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Holy posts! Wow--we are a seriously proliferate group of posters. Now we just need to all conceive babies!

Korey I would have freaked out, too, despite my yoga-doing, meditating self. Really. GOOD LUCK with the inseminations and conception tonight and tomorrow!

Max High temps and no spotting seem like good developments. Here's hoping...

AmandaMom Sorry about the BFN; I hope that it was just too early, but you sound like I do at the end of certain cycles--just ready to move on. Hang in there.

Lauren Good news about the tubes!

Miss Scarlet Given your experience, I can completely understand why you would put a lot of time and energy into your donor choice. I hope you find someone you are comfortable with. And your story about the gel/lube was hilarious. I've regretted, a few times, letting DP make a call as me. But your situation was just FUNNY.

Coco Hey, spotting that stops...isn't AF...at least not yet. Have you considered getting a beta? If AF does show up full force tomorrow, I'd count tomorrow as cd 1.

Kate Here's to your Adam Baldwin look-alike! I really hope that this is your cycle.

Library I'm also very sorry about the missed O. How upsetting! Hopefully you'll have an extra fantastic time on your trip, since you don't have to wonder this time.

Wehrli s about M Day. I wish there was more we could do to make it a bit easier, but at least it is over! Your feelings are very understandable; I really sympathize and hope that you'll be back among the many pregnant ladies soon.

Shout out to others' whom I've missed!

AFM, I am in SF and had my first ttc ultrasound today. First of all, whoever commented (maybe on the Q&P board) about the dildo cam wasn't kidding! I giggled out loud when I saw the condom-looking-thing over the dildo-I-mean-vaginal-ultrasound-wand. Ha! The NP was all apologetic about it, but I reminded her that I have gone through a vaginal birth--an ultrasound wand is really no problem at all.

So...the numbers are that the dominant follicle is 16mm, and my lining is 6mm. Since I should ovulate in about three days, that should give me time to get up to a mature 20mm follicle an a slightly thicker (hopefully 9mm) lining. I'll go back in on Wednesday for a follow-up ultrasound and an HCG shot if I'm not already surging. It was interesting to see my ovaries on the machine! And it feels good to have medical confirmation of my sense of what my body is doing and when.

So...the plan is to do a fresh insem every night starting either tomorrow night or Wednesday night until I get a temp spike (probably Saturday). That should keep my KD busy! It is a bit strange staying with him and his wife/my friend. I know her incredibly well, but he and I aren't as close, and it is still a mind-f&*k to think that I'm creating a baby with the husband of a close friend. It just can't help but feel intimate.

Enough novel writing for one night! Take care, all.
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kkearney - I was told that the u/s gel they use around O time is a water-based saline mixture and it shouldn't cause any problems.

Also, if it was me and I had access to fresh sperm, then I'd use it fresh! I'd also let both possible donors get their samples tested, and see who has the better specimen before making my decision.

AmandaHope - I imagine your situation must feel a little weird! But how cool of your friend to "lend" you her husband for this process!

By the way, I'm glad you all thought that ultrasound gel story was funny. DP STILL doesn't understand that the word "lube" is only used when talking about oil changes or sexual situations!

AFM - Insemination #1 last night! Insemination #2 is today. And LOST fans, get this: we're going to insem around 4pm, then I'm going to rest for a while, and then at 9pm I'm marching my early-pregnancy-ass downstairs to watch LOST!

Can I please be moved to TWW? Here's a link to my chart, too: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e14bd

I'm thinking about not taking my temps after about 5 DPO because I'd like to avoid the obsessing that goes along with temping! Anyone have any thoughts on not temping after O?
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korey, not temping after o is a WONDERFUL idea. seriously, how much more stress can a woman take? we stopped temping after 3 or 4dpo on dp's bfp cycle at her request because it was making ME crazy, lol!

good luck in your tww!

