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kkearney - Sorry about your BFN. You seem to be handling it very well. As I understand it, an ectopic pg would still give you a BFP.

Miss Scarlett - It sounds like waiting this cycle out is the right thing to do. You don't want to rush into anything. Enjoy your break!

AmandaHope - I'm so glad your trip to SF wasn't a total bust. I find queer history very interesting. When I get to feeling down about the progress of gay rights being so slow, I think about what it must have been like in the 40's and 50's. So much worse. Progress is slow, but at least there is progress. On another note, thumbs up for trusting your body and not pressuring yourself!

wehrli - With your positive opk and your sustained temp shift, I would agree you ovulated on cd20. I'm beginning to think those fertility monitors aren't so reliable... right, AmandaHope?

Korey - Good luck trying not to obsess! The later in the 2WW you are, the harder it is, huh? If you ask me, being a bitch on wheels and having dreams of being pregnant are good signs! I hope time flies for you and DP, and you get a clear and obvious BFP at the end of the wait.

chiquitayy - Four inseminations?! That's awesome! You're going to get the best 30th birthday present ever!

Newbian - Your strength and patience are an inspiration.

Max - So sorry about AF. I agree with wehrli: She's a wicked witch. I hope you get some answers soon. How many cycles have you tried so far?

sarahcecile - Glad to hear from you! It's very possible you and KD just aren't compatible. DP and I have decided to try 4 times before moving on to another donor, though I hope we don't get to that point. Crossing my fingers in hopes that your new plan does the trick!!
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Originally Posted by AmandaMom View Post

wehrli - With your positive opk and your sustained temp shift, I would agree you ovulated on cd20. I'm beginning to think those fertility monitors aren't so reliable... right, AmandaHope?
AMomYeah, you can say that, again. I hope this new cycle is bringing you a bit of optimism...thinking of you.

I agree, Wehrli, with cd20 O. That next cycle must be looking pretty tempting...

s Max. I sympathize with the discouragement...

Chiquittay A 30th b-day BFP sounds just about perfect.

Newbian You are a (hopefully pregnant) zen master.

SarahCecile Welcome back and GOOD LUCK! I'm optimistic about your new donor and the monitored, triggered, IUI cycle. Sounds really promising!

[B]KoreyB] Hang in there...

Big hello to anyone I missed.
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4 dpo

first of all, thanks for looking at my chart everyone! it gives me peace of mind to know you all agree.

AHope, how long did your monitor want you to keep poas? i'm going on 15 days... i'm sick of it. i thought of stopping but it usually asks for 10 sticks per cycle and i have 15 left so i thought i would use the last 5 just in case because the info booklet says to use the same lot for each cycle... idk... and, yes, the next cycle does seem tempting... but i think we may wait. it's good to know i can change my mind though!

sarahcecile, welcome back! i hope that this cycles switch is just what you and your body need to make that BFP! i will just say that after 6 tries at home we switched to IUI with trigger shot and got a BFP on the first try! putting it into the REs hands made it the most relaxing cycle i've had since the start of this ttc business... best of luck to you!!!

max, oh, how i feel your pain... so sorry for another bfn... i've had all the b/w they could think of and nothing is wrong... guess these things just take time sometimes, not that knowing that actually helps. i'm thinking about you.

newbian, wow... zen master extrodinaire! stay away AF, stay away!

kearney, what a stupid lady! sorry you are having trouble getting a simple blood test... i also just wanted to say that i *think* that you would get a bfp if it were ectopic.

chiquitayy, FX for the best.birthday.ever.!!!

korey, i love your mantra. i hope that at the end of this tww you will have the best news ever!

escher, the dizzy spells have gone away. the doc didn't have anything to say except she wants me to go have some other tests done. i don't think they are really necessary but i will do them just to rule it out. i think they may be related to stress... after much internet "research" on syncope, it looked like the nerve that causes the lightheadedness is located on the side of your face, running alongside your jaw. that's where i hold my tension. i clench and grind (Dx TMJD) so i think that it was affecting that nerve. idk, really, but since going to the doc i have been working on my stress... doing yoga, meditating, and DP and i have a game plan to get me out of my crazy stressful job. basically, she makes enough that i could stay home... but i need insurance... she is working on seeing if her company will add domestic partner benifits (and it's looking hopeful). so as soon as i'm pg/have the babe or run out of the fertility benefits, i'm outa there! knowing that has gave me great peace. whew. i bet you didn't expect my response to your simple question to go on like that, i digress. good luck with your insems later this week...

afm, well, i guess i kind of covered it already... enough about me!
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Hello ladies!!!

