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Good morning all! Hoping everyone is well. I'm reading along as always, but I get caught when it's time to reply.

AmandaHope, Congratulations on 12 years! Those are a lot of restrictions! That's just if you have a prolactin imbalace? I know some people recomend many of those to just about everyone. DP said, "There goes my whole diet! I can only eat chicken?"

Burg, congratualtions on your 2 lines!

wehrli, I never would have thought of vitamin D! Hopefully that makes you feel right. That probably isn't want makes me dizzy, as I currently have a pretty nice farmer's tan. Mine also isn't iron, orthostatic hypotension, hypotesnion or dehydration. But I've always had dizzy spells, since I was bitty. The only time I had one bad enough to hit the floor, I had mono (oh, and a brand new baby, I passed out in the shower after DS, woke up in time to catch myself, but that was kind of funny). LOL.

Newbian, I have no health insurance, either (due to paperwork not being turned in on time, of all things). Do you have a plan? Or winging it? I figure what I want isn't covered by insurance anyway, and I'm going to refuse all the tests, so it winds up being cheaper going uninsured, even considering all the doctor and dentist appointments for the 3 of us.

So, I'm being called away again. Just a drive by aparently.
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Good morning everyone~ Starting to be hot and humid in OK, which means the tornado thread has eased, but it also means that it's really hot and humid. A mixed blessing.

AmandaH~ GLEE LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your 12 years together for sure, and what a way to celebrated. I am completely in love with Glee and have watched the clip of them doing Bad Romance about 15 times in the last 24 hours. I'd LOVE to see them live. I hope you had a great evening! Thanks for sharing the dietary info too. That seems like a pretty strict regimen, but if it works, it's totally worth it.

Burg~ Congrats on your two lines, that was funny.

Wehrli~ Big hugs for you too, I know you're feeling worn out by all this. We all are, but sometimes it weighs a bit more heavily than others.

Seraf~ No insurance? That's a terrifying position to be in, I'm so sorry. My DP and I were talking about how much easier (financially) some of this would be if we lived in the UK again~ how 'infertility' diagnosis and treatment, IVF, IUI every thing is all paid for and included in one's health benefits. Good luck to you~ is there a possibility of getting that situation taken care of, since it was a paperwork error?

Welcome back to some friends we haven't seen in a while. Hope the journey's being good to you.

AFM~ Remember the trouble I had with the lazy woman at the doc's office who wouldn't call the insurance company? Well, I totally ratted on her. I called the main nurse who's the RE's assistant and told her "I realize this isn't your job, but I don't know who else to talk to" and repeated what the unhelpful woman had said about how it wasn't her job to call, etc. Nurse Beverly was irritated but unsurprised~ I guess they've had trouble with this person before~ and connected me with a different person in the business office who was MUCH better. She called me back almost immediately and let me know that the HSG test procedure was going to be about $250 total rather than the $600+ it is if you have to pay in full, which I might have, had I not gotten this helpful info. So, yay Nurse Beverly and helpful financial lady!! So now it's just a question of continuing to wait for AF. I'm looking forward to seeing her this time~ that's a change!
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RE: The lead in your water...

Our city keeps sending us letters saying that there is too much arsenic in our water, but that we "shouldn't worry".... yeah......right.

Also, anyone out there taking any herbal supplements? Ive been taking Raspberry leaf for awhile, but Im having THE MOST BIZARRE dreams?!?

Im doing the pitching section of a softball camp next month (of course I am), and OF COURSE it looks like Ill be out of town for my O. Ive about had it with the "process" after two years. Hoping to catch a break soon.

Happy Almost FRIDAY to all of you! Hopefully we'll get some good news from Burg over the weekend???
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OH! One more thing...

I tend to lean towards bouts of OCD, but mostly over silly things, and NEVER over productive things, like cleaning.... anyway, I read an article last week called "7 Things the Experts Won't Eat". Oh. Em. Gee.

