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Coco and Escher, too! Nice temp rises! When do you both plan to test?
Newbian Good signs! I usually test on the day before I expect my period, but that is only day 11, usually, since I have short LPs. Fingers crossed!

AFM, thankfully, my KD's wife will not ovulate around the same time that I will, since she is taking the month of for a procedure and to let some medications kick in. I leave for SF a week from today. Any SF folks--let me know if you want to grab coffee (or herbal tea :-) in person.
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I may not have conceived yet, but gosh darn it, I can still get babies! Two new kittens came home with me tonight! They're seven weeks old and absolutely adorable, and I'll post pictures after I get some good ones in the daylight.

Hope everyone had a reasonably good weekend!
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9DPO and more rising....

Good morning everyone !

Gee... another rise this morning....... when can you call a chart triphasic ? Mine is beginning to look like it might be... what do you think ? How am I supposed to "not hope too much" with a chart like that ? Then again, in January we had the most perfectest chart ever and weren't pregnant..... We will probably be testing friday or saturday... or waiting for AF to show... We're not in a hurry... because we really dont like to see those BFN's... and that we have seen too many of them already.

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Escher ! Yay for your temp rise ! Our charts are still very similar.... when are you testing ?

chiquitayy : Congrats on the baby kittens ! Will you be keeping them ? I love cats and have a trio of them myself... Jasmine, Sasha and Potter ! What are you naming yours ?
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coco, wow! that temp is looking good!!

escher, your temps are also looking good!!!

chiquitayy, yay for kitties!!! can't wait to see pics!

AHope, what a relief! i'm hoping that your trip will be [re]productive!

newbian, hoping that grumpy = pg!!

sera, i agree with newbian... threadkeeping whilst taking a break will build up mucho threadkeepers luck!!

indigo, it's a relief to hear that others have been successful at obtaining legal family status this way! thanks for sharing!!

afm, i've started to poas (opks and CBE monitor) today. it feels good, even though we're not trying this month... (unless a KD comes into our lives, ). also, i got my hcg results back on friday and it was already down to 13, so that means my body is getting back on track quickly... i'm hoping i can convince the RE to let us go ahead and try next cycle. FX
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Hi Everyone,

It was exciting to get home last night and read all your updates--thanks for being here!

Wehrli: I'm SO glad that the hcg is dropping nicely. Do you have a plan of how you would like to try next month (IUI or ICI, where to get sperm, etc.)?

Coco: Your chart is looking beautiful! How exciting!

Chiquitayy: Kittens are so wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures.

AmandaHope: I'm so glad to hear that there isn't going to be a sperm conflict! Hooray for lots of fresh sperm! Do you have an idea yet of how many times or how frequently you hope to inseminate while you are there?

Seraf: I definitely understand needing to take a month off for financial reasons. This TTC is ridiculously expensive. I hope that this month is restful and fun.

Newbian Mama: Nice signs!

Kkearney: Is ordering frozen an option for you or is that not really feasible?

MaxK: Congratulations on your inseminations! Good luck with the TWW!

AFU: I'm probably 10 dpo. I'm definitely starting to get into the harder part (for me) of the TWW, where I worry every night that my temp is going to drop the next morning. I'm trying to remember that I can't control what happens with this cycle and that the right child will come to us at the right time, but that isn't easy for me to keep in my head. I feel like my period is going to arrive in the next day or two, which is disappointing even though I know it shouldn't be surprising.
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max - Welcome to the TWW! I hope this time flies by for you, and you get a pleasant surprise at the end.

coco - That chart looks very promising!

Library - I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend with the place to yourself. I hate to be away from DP, but I have to say I do enjoy having the house all to myself sometimes.

Newbian Mama - It sounds like you have some good pregnancy signs. LOL @ waiting until the 31st to test! Okay, so I'm kinda slow, I guess... I don't get your avatar.

wehrli - you get to try next cycle!

chiquitayy - Awww I love kittens! How did you get them? I can't wait to see the pics.

AmandaHope - It sure seems like things are lining up nicely for your trip next week. I too hope it will be (re)productive!!

escher - Hang in there! When do you plan to test?

