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MAY 30-Something Mamas TTC #2 or more!!!

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Welcome to May 30-something mamas
TTC #2 or more

Let's Celebrate Mothers Day by Getting Pregnant!!

Our Members
aon1974 (Ant)
BunnyMcFluff (Cami)
bunziemom (Dee)
canadaap (April)
Gabesgrrrl (Marcie)
geo_girl (Charlene)
heavensearth (Serena)
lonegirl (Pat)
love_r4ks (Andrea)
mclisa (Michelle)
milosmomma (Jessica)
Mirta (Kym)
Mama~Love (Mollie)
MrsHin2002 (Karen)
segrau (Sarah)
Tulpen88 (Callie)

(new members will be added, just post and say hi)

success stories!

In May

In April

In March

the very helpful list of abbreviations!

2ww/tww - 2 week wait (after ovulating and waiting for af or pregnancy)
af - aunt flo (your period)
ai - artificial insemination
afm - as for me
bbt - basal body temperature or basal body thermometer
bd - baby dance
beta - blood pregnancy test, come in quantitative (gives you a #) or qualitative (yes/no)
bfn - bald-faced negative/big fat negative
bfp - big fat positive
cd - cycle day, usually followed by a number, cd1 first day you get your period
cl - coverline, when charting, the temp you need to be over to indicate ovulation
cm - cervical mucous
co - cervical opening
cp - cervical position
crosshairs - lines on your chart. Vertical/ovulation day, horizontal/temp coverline.
Dpo - days past ovulation
dt – dollar tree test (home pregnancy test)
dtd - doing the deed
e2 - estrogen
ecm or ewcm – egg white cervical mucous (the most fertile kind)
edd - estimated due date
endo - endometriosis, can sometimes cause infertility
epo - evening primrose oil
gio - get it on
fam - fertility awareness method
ff - fertility friend
fmu - first morning urine
frer - first response early result (pregnancy test)
hh9 or h&h9 - healthy and happy nine months
hpt - home pregnancy test
hsg – hysterosalpingogram (a test for diagnosing tubal infertility)
iui - intrauterine insemination
ivf - in vitro fertilization
kha - keep(ing) hope alive
lmp - last menstrual period
lp - luteal phase
m/c - miscarriage
o - ovulation
opk - ovulation predictor kit
p4 - progesterone
pcos - polycystic ovaries (often causes infertility)
poas - pee on a stick
pp - post partum
ppaf - post-partum aunt flo
re - reproductive endocrinologist
sticky vibes - vibes for a pregnancy to "stick" (carry to term)
tcoyf - taking charge of your fertility
tmi - too much information
tom - time of the month
tta - trying to avoid
ttc - trying to conceive

this is open to additions!
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Happy May!

I've been a bit out of touch for the last week, but I am BACK!

Still temping...my temps are all over the place, but I'm hoping I'll see a shift next week. It funny though, remember last month I commented that all of my temps seemed significantly lower than everyone else's? This month my temps are all higher. If you look at last month's chart, I barely hit 97* until after I o'd. This month, half my temps have been over 97. Weird. I wonder why that is...

Beth1231 & TulsiLeaf- I've added you ladies to the list!
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hooray for may! the snow is gone, the grass is greening up..

ok i live in a part of canada that has more snow than sun, so that may not make sense to some of you that i'm so happy about it this week.

also happy about this week: figured out fertility friend a little better, and i'm happy to say i'm 3DPO now! woo hoo! i don't think my chances are great this month but who knows.

have a great BFP month everybody!
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ok so how do i set it up so the "see my chart" icon in my sig becomes a link to my chart?
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Thanks for the new thread!

CD6 for me... I finally got some EPO yesterday and started taking it. I really hope it helps! Yesterday I confirmed what I've been suspecting for a while... my milk is pretty much gone for DD. We just nurse once a day... IDK, it just made me feel sad, and that much more ready for another baby, as DD and I are definitely shifting to a new stage.
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Congratulations Marcie (Gabesgrrrl)!!!!! She posted her BFP yesterday in the April thread. As much as I'd like some more BFPs on the April list, I think this gives us a good start for May!!!!!