I've missed you all but thought of you much during my crazy week and wild weekend!

New York was wonderful~ DP and her fam are still there and I'm JEALOUS!! We ate and saw wonderful things. My favorite part was getting to see the play The Temperamentals (starring Michael Urie aka Marc St. James from Ugly Betty) about the founding of the Mattachine society and the early gay movement. I laughed and cried. The Circle Line boat around Manhattan was amazing too. Ellis Island made me cry as well (I'm a nerd and get overwhelmed by history sometimes).

Cyclically, I also got overwhelmed because my period started yesterday and I realized (in the subway under Times Square) that I'm too broke to have my ultrasound this time (since I'd have to be having it, like, tomorrow) and so we're out for another cycle. I'm feeling stressed like I"m running out of time. Millions of pregnant women and their adorable NY babies didn't help either.

But enough about me!

AmandaM~ big hugs from me. We need baby dust and AmandaPower for sure.

Kearny~ sorry about all your symptoms. Progesterone's a beeeeyotch!!!

Wehrli~ I'm cracking up about your Renfest job. I know lots of people who are into that life because they love it, I think it's really funny that it's your ttc job and you're really not into the dressing up. Funny, but really cool. It'd be a neat job to have I think (but then again, I'm the sort of nerd who cries when she sees Ellis Island).

Burg~ fingers crossed for you!! Bring us another good babydust cycle!!

Newbian~ 18dpo but no af? You must be worn out with the waiting. Big hugs to you no matter what your outcome! I'm really glad you're liking Perfect Peace. It just drew me in and I was so fascinated by the whole community. Of course I feel for Perfect and feel for Emma Jean too, but the whole thing is just really well done.

I've forgotten lots, but am thinking of you all and will get back into the swing of things (my plane landed at 11 last night, so I'm a zombie today...)

Babydust for all of us!!!! I want my baby NOW!
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7 dpo

Hello, all you beautiful and fertile ladies!

Library - glad you had a nice trip! Question for you - why is it that you're not comfortable inseminating without the u/s? Just wondering if there's something I missed.

wehrli - glad your dizzy spells are gone! That is some scary stuff!

sarahcecile - nice to meet you!

newbian - Patience is a virtue. It's also one quality I will never have.

max - so sorry. I've heard many times that fertility increases in the 3 cycles after an HSG, so there's reason to be very hopeful!

chiqutayy - FX for a BFP on your BIG 3-0!

kkearney - I hate bureaucratic doctor's offices! Here's a tip I picked up from a great phlebotomist: if you bruise when getting blood drawn, drink a bunch of water 20 minutes before the draw. It plumps your veins and makes them easier to find!

AmandaHope, AmandaMom, escher12 - happy thoughts and good vibes!

AFM - So I have had cramps for 3 days and tender breasts for 2 days. Sounds like a good sign, right? Yes, but it's also only 7 dpo. AND I also had cramps and tender breasts last month for almost a whole week before AF. So it seems really early for symptoms, AND really early for AF, right?!?

This is why I obsess so much, because I actually FEEL a lot of stuff and have no way of knowing WTF it is!

Oh well. Back to my mantra:

I trust my body, and I trust the process.
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sarahcecile - Welcome back! You're not lame for taking a break, sometimes that's the smartest, healthiest thing you can do. It sounds like you have a good, solid plan for your next cycle. Chunks of Baby Dust coming your way!

LibraryLady - Hey! I was going to PM you if you didn't post today. I'm so glad you and your DP and a fabulous time in NY. The play sounds really entertaining.

My question is the same as Korey's, are you uncomfortable doing a cycle without an ultrasounds?