AFM, 4dpo and no fake symptoms to report. It was 89 degrees, humid, and sunny yesterday, so DP and I donned our bathing suits and went to the beach for the first time this season. I slathered on the 60+ SPF and had a good time. The ocean water was still very cold, though. Afterward we went to the garden center at Lowe's. Every time we go there it's usually for a garden tool or something, but we end up with a carload of stuff. We have the ever-expanding garden! I hope the rain holds off long enough today for us to get some planting done.
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Hey gals~

Sounds like we're getting some positive signs going on around here~ Escher, your temps are the most promising thing I've seen in a while. Coco, Max, Newbian? How's it going with you? I hear what you mean about this being the worst part of the wait~ early in the wait you know nothing is really happening, symptom wise, but later on, anything could be meaningful, or could be the moment your temp drops and it's all over. Strength, sistas!!

AFM~ I started my little yellow pills again last night. I'm feeling dejected before this round even starts, though. I think I'm just feeling low in general (it's the weary end of the school year and my reserves are pretty much drained. Last cycle was pretty painful too, and then my 'age is a factor' talk with the doc, I feel pre-defeated, but still will soldier on.
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chiquitayy - Congrats on the kitties! I fostered two newborn kittens, Morris and Monica, and they were awesome. You'll have lots of fun watching them play and pounce together.

wehrli - I'm so glad your body, and your spirit is bouncing back fabulously.

escher12 - I like your positive, hopeful attitude. I hope that you get a pleasant surprise ini a few days!

AmandaMom - My avatar is 2-W-W for the two week wait, check it out again and I think you'll see it This is a good season for planting gardens and other things. Yay for no phantom symptoms. At least you aren't stressing.

Library Lady - How are you doing?

AFM - 6dpo today. I told my sister my maybe-symptoms and she said I was crazy. Ok, she might be right As I was leaving my house today I saw three huge wild turkeys! I live in a metro area close to a university, so it's not rural at all. I've seen a small family of deer last year but never these 30 or so pound wild turkeys just meandering around my community. Is that a sign of a baby or does it mean I should drink some Wild Turkey? Lol! Just kidding.

Edited because LL posted before I did. I've been thinking of you a lot this weekend. I'm so sorry you're feeling dejected. Not a fun place to be in at all. Is your DP back yet? Um, what's the little yellow pills? Probably not like the little blue pill, eh? Just trying to make you smile
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chiquitayy Hee Hee, we did the same thing a few months ago but came home with a little puppy. We were completely unprepared but she is keeping us busy and really helps distract us from the 2WW.

AFM: 3DPO and I woke up with a cramp this morning, took some acetaminophen and it's gone now. I'm hoping it is nothing to worry about but you know during the 2WW every little thing seems magnified. We're staying positive.
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

AmandaHope: I'm so glad to hear that there isn't going to be a sperm conflict! Hooray for lots of fresh sperm! Do you have an idea yet of how many times or how frequently you hope to inseminate while you are there?
Since you asked , here is my tentative plan:

O-3 (faint OPK line; best CM; Monitor: high) FRESH AM
O-2 (OPK pos/Monitor: peak1) FRESH PM
O-1 (Monitor: peak2) IUI PM
O (Monitor: high) IUI AM; FRESH AM
O+1 (temp spike): one more FRESH if my temp is still rising or hasn't fully spiked

The early fresh insems are important, because I often have a temp spike two days before O and think that there is a slim chance that I'm ovulating twice, and because I usually have my most fertile mucous on the day before the OPK positive (which is annoying, since I don't get a temp spike until the third morning after the OPK positive). I think that I O overnight between between O-1 and O.

I hesitate even to plan this, since inevitably, my body will f*&k with me, but I do feel that I need a plan of some kind in place.

I worry that three fresh insems in 4 days is a lot for my KD. His last sperm count was high, but he's never had it tested on consecutive days, so we have no idea how it holds up. I might call PRS to see how much this testing would be, but I hate to ask him to do it when he's had some negative experiences there.

Please feel free to make suggestions for changes to the plan! I love the collaborative nature of this board.
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Seraf- thank you for the shiny new thread!

AmandaMom- yay for timely O!

AmandaHope- have a great trip! I think having a plan is smart and probably helpful for him too.

kkearney- I hope you find some sperm, STAT! You have invested so much!

Maxk- Good luck with 2ww!

Coco- sounds like good signs

Library- I am sorry that you're feeling down! I hope that everything goes as planned this cycle and you don't have to worry about tests!

Newbian- Nice avatar! and watch out for the city turkeys, they'll cut you!

Wehrli- Crazy crazy backwards laws! I am glad that the conference was informative! I hope you get the go ahead to try next cycle

Chiquitayy- yay for kittens, pictures please

Escher- When are you testing?

Newbian Mama: When do you all usually test or do you wait until after AF is supposed to come?
I feel as though testing so early and so often was a mistake for me. I am comtemplating not testing until after AF is due.

