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AmandaMom !!

Ahem.....Both DP and I LOOOVE the beach (I took her last year, she had actually never been before !) but unfortunately, this TTC buisness is going to prevent us from going this year.... which is very sad ! Too bad you arent a bit closer ! North Caroline is too far of a ride (from Quebec anyway) for a weekend ! Your guest bedroom would have been prefect for us tho, its very nice. Perhaps at some point we can do a get together of this board on a beach somewhere near you ! And thanks for your understanding and support... I greatly appreaciate it !

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Dear Mother Nature,

I wish you had created a one size fits all cycle. Why can't everyone have a 30 day cycle and ovulate on day 15? This fertility math is enough to make one's head spin!


TTC & stay sane in the process

Just got back from the drugstore. I am now stocked up on opks and have a new basal thermometer (my other one always gave an incredibly low reading). I am also now set up on FF. I am giving my all to this last try before KD moves away!

Still crossing my fingers for everyone!!
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the red hair gene is a strange animal....my paternal grannie was a redhead - out of 3 sons only one of my uncles inherited it. he had one son with red hair and that son had a son with red hair. and...that is all! my dad has fair skin and freckles like a redhead (as do i) but his hair is black and mine is brown. me, my sister and brother have all had kids and not a redhead among them - 5 kids total!

good luck with getting a redheaded babe!

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Quick Update:

Burg: Good luck! I hope that all your signs are incredibly clear this cycle!

AmandaMom: I would love to come and visit you sometime! Maybe when we're both pregnant this summer. Your guest room is lovely!

Chiquitayy: So cute! What a great distraction.

LibraryLady: I'm sorry you had to deal with your clueless colleague.

Coco: My temp usually drops sometime between 10 and 14 dpo, but I'm not really sure when I O'd this cycle.

AFM: Two totally annoying things:
1. Playing with FF, I found that if I discard my temp from 4/23, FF suddenly thinks that I ovulated three days later. I feel like I am totally clueless about where I am in my cycle. Ugh.
2. Even worse, my doctor got back to me with the results from yesterday's progesterone test. It was 3.3.
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Originally Posted by burg View Post
Dear Mother Nature,

I wish you had created a one size fits all cycle. Why can't everyone have a 30 day cycle and ovulate on day 15? This fertility math is enough to make one's head spin!
Amen !!!
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

AFM: Two totally annoying things:
1. Playing with FF, I found that if I discard my temp from 4/23, FF suddenly thinks that I ovulated three days later. I feel like I am totally clueless about where I am in my cycle. Ugh.
2. Even worse, my doctor got back to me with the results from yesterday's progesterone test. It was 3.3.
Its strange that your Prog is that low... when your temps are clearly pretty high...... isnt the progesterone whats doing that ? If it was low... shouldnt your temps be low as well ? Mystery.......

And about the temp of 4-23... why would you discard it ? With your OPK test... I would be pretty confident that you O'ed that day, at least more than 3 days later thats for sure. But IF it was 3 days later......... your timing could still work ya know !

I am sorry you are feeling and ...... I know how this can be soooooo tough......

Hang in there...

and be the tree

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Anyone up for a game ?

I dont know about you but I am in desperate need for DISTRACTION !! It doesnt help that I am away on a training trip in Matagami... thats wayyyyy wayyyyyyyy up north, on the James Bay Territories (ya know... close to where Santa lives...) and therefore, I am stuck in a motel room.... and ALL THERE IS TO DO is OBSESS about TTC !!

So I'm offering... if anyone is up for a game of WordTwist or UNO or something on Facebook... be my guest ! Look me up : Claudine Thibaudeau email : psycoco@hotmail.com and you'll recognize me because on my profile photo is DP and I in our Montreal Canadians Jerseys ! (If you cant find me it ,ay be because my level of privacy is very high... let me know on here and I'll connect you !