I was already beginning to get a little wigged out about the food, the hormoneinjected/cancercausing/BPAfilled/CornFed/FarmRaised/toxic FOOD, but this pretty much sent me over the edge.

The things we eat are SO harmful to us, I cant imagine what they do to A) Our reproductive systems and B) Our little beans once they are in there...

Ill try to find the article again and link to it today.

On that note
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"7 Foods the Experts Wont Eat"


The Salmon is especially freaky....
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Scarlett~ Thanks for the info. I'm just about to click the link and read the article, but I'll bet I'm sorry after that. My school is out in the country and we have a well. People come from the school district every day--EVERY DAY-- and check it for arsenic. They say everything's fine, but how fine can it be if they have to check every single day? I don't live out here in the community, but the people who do said it never ocurred to them to worry about the ground water until they started doing all the checks at the school.

I'm sorry about being out of town for your O and I HEAR YOU about being fed up with the process, but I have to love that you're going to softball camp. It's the lesbo summer for sure! Are you coming to OKC for any of the games? The college championship is happening soon, but the World Series is the really fun one. I love seeing the Japanese team. The books I'm writing are about four friends and one of the friends is the pitcher for the school softball team and is a big jock star. I should pick your brains about pitching details... And if anyone wants to come to the Softball Hall of Fame for the games, give me a shout~ we can have hot dogs and then talk about all the tumors and chemicals we're ingesting. Fun!
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Hi Everyone,

Miss Scarlett: I'm sorry you're likely to be out of town for your O. I hope camp is fun! I drink Brill's fertility tea blend, which has red raspberry (as well as red clover, nettle, and something else). I haven't noticed any dreams from it, but that sounds interesting!

LibraryLady: Hooray for finding someone helpful at the RE's office!

Seraf: Nice to hear from you!

AmandaHope: I'm glad that Glee Live was great. Did your DD love it too? Happy 12 Years! And thanks for sharing the ideas from your acupuncturist.

Solejean: Welcome back!

Wehrli: I'm so glad that they found something that might be causing the light-headedness, and that it is easy to fix!

Burg: It's good to appeciate two lines wherever you happen to find them. Good luck with your test tomorrow!

AFM: I'm 6dpo, and feeling very tired of waiting.
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Oh my word this has been a stressful week. I found a lump in the nether regions that was bigger than a grape. I am happy to report that I just got back from my Dr. and it appears to be a swollen lymph node. I am counting my blessings!! I will respond more but now I think I need a nap, couldn't sleep much last night.
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Cd1 - finally

After a personal record cycle for me - 38 days - I finally got to CD1 yesterday! We're heading into our sixth insem this month, but the first with injectible meds. We only have two tries left with KD, so I'm choosing optimism!

Good luck to all!
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Max - Sorry about your high prolactin levels. Hopefully your medication will fix that right up, and you BFP will follow.

AmandaHope - Happy Anniversary! I'm so jealous you got to see Glee Live. I absolutely love that show. The part in this last episode with Kurt's dad literally brought me to tears. Thanks for passing on those dietary suggestions. I can do the no dairy or soy (am already, and it's hard!), but I think I would die without bread. Just sayin'.

burg - I love your document with the two lines. I'm certain it was a sign!! It also looks like one line is pink and the other blue... Fraternal twins, maybe? Glad to hear your "lump in the nether regions" is nothing to worry about.

wehrli - Hooray for AF showing on time! Now get out in that sun and soak up some vitamin D!

solejean - Welcome back!

LibraryLady - Thank goodness for Nurse Beverly! I'm so glad you got that straightened out. I hear ya about the hot and humid... and now we're gearing up for what's supposed to be a lively hurricane season.