I finished Perfect Peace a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. I thought there was going to be more to Perfect like something spiritual/mystic... not that she didn't have enough going on as is! You were spot on about some of the vernacular used. It felt like the author sometimes forgot he was writing about uneducated people living in the rural South.

korey - You're greeting made me smile

As for your signs and symptoms, all I'll say is you never know. Keep living and breathing your mantra. Sending calming vibes your way
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Hey Gals~

The ultrasound is at my doctor's insistance. It has to do with the Femara that I take~ if you take it and have any sort of cysts or anything, it can cause severe side effects, so he wants to be 100% sure that there's nothing going on before I take it. I truly don't believe he's just trying to make money, so I trust him and go through with it. I'm actually still getting ready to wrangle with the insurance company about the HSG test. I still have two batches of sperm left in this current purchase, so if it's not prohibitively expensive, I'd like to try the test and get the increased fertility bonus, especially since Lauren said it's not too painful

Newbian~ I'm glad you noticed the language too, and it wasn't just me. It wasn't really enough to totally detract from the story, but every so often I'd say "hmm, are you sure about that?" I'll admit Perfect/Paul's ultimate fate was a bit out-of-the-blue (which was bad writing, since there were certainly plenty of opportunities to foreshadow it) but I was pleased with everyone else's resolution, especially Mister. Awwww....

I'm so sleepy today! And jealous~ DP's still living the NYC life and I'm here being the Lunch Detention B*tch!

SarahCecile~ Nice to meet you! Taking a break is never lame. We have to do what feels best for us and know that all our friends will be here waiting xo
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... can I be moved to waiting to O please?

I knew it was coming, but it still sucks. I think DW is more devastated than I am, and part of that is because we both kind of blame me--there's a good chance I can't get pregnant, and we're trying to maximize that little chance I have before it's gone, but it seems sometimes like it's just a very expensive exercise in futility. I'm off to feel sorry for myself now.

I'm sending out all of the babydust I have received to everyone still in the 2ww! I'm sure I'll get more in a few weeks.

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LibraryLady - Thanks for answering the ultrasound question. It makes perfect sense now. Would the HSG test be done in enough time to do an insem next month?

Interestingly enough, I was more interested in the brothers towards the end of the book. I was very surprised by Mister's revelation! I would read a book s/o book about Mister, Sol, and Bart,

Lol @ the Lunch Detention B*tch! You know you've been called that by at least one kid!

Hey LOSTies, tonight is the last new episode before the series finale on Sunday. What am I going to do next Tuesday night??
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KKearney~ biggest hugs! I'm so sorry, even if you felt it was coming, it doesn't make it any less sad.

Newbian~ I agree that I was more interested in the brothers by the end. I loved all the incidental observations, like the brother who marries the fat girl even though his mom warns him that fat people snore the most. It's so wrong, but made me laugh so hard.

I don't know about making the insem next month. I have to find out what my insurance will pay for re the test, but I want to get back on the train as quick as I can. I cried yesterday (in the subway) when I realized we wouldn't be able to try this cycle. I'm feeling a bit despairing, that I'm just too old and it's never going to happen...

And yeah, I've been called every name you can think of, and even taken a punch to the face! Kids can be mean! The name calling doesn't bother me much~ usually I say "I've been called worse names by bigger punks than you!" One girl said "You're just a b*tch, Miss C" and I said, "Yes, and now I'm the b*tch who's getting you suspended. See you in the office!"

I can't even think about Lost! Sads!! Fortunately I have Neil Patrick Harris on a Joss Whedon directed episode of Glee to keep me smiling.
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AmandaHope - I am very optimistic about this cycle. DP was worried I was traumatized by my last IUI experience and wouldn't want to return, but I don't feel that way at all. I know my pregnancy will happen right when it's supposed to, and I think this is the cycle!

wehrli - I'm so glad to hear your dizzy spells are over. I can see how they might be stress related. It sounds like you have a good game plan on reducing stress, and I think ditching your stressful job is a great idea! I've been unemployed for the past year and can honestly say I've never been happier. I'm thankful every day that DP can support both of us, all while working from home. I know our baby will benefit from it.

LibraryLady - Did you have a Manhattan in Manhattan? FYI, I would probably cry at the sight of Ellis Island as well. The HSG test sounds like a good idea, though I know you must be impatient. Hang in there, lady! You are NOT too old to get pregnant! Get that out of your head!

Korey - Isn't it a blast obsessing over symptoms?! Honestly, I don't think any certain dpo is too early to feel pregnancy symptoms. Everyone is different. for you! I love your mantra, by the way.

kkearney - So sorry about your BFN. No matter how you try to prepare yourself for it, it's still a big disappointment. I'm sure this just means you were meant to have a KD.
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Big news! My DP won us two tickets to the live Glee concert! Have a look at her sweet and witty prize winning entry. I love her (and not just because she is a great writer who wins stuff... )!

