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Originally Posted by AmandaMom View Post

Coco - It just must be too early. Didn't I read on the success stories thread someone didn't get a BFP until 15 dpo? Earth Mama, I think. There is still hope, and I'm thinking of you and DP. That chart is just too amazing to not be a BFP!

AFM, 7 dpo and I think I felt my first fake symptom! I felt a tiny cramp in bed last night, and I of course thought it was implantation. There weren't any dips or spikes in my chart, though. My temps have never been more consistent.
Thanks for the hug I know its not really very late... and FF says that 40% of pple get their bfp later than 12 DPO..... but still. I guess I am anticipating too much but I cant help it... I guess 2 years of bad TTC experiences will do that to a person...

Yay about the symptom, you never know !! And it gives you something tangible to obsess over lol. I did notice that your temps were very very very stable... and you know, they say if sonmething is different from other cycles, that could be your sign... so here is to hoping taht stability means positivity !!

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Originally Posted by AmandaMom View Post
Newbian Mama - Meditation sounds like a great plan.

Coco - I forgot to say I couldn't find you on facebook.

You or anyone else can find me on facebook here. I'd love to add any or all of you as friends. When you send the request, just add a note with your MDC screen name so I know who you are.
Aperantly, I am set so privately that people cant even find me... maybe this will work !


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Hi Everyone,

Coco: I hope today is your day for great news!

My period has started--can I please be moved to waiting to O? Thanks. I'm feeling ok about it--the cycle had already seemed like a bust, so I would rather get on with the next cycle. And frankly I'm glad that the progesterone worked well enough to raise my temps but not enough to stop my period--that seems like a nice level of influence for it to have.
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Good morning everyone~ happy Friday! Or at least I hope it's mostly happy. I peed on my first opk of the cycle this morning, which was negative, but my temp went so far up this morning I'm afraid we missed it, that I should have peed yesterday (though I also know 100% there was no room in my day to go to the doctor and I can't imagine what I would have done or cancelled in order to get it done. I feel really weird, though. When I saw my temp and how high it was my heart sank. It was almost like a bfn, in terms of being such a huge letdown. I mean, I guess I could be getting sick, but it just seems so odd, now I don't know what to think/do. I guess I'll just keep peeing and see what happens. Even if it does show positive tomorrow, I'm going to worry that it's happened and that I'd just be wasting my money/sperms. Grrrr~ fret fret fret.

Coco~ what's the news?

Newbian~ your temp dip sounds awesomely promising!!!!!!!!!!!!! Implantation?!
I'm glad you're enjoying the book! It's an interesting character study for sure. The characters in the family and in the town itself.

Escher~ I'm glad you're taking your news so well and ready to move on into the future!
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13 DPO and Bfn and temp dropped some.... so we are expecting AF today.

Escher, our CD 1 will probably be the same so we'll travel down the road together again next month ! I may ask them to do a prog test on DP following your experience...

We'll be fine... we'll try again thats it !

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s to Escher and Coco. You both seem to have really positive attitudes about it, but I know it is still really disappointing.

Library Two of my last three cycles have had temp spikes that turned out to be 2-3 days before my actual ovulation spike. My temp went back down again after the first spike. It may not mean anything; it is just one temp. Definitely keep peeing on the OPK sticks; I bet you're not there yet.
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Good Morning, All! Gonna post about my RE visit yesterday, but first want to check in with everyone.

Coco - THAT SUCKS! I'm pissed on your behalf. Those temps were looking good and I was really holding out hope for you.

Escher - THAT SUCKS, TOO! And I'm pissed on your behalf, as well! I had a good feeling for you.

I really thought Coco and Escher were going to be our first BFPs this month! I'm sorry, ladies.

Library - I've been hearing a lot lately about temps not being as reliable as OPKs. (More on that in my next post.) Bottom line, I wouldn't worry.

Newbian Mom - You're doing a great job of not obsessing in the TWW! Good for you and more power to you!