Miss Scarlett - I have also been drinking a tea with raspberry leaf and nettle, but haven't experienced any strange dreams. Nothing out of the ordinary, anyway! I wasn't afraid to check out your link, "7 Foods the Experts Wont Eat", and I'm happy to report I don't eat those items anyway. Well, maybe some occasional microwave popcorn... Next time I'm in the produce aisle, I will think twice about complaining how much more expensive organic apples are than conventional apples! Thanks!

escher - Hang in there! Crossing my fingers tight for you!

fivegrandbaby - Welcome, and love your name, btw. Hopefully this is your cycle!

Korey - How are you and DP? Have you made your way over to the Queer and Pregnant thread yet?

Newbian Mama - Hi.

AFM, I'm on CD15 and I got my first bit of EWCM today, so O should be fast approaching. I was getting worried because I only have a few cheapie OPK's left, but it should be here sometime this weekend. Luckily my RE does insems on weekends and holidays! I'm still feeling good about this cycle. I trust my body, and I trust the process.
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just popping in to wish everyone a great weekend.... i'll be back on tuesday. it's off to TX for me and DP.

to you all!!!
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I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. I pitched for SWOSU, and then coached the Weatherford girls and the SWOSU pitchers for two years after college. Ill be in the OKC area June 12-18. Camp i'm teaching is in NE OK, but that's just the 14th, 15th, & 16th. Maybe we can get together! I went to the World Series EVERY YEAR when I was in OK, I can hardly watch it on TV now that Im in El Paso, it breaks my heart not to be there!!!!
Ill PM you my cell, maybe we can get together at some point!

The salmon really got to me, as Ive been eating A TON of it for all the Omega fatty acids etc. Im not much of a chicken eater, so I use fish as an alternative to red meat. Knowledge is power though....right????

I just recently purchased that tea also! The red raspberry Im taking is in pill form, and I take it at night with my prenatal (that's the only time I can *really* swallow a pill without getting all choked up and sprouty), but maybe I should try taking it at lunch instead....
Last night I dreamt I was fishing in the middle of the ocean in a ROWBOAT, and caught a very angry shark AS BIG AS THE BOAT. Yike.

A book that some of you might find interesting: Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. It has several tea's, tonics, and tinctures for fertility. In my opinion, it HAS to be better for us than the Clomid . Ill try to scan in some of the recipes and post over the weekend.

OH, and to be possibly filed in the TMI section, the OvaCue vaginal sensor arrived yesterday. It confirms ovulation, so Im hoping it will give me a little bit more clarity to my cycles as the OPK's are tending to be a little sketchy. Ill keep you posted

PS Are any of you on Twitter? Im @MissScarlett
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Library, I'm not terrified, I was annoyed, honestly. I changed my direct deposit so the amount I was spending on health insurance goes into savings instead of checking and then I pay for medical stuff out of that account. That account is doing a-ok. For pregnancy, my insurance wouldn't cover homebirth or midwives. That would be out of pocket. I refuse all tests anyway. I have a history of that. I'll only consent to finger pricks, vital signs, fundal height checks and fetal pulse with a fetoscope. The only way to get it back would be to purchase it independantly or wait until November, when we have open enrolement at work again. And then if I'm pregnant, it will be a preexisting condition and nothing related will be covered for so many months. On the other hand, I have a low enough income that I qualify for state funded health insurance. I don't really want that insurance at the moment, because if a doc hears who your insurance is, they say, these are the routes you can go down... I like the freedome of being a private payer, in other words. It gives me more control over my care. If I went to the hospital and tried to leave AMA, that don't have the "insurance won't pay if you leave AMA" card to hold over me. If there was some crazy emeregency and I ended up delivering surgically at 30 weeks and had a long NICU stay for baby, that is a bill I could never pay. I could still apply for the medical card, it goes back 30 days before the application date. So, I'm slightly evil, but I have a plan. I plan to have the baby at home and just pay out of pocket (like with the first 2), but there is a plan B in the back of my mind (ignore the birth control refrence).