PS: I'll be here (and most likely bored to death) tomorrow night as well !
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burg- I have never tried saline but I did use a little egg whites one cycle. Brill recommends it in her book for people who are doing ICI and not sure if they are producing enough fertile mucus. Unfortunately our experience was not so great. After laying still a good long while after insem, when I sat up it all came out. I think the egg white was just a little too much so we didn't use it again. Saline, being more liquidy than egg whites would probably do the same thing. Just my two cents.

Coco-- Stay positive!

Good luck to everyone else navigating their way through this crazy mess.
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CUTE KITTIES! And really lovely guest room...
I think we need more pics. So here are a few of my DD (not especially great or recent, but I don't usually use flickr).
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Maxk- thanks for that input. I think I am going to keep it simple...I don't want everythig coming back out.

Also, love seeing everyones kid (four legged and otherwise) pictures
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11 dpo

So, bfn again this morning.... but temp rose back up to the highest it has been..... *sigh* now I am really looking forward to the end !

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coco, for the bfn... i really hope it's too early, though.

AHope, your daughter looks very sweet!

max, i have always wondered about egg whites... glad to know how it worked (or didn't) work for you.

escher, what dpo did you get that prog test?? that does seem awfully low for you temps to be so high... wth?! i'm thinking about you and hoping you get some answers... or a bfp!

burg, your letter to Mother Nature was cute and very funny!! i've totally had that talk with her!!

AMom, i hope Mad Men keeps you distracted until your you test!! and i hope that that test = bfp!!

chiquitayy, your kitties are too cute!! i just love kittenfaces!

library, it is so hard to hear about everyone's babes.... so much of this ttc is emotionally taxing, especially when no one really knows you are ttc... it's been so hard for me lately, too... they passed around a card and collected $ for someone who was 8+ months the day i found out about my miscarriage... another girl is 5 months along and was transfered to my dept for the remainder of her pg (and everyone talks about it incessantly), then yesterday my friend came into work reporting that she is going to be a grandma at the age of 36... so you know that means her son is young... she said that they are totally unprepared but she is thrilled... and then to try and be happy for someone... ugh... i try to tell myself it's not her fault. anyway, i digress... thinking about you...

newbian, FX for you... when do you test??

kearney, hope the TWW flies by and there is a at the end!

korey, i hope all goes well with the RE!!

afm, i had my first session of acupunture last night... it was nice. and i slept like a baby last night! i go again tonight... hoping that this is just what i need to get my body back on track!
hear is a link to my chart, i may need help figuring out when and if i actually O this cycle...
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wehrli, acupuncture is the best.thing.ever! dp and i both used it. dp's doctor specialises in fertility and is amazing!! she also continued throughout her pregnancy. i hope that does the trick for you and you'll be able to try again really soon!!!

i'm rooting for all y'all ladies - ths weekend marks a year since we got our bfp!! i hope that's a good sign.

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Good morning~ lots of fun chat as usual. Coco, I'm sorry about the BFN, but I can't help but be in the 'it's too early' camp, especially with those temps. Keep testing and keep us informed!

Newbian, how's it going? What's your temp like, even if you're not properly charting? Who else is about to test? I keep forgetting (I forget everything these days...) And we've got new 2ww-ers. Busy board!

Burg~ I liked the letter too! And I agree! I'm about to start peeing on opks and it's such a nervous time, wondering if I'm going to miss it, etc. It'd be nice to just say 'count to day 15, insem, done'. Of course, if Mother Nature's granting requests, how about "Hey Ma, just make it so that when I want to get pregnant it will happen and if someone doesn't want to it doesn't! Clear up lots of misery in the world, I tell ya!"

Thanks for the kitten and children photos! I love cats. My friends' kid has Aspergers and I hang out with him once a week (usually watching him play World of Warcraft or looking at goofy youtube videos) but yesterday he wanted to go to Second Chance Animals and play with the cats and kittens. It was very calming, especially after my fun afternoon with the counsellor, learning all about the joys and rewards of motherhood!