AmandaMom - Any more symptoms? Got any good feelings?? The way I lost weight and got off sugar can be boiled down to 2 things. 1. I cut out fast food completely. I don't even eat pizza anymore! (It helps that I like to cook.) 2. If I have dessert, it's pretty much fruit. Although, once in a while, I do have some jelly beans.

Burg - Have you checked out Rainbow Light Prenatals? I take the 1-a-day formula on an empty stomach and never had a problem. They were actually recommended to me because they are easier to digest. Not that expensive, either!

AmandaHope - So happy for you! Cycle monitoring should prove to be comforting. And I'm with you on the positive attitude. Next week is my conception week, too!! YAY!

And for all the LOST fans - how cruel to do that to us when we're all feeling so vulnerable to begin with! LOL

Hope I didn't miss anyone! My update in the next post...
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Escher- Sorry about your BFN but glad that you're doing OK

Coco- Sorry about another BFN, take care of yourself & DP

Library- Try not too fret too much and keep peeing. Thinking about you- the timing aspect is so nerve wracking!

AmandaMom- I hope your "fake" symptom was legit When are you testing?

Korey- I took those as well as One a Day band, both made me incredibly sick

We haven't had a QOTD in a while so I thought I would throw out some for those needing a distraction
1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?
2. Do you have names picked out?
3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?

Happy Friday all!
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As For Me...

So we went to the new RE yesterday and we loved him!! I'm so relieved. It's a drive to get to him, but he seems to genuinely care, and is going to work with us to get tests and stuff done in our town so we don't always have to travel to him.

So here's where it gets interesting. He gave me an u/s yesterday, at CD10. I had 3 follicles (anyone know if that's a good number?) and they were only about 7mm. So according to him, I probably won't ovulate until CD16 or CD17.

I was surprised! Even though every cycle is different, I thought I was pretty much ovulating around CD14, based on my temps. He said that he sees a lot of women who think they're ovulating earlier than they are because their temp rises. He said that temp rise is really not that reliable because it just tells you that your progesterone has risen, and it's harder to pinpoint the exact O day.

Hmmm....if that's the case, then no wonder we missed it last month!

According to this doc (and also to the previous bad doc) the OPKs are the way to go. (As long as you are actually getting positives at some point.) I'm getting another u/s on Tuesday, and then he's going to help us with an insemination strategy. But he told us that, generally, his insemination strategy for ICI w/ frozen sperm is as follows:

1. Test OPKs with FMU. (Not all day, like I usually do. LOL!)
2. When OPK goes +, do the first insem that night.
3. Do the second insem 24 hours later.

We're going to listen to him this month because, well, why not? LOL He's been doing this for over 30 years, and is apparently a well-known RE in NYC. And we liked him.

So, here's one more interesting thing I thought I would mention. He wants me to get some blood work done to make sure I don't have a LPD, which he defines as less than 10 days. (It doesn't look like I have one, but just in case.)

Anyway, he said that he does NOT prescribe progesterone. He says that a LPD is the result of a "follicular phase defect" and that in order to fix the problem, you have to fix it in the follicular phase. How does he fix it? Clomid. Interesting... huh?

I'm not sure what I think about all that, but I'm not worrying about it. THIS IS MY MONTH, GIRLS!! You know how they estimate your due date by the first day of your last period? Well, that makes me 11 days pregnant.
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1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?

Maybe--we're still on the fence. If we do, we don't plan on telling ANYONE, as far as our family and friends know, we DO NOT want to find out the sex. Mostly we're waffling because we want a girl, and have been using female pronouns when speaking of the theoretical child. We would be absolutely thrilled to have a boy, but do not want to have even a brief second of disappointment at birth if the baby is male. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, though.

2. Do you have names picked out?

Eoin Patrick, if it's a boy, but girl names are way harder.

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?