Miss Scarlet, thanks for the list, it put my mind more at ease, strangely. I was all nervous, but I only eat 2 things on that list and very rarely (ok 3, but the third is quite rare.) I don't think I have one of those things once a week (and not salmon, I've only ever seen wild at the stores around here. Perhaps a benefit of living near a hippie town?). Sweet! My potatoes sprout, tho! I have a hard time keeping them from sprouting!

Also, I'm not taking any herbal suppliments, I drank raspberry leaf tea when I was pregnant with DS, but I haven't started yet. Maybe I'll get some in town next time I go.

Burg - So scary! Glad it was just a node!

fivegrandbaby, welcome! The first time I read your name I thought, wow, she has 5 grandbabies and she's getting pregnant too, kudos to her! I'm a little slow this morning, sorry.

AFM I thought I was hitting AF yesterday or today. No such luck. DP is excited to order up some more swimmers. I haven't rented my house yet, so I'm only inseminating with one vial this month (and possibly the next month as well). But I can't get pregnant without any sperm right? (oh, and this TWW has been awful. Sore sore breasts, nausea so bad I had to pull over on the side of the road -again. And I didn't even inseminate!

So if there's anyone left here with me next month, remind me not to get excited about any symptoms.

DP had a very promising intervew in her field, making way more money. She said if I'm not pregnant by my birthday (November), she'll start trying. That gives me a huge bit of peace of mind.

Off to build a raised bed for my garden. And a swingset.

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Good morning gals~ no time today, it's the last day of school and we've already had a record-length assembly (seniors who went to elementary here come back for the last day, we introduced them all, then they play dodge-ball against the fifth grade), now my assistant and I are packing up the computer lab and pretty soon it's out to have a picnic with the 3rd grade, then HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to check in, see how we are and see who's testing.

Scarlett~ it's a softball date! We'll talk and maybe go see a game! Your input will be awesome for my book.

Amanda~ Sorry about the hurricanes! At least tornados are done in half an hour and you can go about your day...

More later. Hugs to all!!
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Well, we decided to try with one DIY IUI vial this cycle on the off chance that my prolactin medication works right away. Hopefully we will inseminate this weekend if all signs line up! So far LH is just starting to show slightly but saliva is not ferning yet.
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Seraf I really admire your way of doing things, especially your sense of confidence and competence.

Max I'm glad you get the chance to give a home IUI a shot this cycle. Bring on the ovulation!

Library Today's is my DD's last day of school, too. Happy last day to you! I hope you have a relaxing and (re)productive summer.

MissScarlet I'm definitely interested in how that sensor works out--hope it gives you clarity about your cycle. By the way, I grew up in Seattle, absolutely LOVE salmon, and won't TOUCH the farmed stuff. That means that we only eat salmon about twice or three times a month, but it is high quality fish. Also--even if it is wild, we never eat salmon from Japanese sources. Usually, the country of origin is identified on the package. Japanese fishing practices are the worst in the world. They fish with miles-long nets that kill staggering amounts of sea life of many kinds (including turtles, dolphins, even whales). They don't care; they just throw it all back--dead--except for the particular fish they seek. Line-caught Alaskan salmon is the best, though not always easy to find. Wild Alaskan is a good second. It is expensive, but worth it, IMHO. It also tastes much better than the farmed stuff.

AMom This is your cycle! The big #3 that you've been feeling so good about! I hope you get good, clear O signs soon and that your insems do the trick. What is your insemination plan this month, by the way? One or two? IUIs, right?

FiveGrandBaby Welcome to the board, and best wishes to you for a successful cycle!

Burg YIKES! Glad everything is ok. Sigh.

Escher Hang in there. 6dpo is tough, but we're all rooting for you!

