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Anyone else getting hit with the urgers to nest? Nesting has never been a sign of impending labor for me, i always nest around 20 weeks and have everything done and complete by 30 weeks. I attribute it to my type A personality. But this time we've neither had the space nor money and i've been pushing it down.

Until yesterday. And i am paying for it. We have to move our kids (much to my sadness) into their own room for the first time due to severe limited space. So yesterday I tackled it and took apart their playroom. DH brought the beds out of storage and we completely set up a room for the girls. It turned out nicely, if i do say so myself. But oh wow am i sore. Moving furniture is definately not on the list of SPD things to do. Plus i have a UTI so i'm suppose to be taking it easy. But these urges are making me feel that if i don't get EVERYTHING done in the next week i'll lose my mind.

Today's list is to wash all the baby stuff. Put everything in the dresser we have decided will house all the baby stuff. Set aside all the onesies i plan on dying for next week. And try to box up remaining stuff for storage. Then hopefully after drill tomorrow dh will be able to take the large items to storage.

What about you ladies? What has your nesting been helping you accomplish?
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I made dh take the week off of work to finish our kitchen remodel and 2 bathroom remodels! They've been done for a while except for the tiny things like curtains, trim painted, lights installed, etc.

We also finally got the room painted (they will share once DD is ready for a toddler bed--until then he'll sleep with us). Today I'm washing newborn cloth diapers and planning my freezer meals. I am totally with you on wanting to get stuff done!
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I have all kinds of nesting urges, but I move so slowly and my feet get tired so quick with this extra weight, I feel like I'm not getting much done. Yesterday I vacuumed & mopped our big kitchen floor, finished shredding all the junk mail and stuff, made chicken soup, and almost shaved my legs. This morning I used gift cards to order a few things from my registry, and loaded the dishwasher. Our whole house is so out of order, but slowly I'm trying to rearrange things and get our picture frames up on the wall. That I need help with, and DH is pretty focused on his own projects, not to mention finals next week in honors physics, so some days it's hard to make headway. But he's made it clear I can count on him once school is out. I just can't stand waiting! I really want our house to look like a HOME when we bring Karina home from the hospital. Esp knowing that DH is going to want to take pics with his fancy camera. I have a lot of sewing on diapers to do, too.

It's 3:30pm now, and I feel like I'm just getting started with my day.
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I've definitely had the nesting urge for awhile, but with so many projects - I need the motivation!! LOL I am pretty much ready for baby (since that is the best part! lolol) but I need to finish the other rooms. Dd 22 months will have the room next to ours although she is still cosleeping much of the time...and the other girls' two rooms are changing beds and furniture around plus tons of clothes to go through and clean up. My library still isn't unpacked from when we moved in the fall, and we haven't hung all of our pictures yet, etc etc.!
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sounds like a few of us are nesting! Blessing - What color will you be painting? I love painting, its sooooo soothing to me. Even cutting in edges i enjoy lol.

Banana- it's definitely hard when you have all the extra weight and a belly! I keep bumping into things and getting frustrated lol!

Cindy- Sounds like you have a few projects! That would overwhelm me, as i hate not being able to do things in one go! Plus you have 4 underfoot!

That's honestly my hardest battle right now. We are still homeschooling as 'school' isnt over until June 17th and i feel caught between needing hour chunks of time to commit to getting everything done and getting the girls lessons for the day done. Today was a learning day about laundry and folding and colors lol. Then i let them watch a movie as a treat so i could seperate items and start putting them away. Tomorrow i was looking forward to dh being here to wrangle the girls, but he has his drill all weekend. I got everything done except boxing up the stuff for storage. I hate that feeling of having things left to do!

So for tomorrow i will clean, box stuff up for storage, catch up the girls on a few lessons that we've been slacking on for school and go through all my dye stuff! I am REALLY looking forward to dyeing these onesies. AND we are doing a tie dye co-op on monday for our homeschool group. I CANT wait!
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Oh, I'm going through nesting bigtime. The problem is that I start a project, and then another gets started for me.

We had to get our dining room/laundry room/entry area drywalled a couple weeks ago, so everything got moved out of there. Now we're working on getting paint colors figured out and actually getting it painted so we can move things back in and organize. I also need to either convince my dh to tackle the plumbing for the washer or hire someone to do it with the money we don't have. Right now our washer is in the basement and the dryer is on the 1st floor in the laundry room. Long story. We have the white primer/paint for the ceiling, but I'm not sure I can start it on my own and dh works all weekend.

We bought all new towels and decoration stuff for the bathroom, which prompted psycho nesting take everything out of every drawer and reorganize it all. That's today's project. Moving much slower, since...well, I'm moving much slower.

I swear I haven't even thought about setting up any area for the baby. We are going to put the bassinet and baby's clothes in our walk-in closet, but that's currently completely trashed. I need to move my shoes to an under-the-bed thing that I haven't bought yet. Then rearrange. It's just about time that I can start going through my clothes and getting the maternity stuff that I know I won't wear again ready to sell. I'm in MAJOR purge mode.