As for Mad Men....mmmmm. I have a Joan avatar I use a lot, but I can't figure out how to load them on this board, so oh well...
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coco Hang in there--your DP's chart looks terrific--hopefully just a few more days...

I had a dream last night of a baby--haven't had one of those in a really long time. It was SO NICE. And I'm reading a novel (The Memory Keepers' Daughter) that has a beautiful and really evocative description of the feeling of nursing a newborn. So I'm having serious baby cravings this morning. My heartrate speeds up just thinking about it! Oh--and I have a good friend/colleague (the one who got pregnant by accident after taking the morning after pill ) who is giving birth as I write. After nearly a week of false labor, her water finally broke, and she sent a picture on facebook (!) last night of her in the hospital. I'm really hoping that she is doing well and that the rest of us are preggers very soon!

Btw, when I was pregnant with DD, I had a terrifying dream in which my baby was chocolate and I ate it.
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Since a few of you asked about my RE visit, I figured maybe I'd give a little more of my background story. Here goes...

We always planned on inseminating at home, until DP got it in her head that IUIs were better. We then began a quest to find a doc who would inseminate. My GYN will do it, but she is not in the office all the time, and has no "washing machine" (ha!) or microscope, etc. She recommended 2 docs, both at infertility clinics. One doc had AWFUL reviews and would not do insems w/o Clomid. (WTF!?!) The other doc's staff seemed awesome, and we made an appt for a consultation.

But when we left the consultation, I was in tears. The NP we met with was very clinical, and told me that I was probably not fertile because I'm 35 and my cycles are 27 days. We told her that we didn't want to approach this process as infertility problem without indication of a true problem, and yet she insisted on talking about IVF as an option we should consider--even though I had never even tried to get pregnant at that point!!

Then, the kicker was that they wanted me to immediately schedule two tests: 1) the blocked tube test and 2) the saline in the uterus test. One of them would require a hospital stay. And THAT DAY, they called my pharmacy and ordered antibiotics for after the procedure, along with a 3-month supply of HCG shots! My pharmacy was calling me to pick up these meds, and I didn't even approve them! It was crazy. I felt like I was being bullied into a whole bunch of stuff, and not being listened to at all.

Honestly, if I ever DID have a problem, then I would trust these people to help me. But I resented being treated like I had a problem with no proof.

So after an intense therapy session, we decided to go back to the original ICI plan. That's really what I wanted all along, anyway. I wanted it to be nice and calm, and even to have the dogs lay in bed with me after the insem! That's what feels right to me.

Last month, which was the first try, we thought we got the timing perfect, based on BBTs. Going by the Brill book, we did NOT wait for the OPK+ because my cervix was open and the fertile CM was there. "Three signs lined up," as Brill said. However, in talking to a friend in-the-know, he said it sounded like we inseminated too early and really should have waited for that OPK+ (FYI, imsem #1 was on CD 13 at night. OPK+ was following morning,. Imsen #2 was later that day.)

Anyway, a friend of a friend referred us to an RE in NYC, who DP spoke to briefly. He said that we inseminated too early, and to come in for a consult and he would review everything with us and try to help us get the timing right. He agreed that we should try one more time at home, and if it doesn't take this time, then we should consider doing an IUI. And he would do an IUI without meds, which is great, even if it means a long drive for us.

Wow - I feel like I typed that all in one breath!

Meanwhile, like all of you, I'm also feeling tortured by all the pregnant women and new babies! My sis-in-law is 6 mos pregnant, and a good friend just had a baby. It seems like EVERYONE on Facebook is either pregnant or has a new baby.

Last night we went to babies r us for my sister in law. My mom came too, and even tho my bro and his wife are having a baby, my mom really wants me to get pregnant and she is just as impatient as DP and I! All three of us are convinced I will have a girl, and my mom was even picking up outfits at babies r us and saying "When you get pregnant, I'm gonna buy this for your kid!" She's not pressuring us, she's just excited. And she's been great when I've been upset and crazy. She actually had genuine infertility issues, so she really knows what it's like.