Yes, yes we do. We figure we'll have a baby in our lives soon anyway, so why not buy supplies now. Mostly clothes, because sometimes the organic cotton onesies are on sale for $2.50 and they come in gender-neutral colors like salmon and yellow and light green and light blue and we buy 5 of them in the 6 month size. And booties. Who can resist booties? Not these lesbos.
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Thanks for all the positive encouragement, gals. I'll keep peeing on the sticks and trust what I see there. It's also true that it was the first really hot day we've had in Oklahoma yesterday and I was pretty hot and sweaty all night long. It's also true, and kind of funny about us and our obsessing, that I'm talking about a HUGE temperature spike of about .7 degrees. Ah, ttc, you so krazy!

korey~ I like your super positive attitude! Keep it up!!

coco~ big hugs. I'm sorry all your super temps weren't better news. Still, I'd pee on at least one more stick if I were you. No blood, no foul!


Finding out the sex of the child...my DP and I are split on this. She says no and I say yes. My reasons for saying that I want to know are the most selfish, materialistic reasons you can possibly imagine: If you tell people what the sex of the baby is, they give you better gifts. My sister didn't find out the baby's sex and for all her baby showers people gave her onesies and green or yellow baby towels, whereas my cousin told everyone she was having a girl and got heaps of adorable outfits and picture books. I've gone to so many baby showers at schools where I've taught over the years, and bought so many baby gifts, I want everything everyone will give me, and I want GOOD stuff So even though we disagree, DP and I have made the agreement that the pregnant woman gets whatever she wants, so we'll find out this time, then when it's her turn to carry, we won't.

Baby names. Nice li'l sore spot there! I'm sure I mentioned it here when it happened, but we'd picked out the name Ivy for a girl, then my cousin and her hubby named their baby Iphigenia but are going to call her Ivy (because Iphigenia is ugly and pretentious and cruel) so thanks a lot for stealing my baby name but not even ACTUALLY stealing it, just making sure I can't use it. Grrr. So we're back to square one there. We have a million girl names we like (Alice, Lydia, Violet) but we can come to no agreement about boys' names. I love Martin, but she says no. She says Bertrand, I say that's the same as naming him 'punch me in the face'. So we'll have to see about that!!

Baby items: no! I'm too superstitious and can just imagine having a box of clothes and diapers that just sit in my house and torment my barren self.
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Man this board has been busy. A girl goes out of town for a couple of days.... I hopefully moved everyone where they were supposed to be. Let me know if I missed you.

As for the QOTD

Yeah, I expect to find out the sex of the baby a few minutes after she's born. (I say she for any unknown, so she'll be she until she's born and then maybe after.)

We do have a name picked out. Probably names for the first 2 kids. (and I like the name slightly more for a girl, but DP likes it more for a boy.)

I have a near baby already, so I have baby items coming out of my ears. She just grew out of her reversable carseat, so I have a carseat. They still use the baby bath, so I have one of those, too. I have a crib (not that either kid used it ever, DD asked for a "crate" for her 4th birthday, so I picked her up a used one) that I may sidecar for occasional space or string a tiny hammock from. 5 slings, lots of toddler clothes, a few baby clothes that have been given back to me after friends' babies grew out of them. I passed all my diapers on, but I'm planning to make lots of undies for the new baby (I <3 EC). What else do babies need? DP has already bought some clothes for the next baby (thrift clothes). We have tons of shoes. We don't have pump/bottles/SNS yet (since I just explained the concept of SNS to DP, lol, I think we will be going with bottles while I'm at work, but who knows - neither of the kids willingly took bottles). We have a camera, which is the single most important baby item in existance. The only things I want to buy are a first year calander, a carseat for DPs car, a teething necklace, just cuz I think babies in necklaces are cute. Maybe a boppy. Board books!

I just found out a friend is pregnant! Queers and kids, yeah buddy!

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Hi Everyone,

Seraf: Where did you go? Anywhere fun?

LibraryLady: Good luck with the waiting and worrying and stick peeing! I think the last few days before O are the most stressful part of the cycle. Hopefully you get clear signs very soon!