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Hey ladies~ wild night! DP and I had to hide in the closet when the tornados came through town. Only one actually hit our town, and it wasn't too close to the house, but it was at the other end of our street when it set down. We had no power all evening, and the computers at school were down for most of the morning, but things are getting back to normal. The children are all freaked out, telling us their tales of terror (one of the tornados went right by our school, did some damage to houses and property). Of course there's the inevitable kindergartener telling us about the 'big tomato' by his house. Funny, since we're all okay. Not everyone in Oklahoma was that lucky though. Big scary storm day for real.

Korey~ the lube story cracks me up!!

No news here. Packing for NYC where I'm going to have a Manhattan in Manhattan. Then when we get back~ onward and upward!!!
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Hi Everyone,

LibraryLady: That's quite some impressive weather you had! I'm glad that you're ok. I hope you have a terrific time in NYC!

Indigoscot: When are you thinking you'll start trying for #3?

Korey: Hooray for your inseminations! And good luck with the TWW! I'll be interested to hear how it goes for you if you decide not to temp--I don't know if that would be more or less stress for me, so I would love to hear how it is for you! I've only been using ClearBlue opks--maybe I should try some other brands as well. Thanks for thinking of that!

AmandaHope: I am SO excited about your sperm-filled next couple of days. I think this is definitely going to be your month. I hear you about the slight awkwardness of it all. Hopefully those long walks you're planning will be stress reducing!

Kkearney: That's a hard decision of fresh vs. frozen. What are the legal protections like for donors and recipients in the state/province/whatever where you live? I think that would be a big deciding factor for me.

Coco: Holy Cow! This cycle has been insane for you guys. Good luck with staying as calm as possible--that can't be easy right now! My doctor says first day of full flow counts as day 1.

Lauren: Hooray for clear tubes! How was the HSG?

MaxK: How many dpo are you now? Good luck with the last few days of the wait!

AmandaMom: I'm sorry about the bfn--I know they are very discouraging. But 11dpo is definitely still early.

Miss Scarlett: Thanks for sharing your experience with 3 insems--that sounds very encouraging! Choosing donors is so hard, and I can imagine it must be extra challenging when you have such a clear view of just how important genetics are. Good luck finding someone great!

AFU: I think we are going to do three IUIs. I don't quite know yet how we are going to time them, but since our timing has been less than ideal the last few cycles, I'm excited about trying something different this time.

A question for you all: What do you think would be ideal timing for frozen IUIs if I'm doing three? Is it better to spread them out over three days to maximize the chance that I have one on the day before O and one on the day of O? Or would it be better to make a good guess of what day O is and do two that day? Any guesses or ideas? Thank you!
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post
AFU: I think we are going to do three IUIs. I don't quite know yet how we are going to time them, but since our timing has been less than ideal the last few cycles, I'm excited about trying something different this time.

A question for you all: What do you think would be ideal timing for frozen IUIs if I'm doing three? Is it better to spread them out over three days to maximize the chance that I have one on the day before O and one on the day of O? Or would it be better to make a good guess of what day O is and do two that day? Any guesses or ideas? Thank you!
Hi, Escher. Thanks for the excitement on my behalf!
With IUIs, I would not spread them out, since they just don't work if they aren't timed well. I'd try to guess when you expect to O and do the IUIs approximately 12 hours before O, at O, and 12 hours after. I know that is WAY easier said than done! If you get OPK positives, I'd try 12, 24, and 36 hours after the positive (assuming that you are testing multiple times/day and getting the timing of the surge pretty close). So stressful! But three IUIs is SUPER promising. As you know, I'm all about the sperm maximization strategy right now, so I'm really hopeful for you!

Library So glad no one got hurt in the tornado craziness! My brother in law lives in OK and is a meteorologist who specializes in extreme weather...but he is at a training in Japan right now and missed out!
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Lauren- Was the HSG painful? I had a saline ultrasound and there was some slight cramping but nothing too bad.

AFM 10 DPO and I only have one pregnancy test left from my big stash. I went crazy testing last month! I am really going to just try to wait it out. By Friday if I don't have AF then I think I will test. Keeping fingers crossed and drinking a lot of pineapple juice!

