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May Queer Conceptions 2010

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Lets make those babies!

Waiting to O :

* seraf
* FiveGrandBaby
* kkearney1982 (Wednesday, May 18)
* lauren726
* MaxK
* j_on_planet
* sarahcecile
* AmyPDX
* Miss Scarlet
* Tigerlily1
* giggleblue & DP

Marinating :

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW :

* escher12
* Coco & DP
* chiquitayy
* AmandaMom

Waiting for AF :

* AmandaHope
* LibraryLady

Waiting to Cycle:

Working on IVF :

* Shadow22 with DP's eggs

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready :

* Newbian Mama
* painfaria
* wehrli
* Astro & DP Fozziebear
* katherinerose
* SPCD & Dp
* bttrflygypsy
* Hoping2bMoms
* Beastie - Trying again in June
* Joyseattle
* Cejae (gettin' ready for IVF in the spring!)
* 2HappyMamas (IVF w/ DW's eggs) in July
* Milletpuff (taking a break until the late spring)
* MujerMamaMismo – TTC #2 in May

:2010 Graduates!

May BFPs

[Your name here with a little luck!]

* burg
* korey February 1, 2011

April BFPs

* calimeow
* mtnlisa - 12-9-10
* kimlyn - 12-12-10

February BFPs

* Mistral - 10-17-10
* Quasar + smartycat - 10-26-10
* Monarchgrrl - 10-31-10
* erthe_mama & DP - 11-04-10

January BFPs

* lyndzies - 10-4-10
* FtMpapa 10-10-10

:2009 Graduates!

December BFPs

* osker
* megan sacha
* mkpgoddess

November BFPs October BFPs

* JJNoho
* Mommies 2 Be
* megincl & ktcl

September BFPs

* elismum1908
* KSDoulaMama
* pleasantlyfurious

August BFPs

* chicagoml
* wishin'&hopin'

July BFPs

* hbog
* kimlyn32

May BFPs

* indigoscot's dp

April BFPs

* Kelmendi
* whoabethy
* carmen

March BFPs

* scalpel
* katwomyn4

February BFP

* deny_zoo29

January BFP

* jodybird511

:2008 Graduates!

December BFPs

* DM630
* raene
* wazzmum

October BFPs

* JennM1021
* lexbeach's DP

September BFP

* Ellie74

August BFPs

* heart-n-bones
* Love My Family

July BFPs

* giggleblue
* pranava
* MamaCaveBear
* quasar (and DP smartycat)

June BFPs

* starling&diesel
* PiGirl
* Erica12009

April BFPs

* tigermiep
* MujerMamaMismo
* tiggerkong22
* simcon
* 2happymamas

March BFPs

* JenInMpls
* mahrens77

January BFP

* cookie70

:2007 Graduates!

December BFP

* Scalpel

November BFPs

* mamimapster
* AngelaM
* solejean
* lmh222
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seraf - Thanks for the beautiful new thread! I hope it brings you much thread-keeper's luck!

burg - So sorry about AF and her BFF.

AFM, 2dpo and feeling fine. I'm still spotting a tiny bit from Thursday's trauma, but I'm not surprised. It looks like I ovulated on the right day, so that's good. This is way easier than waiting to O. Which reminds me, what happened to our song? Ahhh, here it is:

I spend my whole life just waiting to O
Never knowing how far I will go
Those darn little sticks at which I now stare
Often make me want to tear out my hair
Scanning the TP for any CM in sight
Is it creamy? Is it watery? Is it eggwhite?

Now who's got the next verse?

For the rest of you redheads out there, watch this. I'm sure it's something we can all relate to.
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Well, hopefully someone else gets some luck, my next try should be mid June.
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post
Well, hopefully someone else gets some luck, my next try should be mid June.
Oh, I'm sorry, Seraf. You are trying every other month, I take it? Thanks for being threadkeeper even though you aren't trying this next cycle. s
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Originally Posted by AmandaMom View Post
For the rest of you redheads out there, watch this. I'm sure it's something we can all relate to.
OMG, that's awesome...we should take a poll, how many times have you been asked about the matching drapes?! Of course, my bff gets that too, and she's a blonde (and it's a "no" there, lol, she's closer to a brunette in real life), but I think that went around high school like wild fire.

But I did get the fiery temper...I think that's mostly the Irish, though.

Thanks for starting a new thread! seraf: sorry about your BFN

AFU: one of the guys got back to me this morning, and he wants to talk about donating! He's absolutely adorable and was probably my first choice out of the 3 of them, so that's great! Not to mention he is the closest, physically, to my wife--he's tall, fairly lanky, and has beautiful dark brown hair and eyes. True, we were hoping for a redheaded baby, but at this point, I don't much care! I'm not sure if he wants to try for this month, but it sounds like he might. Insems may start as early as Monday or Tuesday, depending on when my RE wants me to trigger.
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Can you move me to 2WW?