AFM- Waiting to O and feeling pretty good. DW and I had a really nice weekend together. I have to say that I am enjoying this little break from trying and feeling hopeful about our next attempt.
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Thank god. We have 2 guys that we know who are thinking about it for next cycle, and two semi-anonymous KDs as backups now. Hopefully that's enough if this cycle doesnt work.

We had a huge issue with Rochester Regional Cryobank (they wouldn't release anything to us, among other hassles), and finally our clinic here was able to get us a sample of ICI semen from CCB, who apparently looks like Adam Baldwin, Brett Favre, and John Lynch...OK, sounds good. We also took out the last of our "leftover" sperm from our IVF attempts, so we'll do two inseminations this cycle. If we get a redhead, we'll know it was from our IVF guy, if s/he is a brunette, it's from new guy.

Wish us luck! If the trigger works as planned, I'll O at about 10pm tomorrow. So, 10-11pm tonight for insem 1 and tomorrow morning sometime for insem 2.

Anyone ever used the instead/diva cup to keep everything "in place" for insems? These are both unwashed ICI samples...

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KKearney Nice going on the supply! That's great! As for the instead cup, I was going to use it last time, but I tried to put it in with water in it first, to see if I could do it without spilling, and...no dice. Into the toilet it went. The other option is actually putting it in place and then attempting to thread the end of the catheter up above it so that the swimmers fall into it.... I haven't tried that but might in the future. If you are inseminating at home at night, I wouldn't use it. Just elevate with a pillow, roll slowly back and forth every 20/min (a la Brill), and go to sleep. But during the day, it would be more useful, if you can make it work! Let me know if you find a good trick. Good luck!
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In terms of the cup (we have a silicone diva cup), we were thinking of using it tomorrow after doing a regular insem, mostly because I do have to go to work afterwards! I think tonight might be a "roll around in bed" kinda night
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kearney, lyndzies (of Q&P) used fresh KD sperm with the instead cup and it worked for her... if i remember correctly, she would plunge the swim team in and then insert. i tried it a few times but it didn't work for me...
also, i don't want to freak you out but i swear i've heard that you should NOT use two different sperm samples... they attack each other or something?? i don't know for certain but i thought i'd mention it so you could do some research... i'd hate for the cycle to be a bust 'cause of it. i hope i am wrong about this...
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Change of plans......

Well, this is quite an eventful few days on our side !

Temps going up and up... and I just talked to DP (I am away on a training trip) and she has had a myriad symptoms today... ranging from nausea this morning and even throwing up a bit (sorry if TMI) and nausea again in the PM, dissapearing the second she ate something... and unusual hunger... and unusual twinges in her abdomen... and so she has decided to test. Only 9 DPO... AND we had an HCG shot... so we know that a false positive is a possibility.... I would have waited but with everything that is going on, she cant stand the wait.... and THAT is one major difference from other cycles as DP has always been very reluctant to hope, even reluctant to talk about possible symptoms.................

Aie Aie Aie girls I am sooooo nervous !

If its positive... I am not talking it seriously until at lest 12 DPO because of the HCG shot..... I am not.... I am not.....

So... we'll see !

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Good luck, Coco!
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Coco: Good luck!!!

Kkearney: Hooray for sperm! Good luck with your inseminations!

Burg: I'm glad you've enjoyed the break. Hopefully this is the cycle for you!

AmandaHope: That sounds like a great (and very spermy!) plan. Does your donor have any sense of if three insems in four days is a good number or too many? I have no experience with males and their sperm (other than the frozen stuff!), but it sounds like a great plan from the insemination standpoint!

MaxK: Good luck staying positive though the wait!

Newbian Mama: Wild turkeys sound like a great (if slightly random) sign! (Hey, I'll take whatever signs I can get--this morning I was excited about the serial number on my bus. It was 2222, and 2 is my favorite number AND this is our second cycle trying. )

LibraryLady: I don't know whose chart you think looks so good, but I don't think it is mine. My chart is boring and uninformative. I'm sorry you're feeling down right now. Your last cycle seemed so hopeful, so I can imagine it is hard to feel as good about a new one. Hopefully something encouraging (wild turkeys, perhaps? ) will happen that will make you feel like this cycle could be the one.

AmandaMom: The beach sounds great! I'm envious!

AFM: A few people asked when I plan to test. The answer is more or less never, since I expect to get my period on Wednesday.
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Well... BFN for tonight, but I guess its good because we now KNOW that the HCG is out of DP's system ! So... well test again tomorrow I guess !

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