AFM I'm surviving my third day without bread (ok, one piece of super-healthy Ezekial sprouted bread ), but now, I have to make a promised loaf of challah (Jewish braided bread) to take to a neighbor's for dinner tonight. Sigh. I'm actually feeling pretty good.
More importantly, We made an offer on a house today! As you may recall (or not), we've been waiting for the seller's bank approval on a short sale since January...and we're finally at the end of our rope. The house we bidded on today has a beautiful yard, which backs up to a wooded easement (city land--so no one can build on it). I just know that my DD (and hypothetical second child) will love romping around in the woods. My DD is a nature-lover, and I'm thrilled that in this rather suburban area, we found such a lovely place. The house is spacious with all wood floors, but it is in desperate need of updating (especially kitchen and bathrooms--the expensive stuff), so we made a really low offer. I don't know how the seller will react, but we'll see! I'm so excited! The house is within a 5-min-max drive of the excellent local elementary school, a beautiful river-front park with hiking trails, the city pool/rec center, AND Trader Joe's (the real priority ). I hope we get it!
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Thanks for all of the welcome wishes!

I should've waited a little while to come up with my handle - we're about to enter the $6k range.

But went to see the specialist this morning to get the dosage for fertility meds and he told me my ovaries are beautiful! First time I've heard this from a man OR a woman, I must say. It made my day. We start the shots tomorrow.

Amanda - Congratulations on the house! Hope you get it...! We're in a condo and dying to move but sadly can't sell anytime soon. Hoping to get into the school district that's literally about a block up from where we live...with no kids yet, we have plenty of time for the market to rebound. Woot!

My favorite part of the fertility meds so far is that I'll go from having a 35ish day cycle to a 28 day cycle. Predictability is so rare with this TTC stuff.

Best of luck to all!
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FiveGrandBaby Fabulous news that your ovaries are beautiful!
So this is your first cycle with meds...or have you taken non-injectible meds in the past? Is this the first time you've worked with a specialist/RE? I'm hopeful for you! Plus, having a nice, predictable, shorter cycle will be really nice, I'm sure. I hope the meds don't make you feel terrible/crazy.... Also, I bet that within a few years (ie, by the time a walking, talking kid might make you want more space), you'll be able to sell your condo. We sold our house this time last year and took a huge loss. It really sucked. So at least now, as buyers again, we are benefiting a bit. I hope.
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This is our first cycle with any sort of medication. We've been working with an RN who runs a clinic locally, and she is awesome and has had successes, but she's kind of confused as to why I'm not pregnant yet as she can see nothing wrong with me. Our KD is the wife's brother, and we only have 2 tries left and he lives in Europe, so in order to maximize our chances, she referred us to the RE she works in conjunction with.

We skipped clomid because my estrogen level is on the low end of normal, and apparently clomid depletes your estrogen even more (?). Our RE didn't even suggest clomid - he just knows chances are better with the injectibles, and if we were up for doing it, he was up for helping us out. He thinks we're good candidates for it... there is a chance that my cycles are so long because my estrogen is low-ish, and this could be causing the eggs to wait too long to release, thereby giving me some old cranky eggs. This will solve that problem.

Also, the RN thought she saw a polyp on the last ultrasound she did, so I go in on Tuesday to the RE's office for a hysteroscopy and possible polypectomy.

I was really surprised when the RE asked us how many eggs we wanted him to aim for. I thought that was sort of up to his discretion, but he was very persistent that it's our choice. We went with 3-4, hoping to maximize our chances without being irresponsible. Hopefully we can get 1 or 2 perfect ones!

Regarding the condo: I've decided that instead of saying, "I hope we can sell the condo," or "I hope we can get into the school district we want," I'm going to start acting like that's the plan. "In 4-5 years, we're selling the condo and buying a house in the neighboring community." Done and done. Pessimism has gotten me nowhere... so I'm trying this optimism thing out.

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MaxK- yay for inseminating anyway.

AmandaHope - I don't know what you're talking about, but thanks. Good luck on the house.

5 grand - yay for beautiful ovaries.

Everyone on a fertility recomended diet - what are y'all eating for breakfast? Clearly not cereal and milk, nor breakfast burritos.
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