Korey: I'm glad that your RE was great. It's interesting that he recommends the first insem on the night of the pos opk--my doc recommends the first insem the day after the first pos (for IUIs--I can't remember what you are doing), but she recommends testing in the afternoon as well as the morning. I've heard from other people too that clomid is more effective than progesterone, but then you have the increased risk of multiples.

Coco: I'm still hoping that you'll have an exciting surprise soon. If not, it will be fun to be cycle buddies again!

1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?
I don't know. The midwives who we hope to use say that it is up to each couple but that in their experience babies don't seem to like ultrasounds. So that makes us somewhat reluctant to do one unless it is medically necessary.

2. Do you have names picked out?
Sort of. We have a full girl name (first, middle, last) and part of a boy name (first and last) that we use when we talk with each other about our future baby. But they could certainly change.

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?
I don't have any big superstitions about it, but we live in a tiny apartment so we don't have much extra space! We have some board books, but that is pretty much it.
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Korey- I am glad your appt. went well, that must be such a relief!

Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
we'd picked out the name Ivy for a girl, then my cousin and her hubby named their baby Iphigenia but are going to call her Ivy
Oh no! Did they know you wanted that name?

Originally Posted by seraf View Post
We have a camera, which is the single most important baby item in existance.
That is hysterical- love it!


1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?

Absolutely! I am a planner and need to know. Not in a girl=pink, boy=blue kind of way but in a mentally preparing kind of way.

2. Do you have names picked out?

We picked Reed for a girl but are having a hard time finding a middle name that works. I also really like Ryan for a girl but I think having a Reed and a Ryan would be kind of pukey. We also like Olivia or Libby for short. For a boy DW wants Sebastian Henry (Henry after her father)

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?

I look at baby stuff all of the time but have been really good about not buying. We buy things here and there that we fall and love with and can't resist but I try to not go too overboard. I did just pick up a bunch of sewing patterns though- I am so excited to get started on them!
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1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?

2. Do you have names picked out?
We have our girl name, but DP would murder me in my sleep if I told a soul! I've loved this name for years and while DP was reluctant at first, she came around and now loves it, too.

For a boy, we have ideas, but nothing set in stone.

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?
I'm more buying things for other people. When I see something cute, I buy it for other people's babies!

I did buy a few baby stuffed animals for my "fertility alter" (which is just our bedroom dresser). I'm reluctant to buy a lot of baby stuff for our baby, because I'm afraid of becoming a crazy lady who collects tons of stuff for a nonexistant baby! There's a Lifetime movie where a woman has an imaginary daughter. In true Lifetime fashion, that movie is unintentionally hysterical and I would hate to go down that road myself!
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Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

I've been reading everyone's posts even though I haven't posted this week. Clomid, or as I refer to it, my crazy pill, makes me overly emotional and depressed. That, coupled with an intense dissatisfaction with my chosen profession, along with feeling completely discouraged about this way-too-long (and expensive!) TTC process, has made me rather cranky and moody this week. Okay, I'll stop whining!

AmandaHope, I did take your suggestion and did the FSH test, and it came back normal, just like every other test I've had so far. There is really no explanation yet as to why this is taking me so long. I have a HSG scheduled for Monday morning; hopefully it'll be worthwhile.


1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Absolutely! I am soooo bad with surprises. It's not that I'm a planner, and I'm certainly not about reinforcing gender stereotypes in the womb; I just know that I would not be able to wait to find out! Impatient control freak!

2. Do you have names picked out? No. Although there are some names that DP and I like, I almost feel like I'll need to meet the baby before I can give her/him a name.

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that? I don't have any baby items yet, although I don't have any superstitions about it. Well, maybe a little...I feel like if I buy baby items, it would be my luck that I'd never get pregnant. I know that's crazy. And if I did start buying stuff, I'd probably get a little out of control and spend way too much money
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1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?
with ds1 we did not - it's my family tradition and as the pregnant one i got my wish. with ds2 we did. that was dp's choice although we both knew it was a boy from around 6 weeks. for our third baby dp (who will be carrying again) wants to find out so she is mentally prepared to have 3 boys, lol!!