I know I just started this process, but I've been preparing for it for over a year. I got off all prescription drugs, lost weight, cut out refined sugar, etc. And now that I feel completely ready, I WANT MY BABY NOW!! LOL. I sound like a spoiled kid, but it's true.

So as O approaches for this month, I'm starting to feel some pressure again. I really want it to work this month. I'm thinking I have a good shot, because I really come alive in Spring and May is my favorite month! It feels right.

I'm thinking about all of you, and I will do some personal responses and cheer leading later tonight. In the meantime, know that I'm thinking about all of you and that I really appreciate this online friendship!

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Oh Korey~ what a tale! I'm sorry you had such bully doctors. Wth ordering all kindsa drugs without approval! They do sound kind of bullying, I'm glad you're in a better place now. I'm glad you're feeling ready and I hope it goes well for you. I don't know that I'd have been strong enough for a trip to babies r us with my mom who's showing me things she wants to buy my kid!! You're very brave. I hope all this strength, trial and preparation pays off for you. I agree~ I want my baby NOW!!!!
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Hi Everyone,

Korey: What a journey! I'm glad that you have a new RE who seems great.

AmandaHope: Your daughter looks like a total sweetie. Thanks for sharing the pictures! And hooray for baby dreams! What fun.

Wehrli: I'm glad that you're doing acupuncture--I don't know if it is useful for fertility (since I haven't gotten pregnant yet) but I definitely find it useful emotionally. My progesterone was tested Monday, which I think was 10dpo. I agree that it is totally weird that it could be that low.

Coco: Your temps look great, and it is still early. (And thanks for your support last night. I appreciate it. I don't really think I should discard the temp from 4/23, but it was a half hour earlier than normal and it annoys me that it is the thing that changes FF's interpretation. And I agree that it doesn't make sense that the progesterone could be that low--shouldn't I have my period by now if that were the case?)

AFM: I'm starting prometrium today. I would LOVE any advice/tips/experience anyone has with progesterone supplements and/or vaginal suppositories. Thank you!
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Escher~ I'm the vag suppository queen! I've had four rounds and am about to start number five. Mine come in little pink rubber nipple things and I have to pop them out (they're ever-so-refreshing if they're fresh out of the fridge!) First of all, stock up on pantiliners. I don't like them and think they're environmentally awful, but you will need them or else you'll just be gross and dirty all the time. Second, they'll change the way you smell, so get ready for that! And they'll give you pregnancy symptoms, so you'll no longer be able to trust or believe anything you feel inside you. In a way it makes the 2ww worse because the answer to every 'do I feel something' is 'yes, you feel the drugs'. You can't even symptom-obsess! Also, the more you use them, the more emotionally wrung out you'll be. Hopefully it'll work for you, because they can wear you out!! Sorry to be such a downer, but this has been my experience.
Fingers crossed!! I still want us all to go on that Rosie cruise!
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burg - I love your little note to Mother Nature! Ahhh, that would definitely make things much easier. It sounds like you're all ready to O, so I hope your timing is perfect and you don't have to worry once KD moves away.

escher - I can't believe your progesterone levels could be so low with your temps being so high. Maybe it was a fluke... Good luck with the supplements! Library Lady really knows what she's talking about.

Coco - So sorry about your BFN. I'm certain it's just too early to tell. I'm not sure if I'll be able to play any games with you on facebook, but I'm gonna add you anyway.

AmandaHope - AWWW your DD is precious! What pretty hair! And that dream about eating your chocolate baby is hilarious!!!

wehrli - I'm glad the acupuncture is relaxing. I've heard so many good things about it. I really hope it helps you!

korey - I WANT MY BABY NOW too! I totally know what you mean. It sounds like things are falling into place for you and DP, so I'm sure you'll get that baby very soon.

LibraryLady - I'm definitely interested in the cruise you're planning!
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