Less exciting news...
I went to my OB today just to get a blood panel ordered (which my midwife recommended after my 9 day LP last month), and the doc played into a whole handful of stereotypes...
1) She had my chart in front of her, and I explained that I'd had three cycles of donor insemination, etc., etc. And then she looks at me and says, "I'm completely confused. How long have you been having unprotected intercourse?" HA. I guess I forgot to mention the lesbian thing. She was quite cool after that--in fact, she was really upset that the insurance wouldn't let her refer me to an RE right away, and she is going to try to get a referral through, anyway. But she just looked so clueless there for a minute.
2) She looked at my birthdate, noted that I'd be 35 in June, and declared that what I obviously needed was Clomid and Progesterone (but that I should be properly monitored by an RE while taking it...hence the attempt at a referral). I almost laughed out loud, though. She is a walking textbook. Woman approaching 35 = in desperate, immediate, and obvious need of pharmaceuticals and intensive medical management. As if women in their 30s don't get pregnant ALL THE TIME. Hey--if tests show that I need the medical help, I'll take it. Don't mind me. But it was the automatic assumption that was startling.
3) I commented that I did, after all, get pregnant with my DD on the second try, even though I was only 26 at the time...and she responds with, "Well, that's when women are SUPPOSED to get pregnant." I'm sure she meant biologically and not ethically, but still. Yikes.
She was actually very friendly and supportive the whole time, so I'm happy to have her on my side, trying to get me more resources with an RE, but the whole interaction just cracked me up.

I thought this bunch would appreciate this story. I'm choosing not to be at all discouraged by it but, rather, to hope that maybe I can get my monitored, triggered cycles paid for sooner than I'd thought. We'll see.

Personals to come...
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So, my KD just called (we broke the news to him of our BFN and wanted to get rolling on his testing because he's leaving for vacation on Saturday), and we had about a 1/2 hour conversation, during which he said "well, I was reading in the contract about you guys being the sole supporters and stuff, and, y'know, I'm doing this for you, and I know you're like the main income provider, and, um, well, when I was over there looking at your house, I just was thinking, I know this is a decision you've made, but I see how my sister struggles on one income with her kids even with child support..."

OK, I get the question...but what's wrong with our house?! OK, we're dirty hippie lesbians with NO eye for decorating, and apparently (we found this out during the same conversation) he is "more than comfortably well off", and he's the kind of guy who has 3 different color themes for his Christmas decorations, but seriously? He only saw 2-3 rooms of our house, and those are the nice ones that have been remodeled (Goddess forgive he look at our bathroom circa 1957 with the pitted porcelain sink that takes 20 minutes to drain). Ugh. I like him, but he's apparently crazy elitist. I'm kind of pissed off, frankly.

DW still really likes him, and I do too, but he's quite the snob. KD2 is way more down-to-earth, more nutty crunchy, loves dogs/cats (spent 20 minutes last night practically wrestling with my big dog)...and he seems like he might be more interested in fresh donations. KD1 wants to do the frozen donations through our fertility clinic (as much as he can donate in 7 days from testing/exam...and he's thinking he'll only donate 3 times), mostly because he's single and kind of a slut (who has safer sex, but still a slut). Even though DW is enamored with him, I'm almost hoping his sperms are duds--he's going for a semen analysis at the end of this week. Is that bad of me?
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Kate Hmmm...I think your instincts seem pretty strong, there. If your KD has negative opinions about your lifestyle, that could come into play later in unexpected ways. He could always just get over it, but...it could also be a problem. And safe, fresh swimmers are worth A LOT. Really, truly. If you want to go with KD2, I don't think you need to feel locked in to KD1, even if his swimmers check out. Why not have them both do the testing and then make a decision?

AmandaMom Yay for optimism!

Korey Hey--signs are exciting, even if they don't always pan out. Here's hoping that this time they are the real thing!

Wehrli My monitor kept requesting a stick and kept reading "high" for 7 days...so I just got mad and stopped using it. There was no doubt that I had ovulated already. I'm pretty jaded about the monitor. I might wipe its memory clean and use it again next cycle, but not without being really careful to watch for other signs!

