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I cannot figure out what's going on with my body!! Evelyn is my first baby, my cycles have always been regular, but I am almost 3 months PP and just over the past 3 days I've been crampy and bleeding again. It's more brownish than red. I sort of stopped PP bleeding at around 9 wks then it picked back up at 11 wks for a couple days, but now I'm actually cramping when baby nurses at 12.5 wks PP, plus crampy off and on during the day. It's kind of frustrating to not know what my body is doing. I'm afraid that the cramping suggests AF..? Is it still normal to bleed and cramp 12+ wks PP?
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Not sure kiklet, I have had my offical PP AF. She arrived on the 16th. It's been a nice light period thankfully.
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I got my first pp AF yesterday- 14 weeks from ds's birth.
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