I took today off work and we are going to see Wicked tonight. I have a long day of work tomorrow so hopefully today I will mellow out.
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escher - not until around this time next year. but i like to hang out on mothering.com and i know how tough this whole process can be. i think it helps (at least i hope it does!!) to have an "old pro" like me around. i am enjoying getting to know you all and i can wait to be posting dancing veggies when you announce your bfps.

it makes me happy to see so many in our community starting or growing their families.

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Well... we are officially out as of today.
Can we be moved to waiting toi O please ?
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Ive decided picking donors is WAY more fun with this tub of Rocky Road ice cream in front of me...

Coco--So sorry this wasnt the lucky bean, hoping time flies for the next insem

AFU, Im going out of town to visit family for a late Mother's Day this weekend, so Im keeping my fingers crossed I don't O until Monday or Tuesday (like it should be)
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oh, coco... big to you and DP. take care of each other.

indigo, your input is invaluable, IMO! thanks for cheering us on and giving such sage advice.

max, i hope you enjoy wicked... and get a chance to mellow out before your busy day. FX for that BFP!

AHope, i hope you are enjoying SF... good luck with those upcoming insems!!!

escher, 3 IUIs, huh?! tempting, tempting... i hope it's just the right change for you!

library, wow... that was some storm! saw it on the news... so glad that you and yours are safe and sound.

korey, sounds like you'll have the perfect night!! getting pg and watching LOST! yippeee!!

kearney, good luck choosing between those two KDs... i hope that making the decision ensures you won't need them!!

lauren, glad everything looked good. and yay for 3 months of boosted fertility because of the "power-wash"!! G/L!

to everyone i've missed or is MIA...

afm, i've been having dizzy spells the last few days... i am a little worried about anaemia, the acupuncturist said i have a blood deficency, which very well could account for the m/c. i have an appt with a primary care physician tomorrow afternoon and am hoping for a complete blood panel or something to that effect... thanks everyone for all of the support about mother's day, it was very much needed... so glad to have you all! and as for trying this cycle... nope, i'm not even sure that this will be an ovulatory cycle.... i'm at "CD17" or 17 days post losing the pg... i'm not sure it counts as a cycle, there is mixed opinions on that. today is usually O day and i've had EWCM the past couple of days but i'm not sure of any other signs. negative opks and monitor only reads HIGH. no big deal because we weren't going to try this cycle regardless. next cycle, however, there is some question about. the RE says wait another cycle, i don't want to, DP is unsure. but now with my "blood deficency" and lightheadedness... i'm not sure when we will try again. i definitely want to wait until this is under control or explained better. i'd hate to go through a m/c again because somethings amiss. i will keep you all posted.
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At KD's house, first insem planned for bedtime tonight. One tomorrow afternoon, and one more Thursday morning. OVWatch says O on Thursday, signs are lining up. Signed the lease today for the (super cute) new house, and got a lead on a part-time midwifery assistant job. Whoohoo!

Losties, feel sorry for me, KD and wife don't watch! Ack! So I'll be catching up when I get back home Thursday.

Hugs to Coco and those that need them, fingers crossed for everyone else!
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s to Coco. I wish it were different. Hopefully next time.
Korey good luck tonight!
Wehrli EWCM is a good sign that your body is readjusting, but I agree that the blood work is a good idea. I can't imagine going through that twice!
Chiquittay Good luck with the insems tonight and over the next two days! I'm optimistic for you!

AFM, I had expected to do the first insemination tonight, but I'm just not there yet. I've got creamy/sticky CM, still (on day 16--4th high day on the monitor). I have another ultrasound tomorrow, so I'll have a better idea what's up then, and I'm putting my KD on notice for tomorrow night! The bad news is that I'm getting a cold. I'm sure it was the plane flight. CRAP. I hope it doesn't lessen my chances--does anyone know if having a cold makes conception less likely?
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Hey ladies~ thanks for all the good wishes! The bad weather has stayed away today (so far...knock wood) but we're supposed to get another round tomorrow. Yikes!

Coco~ so sorry! I believed in you 100% and I know it will happen soon xo

Korey~ good luck!!! I'll send you all the babydust I got!

