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I was actually thinking about poking around on here and trying to see how hard it is to make our own prefolds. I am not great at sewing but I can make basic stuff like simple skirts and stuff, so I "think" I might be able to get away with making those. I also feel confident that I could make the wipes. I have a ton of baby receiving blankets in storage that have been gifted to me over the years that I keep meaning to make a patchwork quilt with, but now it looks like they will be wippies lol. I believe the covers would be way over my head so I definitely will have to buy those.
Thank you guys for so much input. As expensive as CD may be starting out with twins I realize disposables would end up costing us waaaaay more. I'm so pleased to find all of this out now when I am still early enough on to get things done rather than later when I would just feel overwhelmed.
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Prefolds are like $2 each -- even counting shipping. They are usually sold a dozen at a time. May not be worth your time to make?

The receiving blankets would make good wipes. If you run out of time just cut them into squares of the right size and you don't have to serge the edges. I've done this with onesies (to turn them into t-shirts) and they don't unravel in the wash, contrary to what I would have thought.
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SashaBreeze, as a pp pointed out, prefolds are pretty cheap and it would not be worth your time to make. Especially if you're making them out of cotton or cotton gauze. They just won't work as well as DSQ CPF (diaper service quality Chinese prefolds), which will absorb well and take a beating. Plus they are great for other uses like doublers in premium dipes, burp cloths, rags to wipe up spills and potty accidents, etc. I agree to make wipes out of your receiving blankets. If you're especially motivated, I would suggest doing double sided wipes (flannel on one side and terry on the other- use a serge stitch to sandwich them together).
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Thank you all for the heads up.
I had only been looking at the package deals for the diapers and didn't realize the pre-folds were that cheap. The diapers I used with the older boys were all gifts.

For the double sided diaper wipes would bath towel terry work? We have a surplus of towels and we are getting rid of all our extra stuff to help simplify things for me and I was planning on donating the extra towels but if they would work... well then score!
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