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Any chance you got and kept any free sample? I saved the very few free samples I got until the kids were past one, sometimes you just never know and I felt better knowing that dh had a BM and then a few small cans so if something happened to me he had a fews day to a week to have one less thing to worry about.
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Ok, OP I think being overly prepared is your thing. Good for you!

Does your DS have any major food intolerances? Dairy? Soy? Have you had to eliminate anything from your diet while BF'ing?

If not, grab whatever and call it a day. The likelihood of him having to use it is slim to none. Just make sure to get something that doesn't have to be refrigerated.

If he has food intolerances, knowing what they are will help people guide you about what to use. And, if he DOES have intolerances that you know about, all the better for you to have something that is more likely to work rather than relying on hospital samples.
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I ended up in the ER / ICU when DS was 6-10 days old. We had no information on donor banks. Maybe it's just that we didn't ask, but the ER supplies were all for ME, they didn't offer any milk for DS. They needed a CT scan which meant I had to pump and dump for two days.

The ER staff strongly encouraged DH to keep our baby away from the area (a young boy with came in with meningitis about the same time we did, and other people with infectious diseases were around).

DH called a pediatrician (outside of hours, our pediatrician's answering machine directed all emergencies to the E.R., so this ended up being another pediatrician we knew from elsewhere), got a recommendation, and it happened to be the same as the samples we'd gotten.

For a road trip, I don't think we usually brought formula along. If we did, it was the same thing DH used to supplement after the pumped milk ran out and I was stuck at work.
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I would not buy formula unless I planned to use it. In the even of an emergency (mom is dead or very sick) I suppose my husband would make do with whatever (cows milk, water, etc...) temporarily, until he could get some formula. I hate to contribute to formula sales.
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I would say a sensitive formula. The samples didn't work with my son because he turned out to be lactose sensitive. You can get ready made bottles, travel packs which is each serving in a individual wrapper, and so on. I'm sure everything will be ok though!
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Thanks to all for your replies. I've decided on Babys Only Soy Organic.

Again, this is only for a worst case scenario where I am not available to breastfeed. And yes, this road trip has reminded me that I should already have thought about this for disaster-like situations at home, when my freezer stash might not be sufficient.

(Our free samples from the hospital are all close to expiring! Plus I wanted to select something I felt good about.)

And yes, in many situations DH could just run to the store and find something on the shelf, or take what the hospital gives him, and that would work for the short-term...but if something bad has happened, it would be good to give DH one less thing to worry about. And there are scenarios where the store or hospital are not quick and easy options.

To put my preparedness-mindedness in perspective, I was NOLA during Hurricane Katrina, and although we have since moved, I live in Hurricane and tornado country. We have seen what happens when folks are not prepared...and when they assume they can get what they need during an emergency from someone else, somewhere else.

But yes! Breastfeeding is the best option always, even during a disaster:
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Though some babies and children cannot tolerate soy, it's statistically more likely that they cannot tolerate dairy. Therefore, a soy formula is a smarter, more prudent choice as a backup if concerned about allergies.
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