Team Amanda~ Amanda Power!!

Lauren~ I too would like to know about the test. I'm considering it before we make another try.

Good luck and good thoughts to everyone else waiting and insemming. This is a positive place and I'm glad we all have each other.
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1 dpo

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone!

Library - glad you're okay! That sounds pretty awful. Do you deal with tornadoes on a regular basis, or was this a freak occurrence?

AmandaHope - I've known a few people who were sick when they conceived.

chiquitayy - Congrats on the house! Sounds like lots of things are lining up for you - that's a good sign!

wehrli - It must be really hard to be waiting so long. The blood panel is a good idea! I was low in iron and Vitamin D last year, and was able to correct it pretty quickly with vitamin supplements.

For what it's worth, here's a tip if you turn out to be deficient: take digestive enzymes and a probiotic! (You can find them in any health food store.) Vitamin deficiencies are often a digestion problem. Oh, and you might want to get tested for Celiac Disease, too, as that's a very common cause of anemia.

Miss Scarlett - enjoy your trip! And your ice cream!

escher - I have no experience with IUIs, but if it was me I'd also do the 12, 24, and 36 hrs post +OPK.

- thanks for checking in and helping us out!

Coco - I'm so sorry. You and DP have been through a lot.

AmandaMom - You're looking good!!

Hope I didn't miss anyone! I know we all need words of encouragement.

AFM - The insems went well! We actually got our hands on a catheter that allowed DP to drop the semen right onto my cervix. She said my cervix sucked up it like a vacuum and it was awesomely crazy to watch!

I had a brief moment of stress this morning when my temp didn't go up as much as I would have liked, and I got a +OPK for the 4th day in a row! I feared that I both Oed days ago, or didn't O yet at all!

I had to remind myself that my cervix was peak yesterday - really open and CM was like a waterfall (sorry, TMI). The day before it was copious and watery, and today it's drying up pretty quickly. So I have to just trust that we got it right.

Oh, and FF thinks I ovulated on Sunday, but I know my eggs were still there on Monday afternoon! If I switch FF from the Advanced detection method to the OPK method, it says I am ovulating tomorrow. FF is definitely a source of stress and I may just stop using it altogether!

On that note, I decided I am going to temp til 3 DPO, and then I am putting the thermometer out of reach in another room! I have been stressing way too much over this stuff, and temping really fuels that stress.

I've adopted the mantra "I trust my body and I trust the process." So if I start freaking out again, you ladies have permission to kick my ass!!
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Library-- Are you in official Soonerville (Norman) or just the area? I went to school at Southwestern in Weatherford.

Amanda-- I wouldnt think it would make much difference, but maybe be careful what you take for it??

Korey--That is a GREAT mantra Isnt funny how much our expectations, stress levels, etc change from cycle to cycle? Some months Im cool as a cucumber, and then the next jumping outta my skin!

Speaking of which, since this is the first month with Ovacue, Im a little nervous that it wont give me a specific enough O day....so even though I was thinking I wouldn't substitute with the OPK sticks, I might have to (or think I have to)

Off to work now, good luck to those inseminating this week!
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AmandaHope - Good luck with all your insems this week. I really hope you feel better! Drink lots of water. I've never heard anything about a cold interfering with conception, so I'm still certain this is your month.

korey - Welcome to the TWW! I hope the time flies by. I think not temping is an excellent idea. Less to stress about!

escher - Three IUI's! How exciting! If you can't pinpoint when O will happen exactly (who can?), I agree with doing them 12, 24, and 36 hrs post +opk. Good luck!

max - I ate an entire fresh pineapple last week! How was Wicked?

indigo - It definitely helps having an old pro like you around!

Coco - I'm terribly sorry this cycle didn't work out for you. Many hugs to you and DP.

wehrli - That's strange about your dizzy spells. I hope everything checks out okay. You take it easy, all right?

chiquitayy - New house, new job, and hopefully a new pregnancy! This is going to be a great month for you!

