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What are your kids names?

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I notice not a lot of folks here use their kids names when they post. And if you don't feel like sharing, that's perfectly fine. It's just that I am pg with #3 and names are HARD for us. I find out a week from tomorrow (well, I guess now it's today) if we are having a boy or a girl, and that's when the real name work will begin.

So, help me brainstorm, what are your kids names?

In the interest of helping others who are also pg and struggling, the two I have now are Caitlin and Raeanna
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Alivia Claire, 5 years old. We're working on creating Alizabeth Helena or Adrian Josiah. Good luck on the naming!
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No kidets of my own, but I'm Kayla, my sister is Michelle and my brother is Christopher. My two nieces are Georgia and Taylor. Your kids all have gorgeous names

I dread having my own because I know that I will agonize over the naming thing.
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We have a Cain. This baby is still nameless. Sigh. It's been tedious this time around.
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I have an Audra Noreen, and a Tobias John.
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We have Odin Timothy.

Future daughter - Rowen Muse or Ruby Muse
Future Son - Sebastian Daniel or Kruger Daniel
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Mine are Raine Lian and Cora Lee. Cora was going to be Quinn Lana for most of the pregnancy but someone kept getting confused and calling her Quinn Laden and it bothered me. lol
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dd is Djuna

ds is Alden
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My sons are Duncan and Hamish
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Michael Clinton
Nicholas Martin
Katherine Grace
Daniel James

And the babies who didn't make it are Mary Elizabeth, Samuel Paul, and Maria Hope.
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DS is Lloyd Arthur
DD in utero will be Cerys Elizabeth
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Joscelyne Anne (nn: Jo, Joscey or Ozzie)
Andrew Paul (nn: Andy)
Mackenzie Sophia Grace (nn: Mac, Mackie or Miss Sophia Grace)
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Zoe Devon
Maya Rain
Quinn Scott
Piper Lily
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Sonja Natalia
Julian Dale (nn Jules)

My nieces are
Ryan Madison (nn Rye)
Grayson Dale (nn Grace, Gracy)
Sophie Grace (nn Sof)

My Nephew is
Jack John

Names that were on my list for a boy

for a girl
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My sons are Anthony Michel, and Elliot James.

We haven't had too much luck naming this new babe either. We're thinking William Jacob for a boy. Dh likes Corinne for a girl but I don't know.
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I don't think our naming styles match. Mine are
Skanda - son
Nadia and Amelie - daughters

A sister to go with Caitlin and Raeanna...
Aurora (Rory)
Willow or Willa

A brother to go with Caitlin and Reanna...
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My sons name is Xavian. We shorten it most of the time to Xavi though.
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My kids are: Denae (rhymes with Renee), Nathan, Jayden, and Lincoln.
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My ds is Myals Caie-Sun(as in Miles Davie since he was concieved listening to him and Ky and Sun for his star in the zodiac) We call him Caie-Sun most of the time

My dd is Chelsea Sloan Andy-Chelsea I HATE(dh picked) sloan is dh's grandmas maiden name/ferris bullers gf and Andy was my grandfathers name..we call her Sloan
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My son's name is Corbin Lucas. If he was a girl he would have been Victoria Grace - Tori for short. (Tori is my middle name.. see the connection? lol)
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