*sigh* So much to do.
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nesting has hit over here too, and I'm glad because my baby shower is at my house tomorrow and I NEED to get it clean!!
I agree though, it's been hard with the big belly in the way and just being tired and uncomfortable, I'm also getting contractions a ton this time around, especially when I'm doing stuff like sweeping (which feels like I need to do it everyday....) and that sucks. I have some big projects I'm itching to get done too that I just can't do alone but I feel like a nag always bugging DH to help me clean stuff that he could care less about. One thing that cracks me up is the need to clean the grout in the bathroom. I did this with my last pregnancy too, and last night I woke up at 1am thinking "I should clean that right now..." I made myself go back to sleep instead but I'm still eyeing the grout cleaner and brush under the sink (that I bought when I was about this pregnant with DD2 and haven't used since )
The baby doesn't have a room or any stuff really, but I did put away all the baby clothes and baby blankets in drawers in the girls' room, and I'm getting a bouncer handed down from a friend at my shower tomorrow so I'll be cleaning that up and putting it in my living room next week (and then yelling at my kids to leave it alone for the next 4 weeks plus after that....).
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you ladies make me feel sane!

I think dh is a little concerned though. I texted him asking him how to remove the doors to the closet and he texted me back asking WHY in the world i want to do that and to leave them alone. But i figured it out, ha ha! And i moved the dresser that was cluttering up our room, into the hall closet. Out of sight! I have a think with clutter, can't stand it and i like lots of open spaces. Vital with a tiny apartment.

And i got the entertainment center out of the living room (hoping to put the tv on the wall) and into our room. So i feel a bit better. But i still have loads left to do.

I also get annoyed by having to start and stop lol. Plus i don't have as much energy so i'm burning out after only a few hours! I told dh that i am relieved we have at least 4 weeks, though mentally it's driving me nuts not to have everything done in a day!
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You already know MY answer - LMAO!

Your putting the dresser in a hall closet was SMART. I wish our hall closets were bigger as I'd do the same thing. I actually put our armoire from our bedroom into the office closet a few months back.

You'd better be careful, J. Goodness, moving that big stuff. Oi. Makes MY back hurt. Heck, just pushing the vacuum cleaner yesterday made me want to lay on the floor and not get up for four hours. :/

I need to clean off a shelf in one of our closets in the hall and rearrange it a bit. I need room IN the house for my pumping stuff (it's in the garage but I hate having to go out there to get whatever I need). We have limited room in the kitchen, so I need somewhere to keep my extra bags, bottles, etc. DH is going to have a mild stroke when he sees what I'm doing to the closet. Oh well!

I need to go look at my list to see what I have left to do. I have a TON of stuff to drop off at Goodwill (TODAY!) already in my van. Yay for that!
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Well I wouldnt go so far as to say I am nesting per se' But I got A LOT done today! I went grocery shopping this morning, came home cleaned the entire house since I spent the better part of last week laying on the couch and the place was resembeling a disaster zone. I even got all the kids school papers recycled so they would stop cluttering up my hutch. Got all the laundry done and am now working..I feel so productive today!
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I'm done! Got the apartment completed, stuff taken to storage, baby onesies dyed and homebirth visit done! I feel like i can breath now. The only major things left are i need to buy a breastpump, but i'm not stressing about that. Yay!!!!
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Wow mamas you all are on the move! I have been thinking about what needs to be done and all the little things that are bothering me like kids prints on walls! Once I going though I won't stop until it is perfect. lol I need to hit the kids room it looks like a bomb went off in there. Deep clean bathroom wash walls and floors then I will feel a ton better. My blessing is at my house next Saturday so I have a week to bust it out. I am so much better under pressure!
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I've been on a nesting rampage! In addition to all the usual deep cleaning and other things I posted here: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...061&highlight=, I've been doing much more around the house...

A couple weeks ago we found a leak in the bathroom - that turning into an opportunity to renovate! After fixing the plumbing and repairing the wall, we installed waincoating and a new vanity/sink. I still have to paint, but that's been backburnered for a number of other projects . Will get photos up when possible.

I built DS2's crib in DS2s room and put out a few "baby" decor items to finish off the boys room. I purchased a wooden cradle on craigslist for our bedroom. Now sleeping arrangements are all taken care of.

We went to Ikea for storage shelving and baskets so that I could revamp our "reading nook" in the living room into a full-fledged play area for the boys. Got out the baby toys and put them in the boys room and playroom. In fact, DS1 is playing with some of them right now . Reorganized all of the games and crafting supplies - moving them to the play area. This allowed me to remove a bookcase from the dining room and move it up to the office so I had a place for the book that I needed to bring home from my office on campus. I vacated my campus office this week, because my contract is up in a couple days.

I totally gutted the closet in my office - which holds all the office supplies, as well as crafting and hobby stuff for DH and I. The closet was out of control, I couldn't find anything. But now everything is rearranged and neat again!

In the basement, I continue to purge and rearrange. I took several boxes of stuff to goodwill this week and more a few weeks ago. I've emptied 4 large storage boxes! I moved all the storage boxes to another area of the basement in preparation for making a workout area for the family. DH wants to buy a tread mill and I am getting an exercise bike from a family member. We also want to get a small trampoline for DS1 - he has SPD and jumping is good therapy for him. I already purchased a hanging swing chair to install for him down there too.

My next project is to go through the file cabinets in my office and basement. I want to clean them out and consolidate down to one cabinet if possible. I'm sure I will have a huge stack of paper to recycle after that project.

I've even extended my nesting energies to my mother's house. She is trying to get it ready to sell and has 30+ years of stuff to get rid of. We drove down last weekend and with a lot of help from other family members and my in-laws, we took 2 trailers full of trash to the dump and 2 van-loads of things to goodwill! We made a lot of progress towards getting her ready to sell the place.
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