Library - LOL @ the big tomato near my house! I'm glad you're okay. I know it's strange, but I've always found things like that secretly exciting... as long as no one gets hurt! I'm sure if a hurricane ripped off our roof, I'd be singing a different tune. Enjoy your Manhattan in Manhattan!

Miss Scarlett - Maybe try the Ovacue with backup OPK's this month just to see how reliable it is. Then you'll know for sure next month, IF you need it.

AFM, no news here. I guess no news is good news, this close to the end of the TWW, right? I haven't tested since Monday and don't plan to until Friday, in the absence of AF. Friday will be 15dpo, so I'm pretty sure I can count on the results. Strange thing is, I always get sore breasts about a week before AF, which is due tomorrow. This time, nothing! I'm sure a lack of sore breasts can't be counted as an early pregnancy sign... right?
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amandamom your chart looks great! fx that's a good omen. how long is your lp usually?

coco, i'm SO sorry af arrived. it does sound like your dp had a clomid cycle like my dp. i remember how down we both were after that, so many hugs coming your way.

wehrli, dizzy spells sounds scary! keep us posted, please.

librarylady, yikes tornadoes! dp's family lives in OK and we visited last year in the summer. i am also intrigued by tornadoes...!

dp and i both ate pineapple til 5dpo on our bfp cycles.

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Wow, so many posts in the last couple days!

Indigo- Good to know about the pineapple, I eat it about 2 times a week anyway because I have been obsessed with it for months now. How much did you eat, a cup?

AmandaMom- fingers crossed tightly for you!! No news is good news.

MissScarlett- Good luck pinpointing O... it is crazy that with all the technology you can use it is still somewhat of a best guess scenario!

Korey- It definitely sounds like you got it right, try not to stress! Lol @ ass kicking.

Library- Very glad that you're OK, scary stuff! Be safe tomorrow!

AmandaHope- I hope that you feel better! Take it easy! Good luck with insemming & u/s.

Chiquitayy- Good luck with insemming. Very cute house, BTW and fx on the job front!

Wehrli- Being dizzy is scary, I am glad that you're going to the doctor! I hope that is nothing. DW gets light headed and dizzy here and there and has passed out several times since we have been together. They have never been able to figure out why though.

Coco- I am so sorry! Lots of hugs for you and DP! take care of yourself!

Maxk- Fingers crossed! I hope the pineapple does the trick!

Escher- That is great that you will be able to do 3 IUIs and glad that you're excited about trying something different.

kkearney- When are you testing? Fingers crossed!

Lauren- I am glad that your tubes are not blocked and that everything looks good!

AFM- POAS today and got a faint positive. I am not expecting O until Sunday, earliest Saturday and am hoping it holds off until then. We have respite for C starting Friday so it will make things a lot easier logistically if everything goes as planned. Crossing my fingers!
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burg, hmmm... your DP has fainted too? the way that read, my DP could have been writing it about me. however, we've always thought it was dehydration. so when i get dizzy or faint-feeling i just load up on water. i am always good about drinking my 8 glasses a day but i just thought i may be sensitive. the past few days i have been drinking 10+ cups a day and still feeling lightheaded... so off to the doc i go.

AMom, looking good!! FXFU!!!

Scarlett, i did the same thing when i started the CBE monitor... i wasn't gonna do the opks but then last minute i couldn't not... i've been doing both ever since, lol!

korey, thanks for the tips! celiac disease, huh? i looked it up and think it's possible... i know i should be getting enough iron with the prenatal i take daily and all of the iron rich foods i eat!
oh, and good luck!! sounds like you got your timing spot on to me!!

library, be safe!!

AHope, how was the u/s? are you a go for inseming tonight??

chiquitayy, hope the first insem went well.... i do feel sorry for you not getting to see lost... we didn't see it either. we don't have cable (damn the man, i refuse to dump $ down the drain for tv - no offense) and our roof top antena has been loose and is pointing the wrong direction. thank goodness that abc.com airs full episodes!!

afm, i love pineapple. and that reminds me... it's on sale at the local grocery for $1.50 ea. i'd better stop on the way home from my appt. YUM!
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