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i started spotting just a bit ago. i can't believe it. this would be #3 in a row.

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mamaofthree- I'm so sorry.
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oh mama
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I'm around, just trying to spend more time in "life" and get homeschooling stuff figured out and some big family/discipline issues. A bit overwhelmed.

I have read but there's so much I've missed, so and
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mamaofthree Hoping this is *not* what you are fearing.

Hi, Autumn, kittywitty !

I've been piddling around online all morning and need to get out in the garden. Wanted to say Hi and wish you all a good day!
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I'm sending sticky vibes momofthree. *hugs*
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Mamaofthree- Hoping it's benign spotting (I had spotting throughout my pregnancy.)
You are in my thoughts.
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mamaofthree, fingers crossed for the best!

thanks for all the thoughts, lovelies.
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She said she found grace in the renovations. I'm laughing so hard I might wet myself considering how far from grace I feel at the moment. Ah well... it looks like a neat read! Actually, when we were rehabbing the State St house (1915 Craftsman that was dorked with by Bloody Stupid over the years, then was a real live on the police route drug house before we bought it) I found a series of mystery books where the heroine was rehabbing her old house... I forget the name of the series but it was set in tippy top northern Maine and the mysteries hinged on knowledge of home repair and DIY techniques.

MamaofThree- big hugs. Drink something, put your feet up, and find the "when the bleeding was ok" thread over in Birth and Beyond. I'm sorry you have this stress and fear. Hang in there.

I've been feeling a bit down these past few days. It may be the whole sleep deprivation thing, but there's also been some random social stuff that isn't the end of the world or even very serious but it's just sort of made me feel misunderstood. Bleh. I hope Tor moves past this super cling phase and starts sleeping again, and I hope I can find my way back into a cheerful mood.

Actually, I realized something a bit wacky. I put a lot of stuff on my TM about being happy. "I AM HAPPY" is actually the quote right at the center of the map! And I think about this a lot... so today I realized that while I "want" to be happy, I'm also leery of happiness. It's like, I feel as if I'm not getting a lot of attention or support in the day to day life stuff. So I'm depressed or down and this gets noticed and then people offer to help out or offer a hug or something like that. But if I'm happy, what then? Will I lose the little support I do have because people assume I'm ok with the situation?

It's a bit hard to describe the train of thought, and it does seem pretty ridiculous in writing. I wish I had a way of telling people that I may be happy in myself but not happy with the situation I find myself in... so that I'd still have support for the situation despite not being on the verge of collapse. Anyway, I find this getting in the way of following happiness. I tell myself "I am happy" but I add a disclaimer of sorts that undercuts my intention.

Deep thoughts for a slightly depressing weekend!
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I've been in a sour mood, though a lot of great things have happened for us here at home. My best friend decided to take me baby shopping. It was great because while at the store, I was speaking to two moms who started nursing their babies. Several people stared, but we just kept talking LOL! They asked me about my first two and and if I scheduled nurse. I told them that I nursed on demand and they were shocked, but asked if I enjoyed it and I said yes!

After that, we walked around (consignment shop) and I found something that I could not resist. An old fashioned (1950s) wooden high chair. And then we got a Graco carseat with base. Here they are.


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Wow! That is the same high chair I had as a babe! It was also my mother's

What a cool find!
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Remember me??

I disappeared again and am so sorry. I'm back now, living with my DBF and working PT now because my hours got cut.

Hopefully with only working 3 days a week, I can actually participate now.
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Originally Posted by Aeress View Post
Morning! Having coffee and planning our day.
What a coincidence.. I'm doing the same thing Ok.. so it's 10hrs later or more heheh

Originally Posted by femme_rouge View Post
Cari- so good to "see" you. Sorry you're having a rough time with energy. I hope it all gets sorted out quick. It must be rough especially doing all the things you do.
Good to be seen

Originally Posted by mamaofthree View Post
i started spotting just a bit ago. i can't believe it. this would be #3 in a row.

Keep positive if you can mama... I had major spotting with both lucas & connor. Thinking good thoughts for you

Originally Posted by BellaLuna Rayne View Post

Remember me??
Welcome back

My thrilling news for the day? The real estate agent (inspection yesterday) said go ahead and put in my raised garden beds, not to bother putting a request in to the owner Sooo I spent a lot of yesterday planning where it's going and what's going in it! I'm only doing a 4ft sq one right now.. but hope to put another one in next month

My just as good news for the day? DH took all 3 boys to mum's for their swim lessons... I'm home all alone till after lunch! I've got the beginnings of asian chicken & sweetcorn soup on the stove and going to tackle a couple of small projects. But mainly, I'm just going to bask in the time alone
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just a quick update... spotting stopped. i probably won't worry about it, if i hadn't had two miscarriages in a row a few months ago. i didn't have cramping at all, i felt just as massively nauseated as before, which i know is a good sign. i just want to get past the next few weeks then i won't worry so much.

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*fingers crossed* that it's "nothing" spotting! It's so common but it's super scary!
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Heyla Bella!
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Mamaofthree- How are you feeling? Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

Skipped church today, so I can clean my kitchen and get more yard work done.

I am feeling witchy as I tend my herbs, plant and garden.
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Clay- I totally hear what you are saying. Though, isn't that what we pride ourselves on as a people? We come and help and be a good friend to a friend in need and then silently fade away as soon as the person is well. Maybe that is why I like being at MDC, because we support each other in all ways, in all settings. We revel in each others joy and cry in our sadness.
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Thanks. DH and I had a good talk/cry about this last night. No resolutions or brilliant solutions, but it's out in the open and we can poke at it till we figure it out. I feel like I need to pull out my Dalai Lama and Tich Nach Hahn books again since they seem to have a handle on this dichotomy.

I'm going to the grand re-opening of Jillian's Drawers and I can't wait! They moved to a bigger shop and today they'll have kiddie yoga and face painting and live music and door prizes. Yay! Their old shop space was, long ago, the only "new age" store in town... I remember shpping there when I'd just begun exploring religions. And then when I started my motherhood adventure the store transformed into a gentle parenting shop. I really can't wait to see what moves in next since this shop seems to grow along with me.

DH has been building the retaining wall and it's going sllllllloooooowllllllly. I've been painting, cleaning, decluttering, and last night I planted another cherry tree and 9 bush cherry plants. The two climbing roses will be planted today... we need to clear the space and build a box.
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Hi, I'm new to the group but I just wanted to say hello!

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