it wouldn't last forever before DS1 wants his own space, I figure for the time being it could work...

Would love any input from you all, thanks!
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We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old.
4 year old has a queen in his room, 1 year old sleeps with us in our king.
Around 18 or 24 months I want to see if they will sleep together.
As long as he's not waking to nurse all through the night, I think it might work.
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My 2 girls are 4 and 7. They have always shared a full size bed, just like you're planning. Well, since they left our bed anyway. The oldest was in her own bed for a bit before the youngest was born, but as soon as we had a baby in bed with us she wanted in on the fun too. So then they both slept with us for a couple years. They still come in when often for snuggles, but for the most part they snuggle together. A lot of times they will play together in their room before they go to sleep and they choose to sleep together. The youngest has just started sleeping alone sometimes in a play tent in their room because she made it into her "house".

I think they are better friends because of all those late night snuggle parties. I'm sure they also keep each other up later sometimes, but hearing the belly laughing coming from their room is a good trade off.
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oh my gosh dawncayden I'm rotfl at the emoticon in your sig - that captures our kiddos exactly!!!

thank you both for your input, glad to hear this isnt a wacky idea - I wished I had a brother or sister to cuddle - or wrestle - with when I was little so it sunded like a fine idea to me too.
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I planned to do this but my kids (who are great friends) just will not behave when they are in the same bed. They roll around, talk, poke at each other... so dd (2 years old) has her own twin bed and ds (4 years old) sleeps in the full.
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My girls shared a queen when they were 3 and 5...for 2.5 years.
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