AmandaHope- That is disappointing about Maia but I would have guessed it. That was how long I had to wait when I went to see my RE. At least if you have Brill's book you can follow the sage advice they will most likely give. I recently stopped acupuncture and taking all my herbs b/c I was having a longer period. At least you have a good midwife already to help you through the rough spots.

Seraf- Thank you so much for taking over the thread. June is a wonderful month. May this next month and a half bring wonderful baby-making vibes to your house.

AFU: We did an IUI at midnight and at 7am this morning. fx Here's to the braving the two week wait!
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Burg : Sorry about AF and the cramps ... I like your attitude tho !!!

MaxK and AmandaMom.... best of luck for a fast-going and joy-ending TWW !

Escher, did you notice how similar our charts are ?? I just overlapped them and it is almost the same... except that you are one day ahead of us.

As for us... 7DPO and nothing to report... except that DP has been having quite a bad temper LOL and that I know that that can be a sign... but I wont be telling her that !

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Coco- funny thing is DP said yesterday that my crankiness was a sign that I was ovulating. I didn't take it personally though.
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Originally Posted by maxK View Post
Coco- funny thing is DP said yesterday that my crankiness was a sign that I was ovulating. I didn't take it personally though.
One of our male friends said last week that he can always tell way before testing that his GF is pregnant... by her bad mood !

She's off the hook THIS TIME lol.
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Coco: how many times has this girlfriend been pregnant that he can recognize the "signs"?

AFU: Holy KD drama. More than that, holy "not sure if we have any sperm" drama! Our Ohio KD has not gotten back to me on his testing, so even if I did have time next week to drive all the way out there, by myself, I couldn't be sure he's clean, which makes it a nogo. Two of the KDs here have said they definitely want to consider it, but obviously need more time than this cycle would allow. I could buy more sperm from NECC, but our poor doggie just had back surgery and that's a HUGE bill that needs to be paid. If this had all fallen apart at the beginning of the cycle, I'd say "whatever" and skip this month, but this is the first time I'm responding well to the meds, and I've already spent a ton of $ on the meds I've injected...Or I could do IVF, but I've only got 2 follies, and my insurance limits the number of IVFs I can do, so we didn't want to do IVF unless I had more than 2 eggs. I'm starting to feel like we can never have a decent cycle--either the doctors screw me up (IVF#1), the meds screw me up (IVF#2), or I run out of man juice (this cycle). 49% of the population has this stuff, why is it so damn hard to get?!

Pardon the rant, but any advice?
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Originally Posted by kkearney1982 View Post
Coco: how many times has this girlfriend been pregnant that he can recognize the "signs"?

She has been pregnant 4 times in the last 3 years so he does have real experience with her being pregnant !

I'm sorry your cycle is complicated by the man-juice issue... I dont know what to suggest..... it sucks that ultimately, $$$ is a huge barrier for many of us in our TTC...

Hope that one of the "thinking about it" KD's come around !

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Hey Ladies! Thanks for the new thread, and much threadkeeper's luck! I'm afraid I'll miss someone if i try and reply to the busy posters of our excellent forum, so I'll wish love and luck to all! We've got so many in the 2ww right now! It's so hard girls, so be strong!! I'm eager to hear exciting syptoms and success stories. Yay for Aquarian babies! Love to the negatives we've had. Come with me into the future~ it'll be our turn soon, I'm sure.

AFU~ I'm not sure about the hsg test, but if this cycle doesn't work out, I'm going to at least find out how much it costs. My insurance covers infertility diagnosis but not treatment, so there's a possibility of the test being covered. I'll find out, but maybe I won't have to! I hope not. I'm a bit apprehensive of the wait, but I'm determined, and now even more age-conscious. No time to waste!

My DP is at a conference in Denver, so I'm having a bachelor weekend. Having a beer and watching cheesy movies. Excellent! Love and a wonderful weekend to you all xo
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Originally Posted by kkearney1982 View Post
Pardon the rant, but any advice?
Since you asked, I'd buy some frozen sperm. Do you have to get it from NECC? Could you do the paperwork fast and get it from Midwest Sperm Bank? I understand that they are cheaper...but you probably don't have time, even with overnight shipping. Yeah...I'd pull out the credit card, swallow hard, and buy it from NECC. You've already invested so much in the meds, and you have promising results! It would be a real shame to miss this opportunity, and rushing into a KD relationship could cause very serious problems down the road. With frozen, you might not have your ideal (a KD), but you and your family will be safe. Although we are also using a KD, I sometimes wonder whether it is worth all the trouble. I go back and forth. Ultimately, what matters is getting you pregnant while you still can and while you are responding to the meds, right? So you get your baby! That's my 2 cents.
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burg - Sorry about AF. Bring on the Age of Aquarius

AmandaMom - Thanks for reviving our song! I once participated in writing a story like that and it was so much fun and very interesting.

kkearney1982 - My advice would be to ask the vet for a payment plan. Of course, all offices are different but the ones I worked at were happy to set up a plan.