2. Do you have names picked out?
yes, we have the same girl name we chose originally - dp's mom's name, my mum's name, dp's surname and then my surname. if we have another boy, hmmm, i have one i really, really like but it's been nixed twice.

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?
when i was pregnant with ds1 and while we were ttc, we didn't buy any baby items because i was sure it was a bad omen. in fact we didn't buy anything for ds1 until after our 20 week level ii u/s. with ds2 we bought a few things once we were in the second trimester but we basically had most of what we needed already. if we have a girl next i'm sure we'll buy some purple clothes - pink is ok as an accent colour, lol!


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You all must be on east coast time because by the time I get to the board, there are two add'l pages of posts

escher12 - Sorry AF came but your attitude is wonderful. I'm glad the progesterone is working well for you.

LibraryLady - I usually get two sets of spikes in each cycle and the then the third fall is when I ovulate. Maybe your cycles are changing a bit? I swear, as someone else said. those couple of days trying to catch the egg are so stressful! to you. How's your DP?

Sorry about your name. Ivy is really pretty, are you sure you can't use it? Would that be uncomfortable for you? I had originally thought to name a son after my uncle even though he had already had a junior. My uncle thought it was cool and such an honor. Now the junior has had a third so I won't be using the name. It doesn't confuse our family, even with three of them running around

I'll PM you probably on Monday when I've read a little more. Thank you so much for recommending it to me

Coco99 - I saw your chart and it still looks promising. Does your DP have other signs that AF may be impending? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

burg - I keep forgetting to tell you that I love your new avatar! Love your QOTD, can't wait to read everyone's answers.

korey - I'm glad you both love your new RE! That has to be a great sign I've always read to NOT test with FMU. Maybe this is the change you need and next cycle will the one!! And I LOVE THAT YOU'RE 11 DAYS PREGNANT!! Sorry to yell, but your optimism is contagious

lauren726 - Go ahead and vent! It also helps to throw the pill bottle across the room every now and then


1. Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?

Nope! I think it's the ultimate surprise in life and I can wait until the baby is born to find out.

2. Do you have names picked out?

Yes. I've had names picked out for years. Some of the ones I really like are Andrew, Nathaniel, and Malcolm. Girls are Kara, Lily, and Joy. I also love different names like Blue, January, and Thursday (yes I'm completely serious!) Luckily I have a plain, common last name so most names go with it.

3. Do you already have baby items and/or do you have any superstitions about that?

I'm not superstitious at all but I don't have anything yet. I wanted so badly to buy an outfit or two when I was at Target last weekend but I held out!

Happy Friday all![/QUOTE]
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AmandaHope - I didn't realize you were using PRS as well. Are you in SF or LA (I understand if you don't want to say). I'm in SF and I like that PRS is so close to me but I loathe the parking

Best of luck with this cycle!
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escher - no place fun. I went to Columbus and cleaned and mowed the lawn of the house I have up there (vacant). Tho, since I know I'm not preggo, I'm taking DP to the only gay bar within 50 miles of here tonight (yeah, 50 miles exactly)! And then tomorrow we're going to Columbus (60 miles the other way) to see "Babies" and do some more cleaning.

Library - I agree with Newbian, Ivy isn't necessarily out. I mean, do you spend several days a week with the cousin (because there isn't a chance she could be in class 5 days a week with another kid who shares a name)? And with all the blended families today, you could easily get a cousin married into the family with an unfortunately named baby anyway. I have a step-cousin with my same name, then 2 cousins have daughters called Sydney. My dad and my (adopted) brother had/have the same name. Heck, I have a partner and a soon to be SIL with my first name. It is occasionally confusing, but it's always fun. I say don't settle for something you don't like just because someone beat you to it.

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