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Doula near Williamsport, PA?

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I've searched online and I can't find any doulas in our area! I'll admit, I'm a little surprised. Does anyone have any recs?
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There were a couple doulas down that way, but neither are practicing. You could poll Tristate Doulas via the e-group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tristate_doula_connection, there might be someone within an hour or so, or go to www.dona.org and email them and ask for a list of doulas in training in your area (if they aren't certified, they aren't yet on the main page). Also, ask at your OB or MW office, to see if they know of anyone, or even on the L&D unit of your hospital. michelle
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Thanks all! Amanda, I'm working on contacting that list you gave me to see if I can find a doula in training. I'll check that link as well.
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*that* was the list I was looking for and couldn't find
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