Coco99 - I just learned that moodiness/irritability/grumpiness can be a sign. Who knew? Hopefully you can take it in stride, and run when you need to

maxK - Woot! Congrats on your insems and welcome to the 2ww!

LibraryLady - Sounds like a good weekend to me!
It seems like you have a good, solid plan which hopefully won't be necessary.

AFM - Had a great long lunch with a fellow Queer TTCer (and graduate), Monarchgrrl, who is freaking awesome! I'm 4dpo and experiencing something but I don't want to call them signs... Tender breasts, laser cat nipples (yes, I'm coining that term!), fatigue, and one bout of irritability. Who knows though? My test date is Tuesday May 12 but I usually get AF around the weekend so I'll wait until the Sunday the 16th to test... or maybe the 31st
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Check out my new avatar. I found it on Flickr.
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8 DPO and temp rising some more.....

Hey everyone !

Newbian Mama : Those sound like great signs... I mean, they point in the right direction ! Thats a cool avatar, took me a few seconds to get it tho !

kkearney1982 : I agree with AmandaHope on the frozen sperm issue....... everything else just looks so great... but like I said in my other post, it really sucks that $$ is an issue... and it is for most of us....

LibraryLady : I know the hsg seems invasive and everything.... but if this month doesnt work out, I'd do it. If your tubes are clear, it will give you increased chances for the next few months... and if they are blocked, then you wont be wasting all that time, money and hope... and will be able to figure out a new plan. Either way... you are better off knowing. And I talk from experience : my tubes are blocked and I didnt want to do it but my doc convinced me...

As for us... Well, a bit more hope this morning, temp rose some more at 8 DPO... but really, how significant can that be..... its hard not to hope and hoping at the same time...
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coco, i saw that your DPs temp went up again this morning... wow, that's promising!! FX for you and yours.

newbian, i hope, hope, hope that your symptoms are signs of good things to come!!!

library, enjoy your "me time"!! sounds lovely... hope you had a great weekend

kearney, i'd order a vial from your bank (or another that's cheaper, if you can, but i'm pretty sure you wanted donor release and midwest is not). beg, borrow or steal!! seriously, you put all this time, effort and $$$$ into it... don't let it go to waste if you don't have to!! WISHING YOU THE BEST OF LUCK figuring this out!!!!

max, FX that your timing was perfect and you will have a rainbow at the end of the 2WW!

sera, thanks for the new thread and thank you even more for taking it even though you are taking a break this month! may i ask why?

afm, we had a great time in our capitol city yesterday... the conference was great! very informative... a lawyer that specializes in LGBT familys (adoption, 2nd parent adoption, KD contracts, etc) gave a seminar on what she does... it was great to hear some of the things her company does to get around WI laws... currently WI doesn't allow 2nd parent adoption (gay or straight, unless you are married), but she says that they have been successful in getting around that by having the bio-mom terminate parental rights and then both moms can turn around and adopt the baby together. it's crazy that the law allows us to adopt as a couple but doesn't allow the partner to do the 2nd parent adoption... but whatever, if we can figure out a way to make it work, then we will do it!
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I'm reading along.

I am taking a month off because I have enough disposable income to shell out 1000 bucks every other month. LOL. I don't want to try with 1 vial, basically (and it saves shipping to order 2 at once). It also gives me fewer cycles to fret over. Also, I'm waiting for a house to rent, which will boost my income substantialy.
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wehrli, wrt second parent adoption - that's what we did! dp and i each terminated our rights (but really it's all on paper and should it not go through all rights revert to the birth mother) and we both adopted ds1 and ds2. i think it's ludicrous we have to do this at all, but we are so glad we both have rights.

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Coco99 - I saw the temp rise on your chart and it looks good!

wehrli - Sounds like your conference was informative. Glad you can adopt as a couple even if you have to go it the long, weird way.

seraf - Taking a break and threadkeeping could give you a serious case of built-up TTC luck for your next cycle!

AFM - I am TIRED and a bit grumpy. I think I need to increase my exercise back to an hour every other day because I know it can improve mood. I'm just too tired to get up and put in the DVD

When do you all usually test or do you wait until after AF is supposed to come?
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