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As far as birthing while DH is gone, I ended up planning a midwife attended homebirth and it turned into an accidental UC. For me, UC ended up being the next best option compared to DH actually being here so it brought a lot of peace to me. If you envision a certain kind of birth then by all means plan for that, your birth doesn't have to go out the window because he isn't present. It's emotional difficult, no doubt, and that doesn't go away but it's how you cope that makes all the difference. I ended up having a post-partum doula until my MIL came for 2 weeks and she was awesome. She really helped me to relax and enjoy having a new baby because the cooking, cleaning, and tending to the toddler was done for me.

Some people might tell you to "suck it up" but that's the mentality we REALLY need to get away from, we (as in military families) need to accept that this is emotional difficult and then work on supporting each other through it. So #1 I recommend surrounding yourself with supportive and understanding people who will help you with the ups and downs.
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Oh no Katie!!!! I am so sorry!!! The whole situation is truly ridiculous.... ugh!

All I can do is give you internet

I cant imagine the roller coaster journey!! Ughh! I hope this ends very soon!!
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I sure hope so! That's great news!
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yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

What great news Katie!!!

I really hope this weekend becomes the best weekend ever for you and your family!!

I am crossing my fingers for you guys!!
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I'm glad a bigwig finally got involved. Hopefully, this will get them home. I was curious to find out who you'd need to talk to to get people's heads to roll.
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this is the best thing i have ever read here!!!

my DH and I have been following this together and he is so blown away, this just sucked sooo bad. and to think that many of units could be effected by the end is even worse.

So glad someone with a lot of pull got pushy!
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Just a thought, if Katie decided to remove her recent post, then maybe any of us that quoted then should edit to remove those quotes.

Hang in there Katie, keep us in the loop, where here wishing good things for you!
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Just PM me to talk about it
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Katie- I can't stop thinking about you and your dh. Here's hoping things are either resolved by now (or on their way to being resolved!!!!). In the meantime, many .
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He came home today

Things have been a whirlwind but he's finally home and I could not be happier. I probably won't be around much as we all settle in for the next few days. I want everyone to know that I appreciate your support over the last year, it has meant so much to me to have this group.
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yayyyyyy!!! What great news!!!

Oh the long road to get to this point!! Enjoy your time together, and enjoy rediscovering each other!!
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So glad he finally made it! Enjoy!!!
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Great news, warm snuggling in thought for your whole family!
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I'm so happy for you guys!
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Sorry I've been AFK for so long! Oh my goodness! Katie, it sounds like whatever was going on really sucked, and I'm glad it got resolved!!

On my end, DH's medical reclass finally went through, and he's going to be saying goodbye to Blackhawks and hello to Mortuary Affairs. Probably not a job anyone would say "oooh ooh let ME do that!!! " but if he can do this for 10 years, then he can retire out of the military. There's one odd thing: He received 2 emails yesterday-- one reserving a class for him, and one confirming class for him, but they aren't for the same dates(one said June, the other said July). Plus side, from what I can tell, his schooling will be in VA (like a couple hours from friends of ours), and there's 2 main duty stations-- Dover, or Hawaii. We're already IN Hawaii, and would really like to go to Dover, if they'll let him! Otherwise we're sending our stuff out of Hawaii, to go back to Hawaii....not much sense to be had there.

I'm hoping that the July date was correct, I'd be cool with that!
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