Good night, all.
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AmandaMom- I have been trying since Oct. 2009. Oct and Nov I had frozen KD sperm, it was low motility and a waste of money. We did ICI with it, big waste. Dec. Jan, Apr, May we had IUI and ICI with a new donor from our bank. ☹

AmandaHope- Have you been to the LGBTQ Historical Society in SF? Also, I liked your story about the nurse. My RE was nice enough to tell me that my only infertility issue was “lack of exposure”. (I really like that phrase.) Ha, and I’m 37. Don't give up!

wehrli- I have a sneaking suspicion that it is my stress level that is keeping me from being pregnant. How about you?

Kearney- s. It sounds like your KD is just having second thoughts and wants to be more involved. I think it’s a natural question for KD’ers in general. Are you guys totally opposed?

AFU- Not sure if we are going to try this cycle. It will depend on my lab results. I am thinking during the summer I will be working less, and less stress in general. I may also talk to the RE about Clomid just bc I'm sick of it not working! We are also going to register with California Cyrobank and chose a new donor.
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kate - hmmm. i would be put off by kd1 too for those snobbish comments. i think it's important to feel comfortable with the decision about who is going to contribute 1/2 of the genetic information to your child whether that be known or anonymous. you and your dw need to discuss this more before it could turn into a big issue. is his testing also going to include stds and aids? the whole "he's a slut" comment made me shudder since they want to test for aids and then wait 6 months quarantine and test again. i'm not sure if this is the path you are going down or not. just something else to consider.

i know everyone goes through a different experience when choosing kd/sperm. for us, dp was overwhelmed with the banks and info available and gave me the task (i am the techno-geek) of weeding through it all, choosing a bank and then giving her a short list of 5 potential donors. then we spent several days comparing profiles and medical issues before selecting our donor. when we knew we were down to our last 4 vials last year when ttc ds2, we had to go through the whole process again to choose another donor. it is a very difficult process.

maxk, we also used ccb!

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OK, he's not a slut, perse...he just made it known that he has never had a long-term monogamous relationship, and he enjoys being single. He is tested regularly for STDs and HIV, even though he has assured us he always practices safer sex. His last test was in January, and he'll be doing another STD test before donating.

We did the whole "catalog shopping" thing when we first thought this was going to be an "easier" process--we didn't know my fertility issues, and unfortunately ran out of the banked sperm rather quickly. This last BFN was the last of it.

The more I think about his comments, the more I'm peeved. I'm not sure if he's just completely tactless, or if he really is looking down on our lifestyle because we spend our money on emergency back surgery for the dog as opposed to color-coordinated Christmas decorations (last year was his red and gold year...with 3 trees). I dunno. I keep thinking a lot of my PO'd ness is coming from missing our original KD, who was totally on a similar page in a lot of ways in terms of lifestyle--he's comfortable, but spends his money on piano tuning and organic kitty food instead of selling his three-family house in the crappy neighborhood for a huge mortgage, and such a gentleman. This guy is kind of full of himself (I guess I see why he hasn't been in a relationship for very long...oh, now I'm just being snarky), and I am very much not, so I have a hard time dealing with people like that in general. Overly confident people intimidate me in general, whether they have good intentions or not, so I keep thinking this is just my issue.

I do want to talk to KD2, but we can wait until after KD1's semen analysis gets back. He'll be leaving for vacation on Saturday, so DW and I will be talking about it, and we'll still have time to get KD2 an analysis next week. Especially if KD2 would be willing to do fresh donations, I would much rather go with him. Any guy who uses animals as an avoidance tactic for discussing awkward things is a good guy in my book, lol (he came over our house Monday and we spent 20 minutes just talking about the dogs, lol). KD1 doesn't like animals. They're messy and affect his allergies, so the next time we meet, it will have to be at his house.

Gosh, I'm bitter. But AF is on her way, and I'm PMSing. DW and I will be having some serious conversations soon. Thanks, all, for listening.

Sorry for no personals...it's all about me today, apparently...but here:

to all of you!
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Maxk- sorry AF came Good luck choosing a new donor! Also, trying while less stressed sounds better- deep breaths!

AmandaHope- That is so exciting!! I *love* Glee! Looking forward to reading the entry when I have more time tonight. Your story was funny. Not sure if I said this here but my OBGYN was under the impression I would be having sex with KD

kkearney- sorry about BFN and the continuing KD drama, I hope that all gets settled for you.