Myk- I grew up in VT and totally understand the "woohoo! no snow!" feeling of May. Now I'm in GA, where it's more "Oh, thank goodness it's getting cooler" feeling of October.

justthinkn- Totally understandable that you're sad. And I can definitely see how that would make you even more ready for another baby! I hope this is your month!
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Myk- I linked your chart to the master list.
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Congrats, Marcie! Wishing you a HH9!
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Congrats Marci!

afm, 13dpo, bfn with fmu (frer) Oh well ...
I guess 60 "pregnancy points" from ff and a pretty neat chart is just a bunch of crap. I'm trying very hard to not feel sorry for myself. Eventually it will happen right? Off to cycle 8 in a few days.

ok, I think I feel better now
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Amy- It ain't over til it's over! Either way, we're all here to cheer you on.
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Congrats Marci!!!! So exciting to start the month off and already have a BFP!!!! Hopefully that is a sign of lots more to come for our group this month!!!
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Yay to Marcie!!!

Here's to lots of BFPs this month!!

AFM: If you look at my chart www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2dfb42 I really hope that is maybe a promising dip for today! We'll see what tomorrow brings.
If AF doesn't show by mother's day I will be testing then. Right now it is all about wait and see...either way.
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congrats marcie!

milosmama: thanks for linking my chart!

justthinkn: i remember when my milk dried up and how it was kind of a bittersweet moment. saying goodbye to such a wonderful chapter is hard. welcome to the next chapter

mommytoallh: hang in there, maybe you'll still get a nice surprise
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Congrats Marcie! Hopefully more of us will be joining you, shortly.

I'm at the end of my 2ww. AF is due in a couple of days, and I've been having problems with determining my ovulation with just cm. I actually bought some opk's and they came in the mail yesterday. I want to have hope for this month, but our last BD was 6 days before o, if my ewcm was a correct indicator, and I think it's pretty unlikely that May will be my month. Or, at least, early May probably won't be.

I want to be excited for this month, since my dad called me a couple of days ago asking out of the blue if I was pregnant. I mean, he knows that we're trying and all, but he called because he had a dream that he bought me a crib. I also got a cold sore, and the last time I had one was when I was pregnant with DS. But other than those two (not likely) indicators, I haven't had much in the way of early preg symptoms. I have slightly sore breasts today, but that's probably because AF is coming. No early cramping, no implantation bleeding.

I have decided to plan as though I might not be pregnant for a while. I just joined a really rigorous gym, took down my son's old crib, and stocked up on wine from a local vineyard for the summer. It's been solid 10 months of trying for our little girl via Shettles, and I'm ready.

I did just quit bf in December, so I should give myself some time with full fertility restored before I get too frustrated, but I'm waiting for my baby, dammit!
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Guess what, ladies?? I got a BFP!!

We've been trying for well over a year, including seeing an RE, & I was getting ready to focus on the infertility forum instead of TTC.

DH & I were completely shocked. I had EVERY usual symptom of PMS at the usual time & felt like AF was going to start any minute, but she never showed up. I'm very regular, but as of today AF is 3 days overdue. So I took a FRER this morning & it immediately came up a dark positive! I'm still trying to get over the shock, especially since my only symptom is sore breasts... the total opposite of how I felt with DS.

My best wishes for success to all of you!!!
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mom2fussy, congrats!!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! Hard to believe today is only the 2nd day of the month and we have already had 2 BFPS!!! hopefully this is a sign of lots more to come in this month for moms!!!

As for me, if I am nauseous tomorrow (my birthday) and CD 20, it will officially be one WEEK of dealing with daily nausea..Granted today and at least one other day, it was definitely most likely headache/migraine related since I had a migraine, but this is getting really old!! Also, if by some chance I am pregnant, this is a bad sign... since this could be the beginning of a really rough 3 months or so... With DS I my migraines improved and I only had rare nausea... there is still the possibility this is some sort of stomach bug, but the more days that pass the less likely that seems.. even with my body sometimes being bad about kicking things... Off to attempt to drug my migraine into oblivion.. (hate to do it, when TTC but if I don't there will be no sleeping for me.. )

Praying for all of you TTC, hoping all of us get to celebrate Mother's day with a new little one growing in us!!! (I know how hard it can be to celebrate mom's day when TTC and having gotten a BFN... (I had 7 years worth of those!)

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Congratulations mom2fussy!!!!
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Congrats Marcie and Mom2fussy!!!!!!!!

What a fantastic way to start out May!! Woo hoo!
Let's hope this trend continues!

I'm just over here on CD9..
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Congrats mom2fussy! Gives me hope
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Congrats, mom2fussy!

AFM: Fingers crossed! Yesterday I had a decent dip and this morning a nice spike up again! Please let it be an implantation dip!!
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