AmandaMom- I hope that this is your cycle too & am glad that you're feeling optimistic

Library- Glad that your trip was wonderful though! Last night was legen...wait for it...dary! Are you a Firefly fan?

Newbian- Hope AF is still far far away!! Also, I admire your ability to stay so calm. This process makes me even more neurotic (which I didn't know was pobbible.)

Korey- yay for little aquarians! I need to borrow your mantra- very obsessive over here as well!

Wehrli- I am glad that the dizziness went away and that your body is getting back on track!

Escher- Good luck with insems, wishing you a straightforward, well timed O!

Sarah- Welcome back! Sorry about BFN

Chiquitayy- That would definitely be the best birthday present ever! We did 4 insems this time too. Good luck with 2ww!

Scarlett- Sorry that you have to hold off this cycle but it sounds like the best thing to do.

2happymamas- Welcome back, good luck TTC #2!

AFM- FF is saying O not detected. I got what I thought was a +opk on Saturday. It never got as dark as the control line but got darker and thicker than it had been. I also had great EWCM Fri-Mon and it is now less stretchy. I am sort of at a loss but trying to trust my body and not obsess. (Ha!) I can't imagine on CD20 that I have not Oed yet, I usually O around CD 16. Hmm. Temping just may not be the best indicator for me, I very rarely get uninterrupted sleep and Monday I started talking to DW accidently before temping. Who knows.
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burg - As AmandaMom said once before, Fertility Friend often seems like Fertility Enemy! DP has referred to it as "Fertility Foe." I wouldn't worry about it, especially since you used fresh sperm!

kkearney - I have a strong opinion on this, and I hope you don't mind me sharing. Screw KD1!! Not literally.

If you have any bad feelings about him at all, I think you're a lot less likely to get pregnant by him.

Plus, KD2 sounds like a great guy! And I agree, "any guy who uses animals as an avoidance tactic for discussing awkward things is a good guy in my book"!

Oh, and screw KD1's Christmas color schemes, too! You'll appreciate this Onion article, I'm sure. I feel just like this straight guy when I compare myself to the boys: http://www.theonion.com/articles/whe...-energy,11319/

AmandaHope - Glad you founds a good doc! I tend to think that you'd be even more fertile for having a child previously!

AmandaMom - I'm glad you weren't traumatized by the tenaculum. I think I would be!!

Library - I understand about the u/s now. That really sucks!! Is there a special reason you're on Femara?

Newbian - I really don't know what I'm going to do when Lost is over!

AFM - I'm just trying to get some work done today and sticking to my mantra!

I trust my body, and I trust the process.
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Hey ladies~ Lots happening as usual! And it's another deadly weather day in Oklahoma, so I'm just constantly refreshing the NOAA radar map and waiting to see if we'll have to take cover. Cross your fingers~ I'm so not in the mood for this!!

KK~ Yikes! I know I've never met the guy, but I have to say I get the same bad vibe from your KD's current behavior. The judge-y-ness and the comments, hmm. I'm sorry for you guys having to have this conversation, but I certainly feel you're 100% justified in stressing this point to your DP.

AmandaH~ I don't like the sound of your nurse! The assumptions and the talk about when women are SUPPOSED to get pregnant~ hmph! As though life can work out so easily for everyone. On the other hand, I'm INSANELY JEALOUS about your Glee tickets!!! I'd freak out with joy to go see them! Last night's episode was so wonderful!! 'I Dreamed a Dream' had me sobbing on the sofa (like, actual sobbing uncontrollable tears), NPH was BRILLIANT and the flashmob 'Safety Dance' is an instant classic. I do love Firefly too, and Joss Whedon (though Dollhouse was dreadful, I think). I did NOT get to see Lost (I have to wait for DP to get home) but I can't wait to see that too!

AmandaM~ thanks for your encouraging words about my age, sometimes I'm just afraid I've left it too long, but you're right, there's still a bit of hope. Sadly I did NOT get a Manhattan in Manhattan but I had wine and beer, which was just as nice.

AFM~ I'm in the midst of AF (who arrived on the subway as well, thanks!) and getting ready to talk to my RE about scheduling the HSG test. We've two vials left that we've already purchased and I think I'm going to go for the test and then take advantage of the increased fertility opportunities.

Apologies if I didn't speak to you personally, but I do think about everyone!!

We need baby dust! Someone get a bfp so you can share the joy!!!
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